Q. Why did you choose KIAMS?

KIAMS is an institute with a lot of heritage. It started 13 years ago and I knew a college with such a past is bound to be good. Another aspect I was impressed with was the Institute’s ideology. At no point did KIAMS seem like one of the money crazy colleges – of which we have many out there. KIAMS seemed to be genuinely in the business of education, not just placements. They also seemed to be really focused on treating individuals as they were, on par with their interests and talents instead of pushing them along with the crowd to choose the most popular options. Now that I am in KIAMS, I see that my initial impression was spot on. The faculty here is excellent and encourages you to try whatever you want and supports you completely.



Q.What will you be doing in the Internship?

My internship is with TTK Prestige, Bangalore. My internship consists of a dealer satisfaction study. I would be travelling all over Karnataka, one of the strong Prestige markets. The objective is to talk to the TTK Prestige dealers and see what they think of the business and the company. The idea is to see if they have any difficulties, what they feels about the current range of products, any suggestions or issues they might have and see if there is any way we can improve business for both the dealers and the company. We would also talk to them about the brand see the share Prestige enjoys on store counters and thus the entire market itself.



Q. How has KIAMS prepared you for your internship?

KIAMS gave me the basic understanding needed to even begin such a project. It helped me achieve clarity of my concepts. KIAMS helped me understand the basic marketing concepts that were a must for this project. Learning the basics of research methodology in the previous year helped me a lot as well. It also helped me focus and figure out what I stood to gain from such a project. It helped me focus my efforts towards value addition to the company and myself. This helped me go and complete the project with a lot of confidence and purpose.