Maharshi Pandya hails from the sand-dunes of Dungarpur, Rajasthan, studies at the posh campus of KIAMS, Pune, and is getting a taste of a beginner’s life in the corporate world, in Vadodara, Gujarat.  Interning with VRSS Pvt. Ltd. – a software and an across-platforms mobile apps development firm – in Vadodara, Maharshi has been trusted with a project that is probably the most critical and complex financial exercise in a company. He is constructing the Foreign Exchange, Costing and Pricing model of the products of the Company.

“In the software industry determining the cost of a project is very difficult. There are many dependents… several factors that determine the cost of a project. My job is initially to determine these factors, and then determine the level at which these factors come into play as well as the extent to which these factors affect the cost of the project.”

While his work excites him, he does miss the comfort of the sprawling KIAMS Campus at Pune… especially when he returns to the rented room which he shares with three others. However, he is enjoying this phase as well, and is thrilled by the fact that there has been a steep rise in his learning curve.

“Now I realize why summer internship is a compulsory part of the KIAMS culture. Since I’m majoring in Finance, from KIAMS Pune, I had exactly such a project in mind to corroborate on-ground, all that I’ve learnt in KIAMS. So what if this is an internship project? I aim to create a serious project report that will be of use to VRSS Pvt. Ltd. for a long time to come, and in so doing, be a cause of pride for KIAMS.”