DSC02703The International Conference on Management and Information Systems (ICMIS-13) was recently held in Bangkok. Organised by International Forum of Management Scholars (INFOMS), the much talked-about conference had some of the most renowned and accomplished names from the world of Management presenting their research papers. Among them was a 23 year old student from Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), whose paper – written along with Prof. Bidyanand Jha from the institute – was selected to be presented at the conference.

Needless to say Ravi Rajiv, who worked for six months on the paper under the guidance of Prof. Jha “Factors affecting purchase intention on mobile shopping websites in India”, was thrilled to bits. “When Prof. Jha called me to say that our paper had been chosen for the conference, I was hugely excited. Being the co-author of a full-fledged paper that’s chosen for a prestigious conference is a big deal,” he gushes.

Ravi’s first paper has already created ripples in the field and it’s worth knowing more about it from the horse’s mouth. “The purpose of this paper was to explore a conceptual model for analysing customers’ perceptions of using mobile commerce services for online shopping. This paper provides insights into consumer behaviour, and the results have important implications for designers, managers, marketers and system providers of mobile shopping (m-shopping) web sites,” he says, stating the significance of the research for today’s times.DSC_2566

While the relevance of the paper cannot be overemphasised, it’s also interesting to note that it was Prof. Jha who was already working on it. Ravi is quick to acknowledge the fact, and expresses his gratitude to his professor. “During the third semester of my 1st year, I was working on a paper for a competition and met Prof. Jha for his inputs on it. He was already working on this paper and asked me to help him with it.”

Prof. Jha had said at the time that if the paper got selected, Ravi could present it in Bangkok along with him. And now, as those words have come true, Ravi can’t thank his professor and the institute enough for this support and the platform he’s been given. “Prof. Jha showed a lot of confidence in me and kept me motivated. His Marketing Management and Sales and Distribution courses were very educational, but the opportunity to work with him on the paper was priceless. He made the whole experience enriching and a lot of fun,” he says.

Ravi also talks about the emphasis KIAMS lays on research in its curriculum, which fosters the spirit of discovery in the best possible way. It’s this encouragement that faculty and students receive at the institute that pushes them to excel in their chosen areas of research.

DSC02780Prof. Jha, who’s pursuing his PhD, has already published 10 papers in double blind peer reviewed international journals in the field of Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Mobile Commerce & Quality Management during his association with KIAMS. He talks highly of the pro-research bent of the institute that offers him the right impetus. Ask Ravi about the most challenging aspect of the paper and he says, “Definitely the questionnaire. We worked for a week trying to frame it just right. We then passed it around through printed copies, electronically and on some websites. Thankfully, the recovery rate was 90%, which worked in our favour.”

After making an impact with his paper and presentation at the ICMIS-13, Ravi is excited about working on his next paper, ‘Channel Partnership between Wal-Mart and P&G’, which he hopes to present at ICME-2014 in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, he wants to make the most of the opportunities and support he gets at KIAMS and keep up with research.