IVEY Publishing Canada is a reputed name in academic publication that many in the field of management aspire to get their papers published in. Therefore, it’s no mean feat that two students from Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Devanshu Bajaj and Ravi Santosh, have managed to make their dream come true with a case study they worked on with Dr. V. S. Pai. The case study, built around Kanthappa Agencies, has been accepted via the ISB-Ivey co-branding route, making the students and their institute immensely proud.

Getting published in an international journal was an aspiration for both Devanshu and Ravi, who were also motivated to give back to the student community and their institute. After all, KIAMS has a long history of promoting a research culture amongst students and encouraging them in that direction. “We also thought this case would put concepts taught in our institute into practice, besides giving us insights into the minds of budding entrepreneurs. Through this effort we also wanted to show how entrepreneurship is flourishing in a small hamlet like Harihar,” says Ravi, as he talks about the idea behind their chosen case study.

Kanthappa Agencies are a family run business inherited by brothers Nataraja and Dinesh Shetty. They converted their business into a partnership firm in the late ‘80s and the case examined the reasons for its high level of debtors and stocks. It also analysed the possibilities of venturing into adjacent geographies and new distributorships. Assessing the potential to diversify into other businesses to increase profits and reduce business risks was another aspect that the case looked into.

The relevance of a case like this in the current market cannot be overemphasized, but it also brought its challenges along the way. Hence, the duo remains grateful for the guidance of Dr. Pai, who is an expert when it comes to international publications and journals. Talking about his experience working with the renowned academician, Ravi says, “It was a blessing working with Dr. Pai because his experience is immense and it helped us to a great extent. At the same time, he is a person who always expects the best from us, so we couldn’t be complacent and had to put in extra effort.”

Both Ravi and Devanshu concur that the case wouldn’t have reached its destination without the contribution of the entrepreneurs featured in their study. They wished that students could learn something from their business and hence were totally committed to the case study. From keeping their appointments with the researchers to answering their queries, the Shetty brothers were co-operation personified. And that made a world of difference to the study, according to Ravi.

Through their case, the students got to learn more about sustainability and its huge significance. A new breed of entrepreneurs, like the Shettys, is already following the concepts of sustainability in business. But it’s something every business should try to achieve –  a big and important lesson the students have learned after their study.

Their research experience has definitely given Ravi and Devanshu a better understanding of the concepts they had learned at the institute. And that’s why they believe the effort and time spent on the study was well worth it. “We learned how concepts are implemented in the real world, which is a huge bonus. Balancing college life with research was quite demanding and keeping to strict timings was tough, but we pulled it off in the end. And it’s worth it all,” says Devanshu, beaming with confidence.

Encouraged by their success with the case study, Ravi and Devanshu hope to collaborate with Dr. Pai on research in the future. But for now, they can bask in their success and focus on placements, in order to get more industry exposure.