The Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), recently held an Assessment Centre for employees of the Kirloskar group. The initiative, held between 16th and 24th December, attracted 70 employees from companies such as KBL, KPCL, KFIL– and KITL. It turned out to be an interesting exercise for the participants and assessors, and ended up bringing an extra level of high energy and enthusiasm to the campus.

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The participants came in four groups of between 17 and 18 each, and also included women employees from the companies. They got a chance to spend two days with renowned faculty members including Dr. Gopal Iyengar, Dr. Janaki Naik, Dr. V. S. Pai, Prof. Bidyanand Jha, Prof. Anand, Prof Seshasayee, who acted as assessors. The carefully-planned exercises and activities involved a fair amount of thinking and doing, which was an engaging challenge for the participants.

Some of the important activities which formed part of Day 1 included creating a logo, case presentation and presenting business issues. It gave assessors a chance to judge the participants on several levels including imagination, innovation, stress management and emotional maturity.

Day 2 involved activities such as Nails, Three Island, Capture the Market and Presentation –My Venture. Finally, the participants had to go through an interview, which not only tested their initiative, but drive and assertiveness as well.

The professionals gave these activities and exercise their best shot and the competition was fierce. What made things more interesting was they were marked for every exercise. This was done on a scale from 1 to 5, with one being the lowest. Participants did their best to score well on each of these counts.

Participants enjoyed the fact that the whole process was a good blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis that tested their mental faculties. They particularly were challenged by the fact that, at times, they had to think on their feet and out of the box, which they found invigorating. And that somehow seemed to gel well with the idea of an Assessment centre like this.

They reported that they returned from the centre feeling energized, motivated and with a clearer vision than ever before about how they wanted to go embark on their future journey.

While the participants gained a lot from the initiative, the assessors also took back a lot of positive energy from it. There was a general consensus that they thoroughly enjoyed the process and found it quite exciting. Moreover, they loved the fact that they were kept on their toes for two days with every group of students. Thus it turned out to be an 8-day Assessment Centre that ended up creating a win-win situation for all. Added to that was the energetic buzz it brought to the campus.