IMG_20140110_201942Garima Kakkar of KIAMS (Batch 2012 – 14) has gone places from her sheltered background in Dehradun. Gaining in confidence and managerial skill sets in her short time at the institute, she’s already managed to get her foot into the competitive world of professionals. She got hired by IKYA Human Capital Solutions Limited during her campus placement program and this could just be the beginning of a glittering professional sojourn for her.

The scale of her achievement can only be put in context once you know more about her background, which Garima reveals animatedly. “It was only five years ago that I was living a completely sheltered life in a small hill town. I was the youngest among six siblings and was generally quite protected. Only when I moved away from home and eventually came to KIAMS that I started finding my feet and gaining in confidence,” she admits.

This small town girl was always aware of the fact that she’d have to get a cutting edge professional degree to make her place in the corporate world that she was drawn to. It made her realize the importance of choosing the right B School, to pursue her future dreams. “To become a leader and gain good managerial skills, I needed the best resources available in terms of faculty, industry exposure and other supportive therapies. It was then I opted for KIAMS,” she says.

Thus began Garima’s journey towards a professional career she aspired to. And along the way she did her best to make it a journey of self-awareness and personal growth. “Through the course of my PGDM at KIAMS I have consciously tried to develop my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Of course the initiatives organized by the institute help us tremendously in not only understanding management concepts but a lot about ourselves too,” she adds thoughtfully.

She mentions the Professional Personality Program (PPP) and Jamboree, couple of initiatives organized by KIAMS in particular, as the ones that shaped her personality and professional beliefs. One of the objectives of such initiatives is to make sure students are industry-ready when they step out in the real world. Garima took these programs rather seriously, and that according to her, saw her through the all important placement interview.

IKYA was the first company that came to KIAMS during the placement season this year. And it was also the first ever job interview for Garima but she clearly managed to cope with the pressure and challenges it posed. “The learning at KIAMS had helped me get my basics right. I also went for the interview with clarity of mind and strong belief that I had gained through the initiatives organized at my institute. It held me in good stead through the interview,” she says gratefully.

She might come from a conservative family in small town, but Garima has a knack of adapting to situations quickly and making the most of what she has. She recalls how she pursued her passion for hair styling by simply looking at videos on YouTube because she couldn’t get herself enrolled for classes. It made her realize that you don’t need approval from others to build belief within your own self.

Over time, with her stint at KIAMS, Garima has become more self-aware and believes that she can assert her choices a lot better today. It’s this adaptability, presence of mind and confidence that she hopes to bring to her work at IKYA, and she is raring to go.