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Kirloskar Institute Of advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) will be taking its initiative to build an Institute-Industry nexus further by hosting a conference on “Management Concepts in Practice” in July 2014.  The institute was started 15 years ago and has been doing exemplary work offering “Education with Values,” based on the philosophy of its parent group, Kirloskars which believes in bridging the gap between industry and academia. This has always been one of the objectives of the institute and this conference is another step towards achieving this. There is a lack of synergy between management concepts in the world of academia and actual practices, with the two being incomplete without one another.

One of the major aims of the conference is to facilitate the bridging of these two concepts and to build on both. The one-and-a-half day conference will focus on four functional areas: management; marketing, finance, human resources and operations. This workshop will be the first in a series which the institute plans to host every year.

KIAMS hopes, through this, to create a platform for some of the brightest minds in academia and industry to come together and share ideas about best practices in these four areas of management.

The conference holds a lot of promise for participants. To begin with, they can look forward to a vast knowledge base that academics bring to the table. At the same time there will be industry experts with their valuable inputs on state- of-the-art practices.

Deliberations and discussions on specific themes in one of the functional areas will be the highlight of the conference. In fact, there are several themes that have been drawn from each of these areas of interest that participants will benefit from, including:

  • ‘Approaches to Improve Supply Chain Flow’ will be the theme for Operations Management;
  • ‘Marketing Engineering: Rediscovering segment, target and positioning’ will be the theme for the  marketing-related discussions;
  • ‘Current Issues in Corporate Finance Practises: Assessment and Modelling’ will be the topic of discussion  for Finance; and
  • ‘Striving for Business Excellence Through Workforce Diversity’ will be the theme for the Human Resources management session.

These are some of the main issues many in industry and academia grapple with, often on a regular basis, and it is hoped that the workshop will shed light on these for those who are part of the management world. To make the workshop more interesting, KIAMS has invited authors who might want to send their original, unpublished work on any of the themes to be discussed at the conference. This will offer them a platform to add their valuable inputs to the larger purpose of the workshop. Guidelines and deadlines for these submissions have already been set in place, and will have to be adhered to by the authors. Given the scale of the conference, some of the biggest names from industry and academia will be involved with it.

This can be seen from the list of review committee members which includes names like Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar, Professor IIM Indore, Dr. Saral Mukherjee Associate Professor, IIM Ahmadabad, Dr. Ravi Shankar Professor, IIT Delhi, Mr.Srikant Gokhale and Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar and Vice President Sales, United Healthcare. More names will be added to the prestigious list of who’s who from academia and industry over time. This makes the conference even more attractive to those who want to gain expert insights into the major functional areas of management.

The workshop aims to find the existing best practices and knowledge for academia and industry. Another goal is for academia to offer its knowledge base to industry’s practitioners in the future. They will work together through action learning, and the outcomes will be shared in subsequent workshops. The conference therefore has a long term goal in mind, which makes this only the beginning, and a step in the right direction.

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