1939604_675227132541823_2025468672_n (1)KIAMS recently hosted its much anticipated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event, Social Pragati 2014, on its campus amidst much fanfare. Held on 16th Feb, the event brought together young kids from 7 schools who were engaged in activities that made for a fun-filled day. The students of KIAMS were very excited about playing their part in organizing the event and ensuring that the kids not only had a great time, but also learned a lot. And in that sense, the event exceeded everyone’s expectations.

KIAMS is one of the notable B Schools in the country that emphasizes social responsibility amongst the future managers it moulds. A CSR activity like this is held to help students look beyond business practices and profitability, and to be aware of the needs of the communities around them, as well as the larger society. And there was a lot to learn for the students—they put a lot of effort into organizing different activities, and they made sure that each activity achieved their goals of bringing awareness to social responsibility.

One of the students from the organizing committee mentioned, “It was great to be a part of the activities for the day and try and bring a smile to young ones’ faces. We have to think about the society we live in and its needs, especially of the kids, who are our future. I think this program made us realize what we can do to actually make a difference to their lives.”

Social Pragati 2014 was divided into three main categories: culture, fine arts and sports. Group and solo singing and dancing, fancy dress competition, skit and storytelling were some highlights of the cultural event. The kids gave their best on the sporting field as well, as they participated in the sack race, three-legged race, spoon race, and 100m race, just to name a few. The audience cheered on in applause for the zeal shown by the young ones.

The kids also showed off their skills in the fine arts section that had a wide range of competitions, such as a rangoli competition, best out of waste, mehendi, and even embroidery and drawing competitions. It not only brought out their creative sides but reminded them of the importance of using waste to good effect. As the activities came to an end, the winners were awarded their prizes at the valedictory ceremony. Needless to say, a good time was had by all at an event where everybody left home as a winner.