The 2013 Placement Report of KIAMS has been released by IPRS, an initiative by IIM-A.

The hallmarks of KIAMS PGDM are Academic Excellence delivered on a bedrock of Values and Transparency. We sincerely believe Transparency equals Credibility!

In line with the same, KIAMS is a Founding Member, along with 20 other Management Schools, of the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). Initiated by IIM Ahmedabad, we found that the proposed IPRS echoed what we had always believed and practiced, without formalizing. Hence it was a seamless movement for us to be a founding member.

Briefly, the IPRS adopts a standard format for objectivity and uniformity in reporting Recruitment data. Honesty in furnishing the data can be useful for understanding and decision making for varied stakeholders – prospective students, industry, media amongst others. Auditing the report is mandatory.

As a part of the IPRS body, KIAMS does its best by reporting minimum, maximum, mean and median of the fixed base salary besides cash components for different sectors, locations and functions. Thus the final evaluation turns out to be a rather comprehensive one and a good indicator of a B School’s placement record in a particular year. The report also redefines CTC salary to Maximum Earning Potential that includes long-term and performance-linked variable pay. Thus you get figures directly related to students rather than the company. Once the placements are done, B Schools that are a part of the IPRS initiative release the audited placement report in the required format, which maintains uniformity in the reports.

The IPRS report also takes into account Summer Internship Placements and divides them into those arranged by the B Schools and students themselves. By being a part of the initiative, KIAMS has shown its willingness to maintain transparency in this important process for students’ future.

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