sambit-mohantySince completing his PGDM program from KIAMS in 2005, Mr. Sambit Mohanty has had a diverse but equally interesting and successful career. He started out as a Regional Sales Executive at Force Motors before moving on to being a Sales Executive at Career Launcher India Ltd. Franchisee. These were highly enriching experiences according to him, and they led to his job at Cummins Turbo Technology. He joined the renowned company in 2008 as a part of the power generation business unit before climbing up the ladder to be the Strategic Account Manager, the position he holds today.

That’s definitely an interesting and inspiring career graph for management hopefuls. Mr. Mohanty sheds light on this journey, saying, “For me it was never about sticking to one sector of the industry. As long as the job is exciting and rewarding, I don’t mind moving to different sectors. I don’t think it has hampered my career growth in anyway.” It certainly hasn’t and it’s a career that he can certainly be proud of. He also seems to be right about the rewarding aspects of his job, something he experiences in his current position every day.

Mr. Mohanty has been working with Cummins Turbo Technology for six years now, and he was recently given the opportunity to draw up the defence business strategy for four different units at Cummins. He grabbed this opportunity with both hands and made it count: “The idea was to incubate the defence business and subsequently create a business unit, which would become a single window for all defence customers. So, after that particular exercise and the handover that took place, I moved to this role where I take care of certain key accounts and their development”.

Besides the mastery over his professional domain, Mr. Mohanty also speaks seven different languages. And he uses this skill at work by speaking to people he interacts with in their native language. There are many who have gone through training under him and consider him a mentor in their professional lives. It not only says a lot about his leadership qualities but his interpersonal skills as well. “What can I say, if I get good feedback then I must be doing something right,” he says with a smile.

 Speaking of training, Mr. Mohanty went through a rigorous training program at KIAMS. According to him, it’s the learning at the institute that has held him in good stead till date: “Team building is the strongest take-away I have had from KIAMS”, he tells us. “If you want to grow in your career and be a leader, you have to ensure that your team is on the same page as you, in spite of the differences. Everyone is working towards the same goal rather than one person having wild ideas. It’s something that was drilled into me at the institute”.

Mr. Mohanty also talks about the innovative teaching pedagogy employed by his institute as a smart way of grasping a subject. He mentions the rural marketing class, in particular, where rather than relying on books, students were asked to come up with ideas that they believed would work. For Mr. Mohanty, it was an eye opener because it showed the disparity between how we see things and the way they actually are. KIAMS campus is filled with many such memories for him, which is why he visited it with a group of friends few years ago.

As he takes a trip down memory lane, we wonder what Mr. Mohanty finds lacking in the present and future management professionals. After all, he has a solid eye for what works and what doesn’t in the industry. “Many of them are not sure what they are trying to do. Young professionals have to understand that shortcuts don’t work everywhere and you have to find your way to the top steadily,” he says calmly. Clearly, that’s one thing he knows a thing or two about given his own stellar career graph.