Piyush“During my two years at KIAMS I learned a lot through summer internships, workshops, presentations and lectures. We learned how to deal with real life situations in the work place and I rely on those skills today.” These are the words of alum Piyush Kumar Aggarwal, who has built a strong portfolio as a management professional, working with names like ICICI Bank, Cummins Ltd. and now Bajaj Auto. He believes KIAMS set him on the right career path and since his time at the institute, he has managed to scale new heights of success.

Elaborating on his professional journey so far, Mr. Aggarwal says, “I got my campus placement with ICICI Bank where I was handling retail accounts with Wealth Management. I worked with the company for more than three years and learned a lot about Account Management and Sales. After that I moved to Cummins Ltd. where I worked as a Business Development Manager.” It was at Cummins Ltd. that he won acclaim for his work and even bagged the Cummins Managing Director award in 2012.

Mr. Aggarwal is presently working with Bajaj Auto where he is handling a new project titled I60, a novel concept for four wheelers. It’s the first project of its kind in India, and he is happy to be a part of a groundbreaking initiative. In fact, he explains, that’s defined all his career choices till date: “When I worked with ICICI, I was in the service industry, where I learned an incredible amount about the business world. Then I moved to the manufacturing industry and had a very different profile, which excited me. I want to keep growing and learning in my work sphere, otherwise I’d feel stagnant.”

His appetite for learning has continued to grow after his stint at KIAMS, and Mr. Aggarwal uses the skills he learned at the institute in his professional life. “I applied my learning from KIAMS at work to perform under pressure and flourish,” he says. “At the institute they would give us assignments that would have to be completed in a day or two. It taught us how to work against deadlines and handle stress, which has helped me till date. At times it’s difficult to maintain the professional and personal life balance, but you have to cope.”

Mr. Aggarwal attributes a lot of his success in his eight year career to his time at KIAMS. Over the years his bond with the institute has only gotten stronger, and he is also the founder member of the KIAMS Alumni Association. “I have been involved with the institute since I graduated from it,” he tells us. “We interact with the college management and have discussions. It feels great that our input is taken on board – the idea is to work together and further enhance the learning experience for students.”

So, drawing on his own experiences, does Mr. Aggarwal have any advice for students at the institute today? He ponders for a moment and then says, “Your basic concepts should definitely be clear but you also have to have good communication skills to express them when needed. When you start your professional journey, spend some time to learn before looking to build on your experience. Interact with your seniors because they have gone through what you have and can guide you.” Words of wisdom from an accomplished KIAMS alum!