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Not very often do management students get an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get their hands on a Consulting Project that gives them a vital learning experience. Nachiket Devasthaley from KIAMS, Pune has managed just that during his Summer Internship (SIP) with Frost and Sullivan, Mumbai. It was the first taste of corporate life for the young management hopeful who admits that he has come back richer in experience having worked on a crucial Live Project.

DSC_0001 (2)Talking about SIPs, they offer management students an insight into the working environment of an organization. Moreover, they present them an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field. Nachiket feels grateful that he learned from seasoned professionals who were experts in their field: “The team took care of all the research related to the automobile industry. Everyone was quite supportive and I got to learn from them every step of the way.

Talking about his SIP and the responsibilities he had to handle, Nachiket says, “It’s an industry research and consulting firm. I was associated with the automotive and transport department of the firm. My job as an intern was to collect data through primary and secondary sources and to record and tabulate the data for further analysis.” He admits that things were quite challenging since he had to be at his best at all times; but, the training he received at KIAMS held him in good stead and gave him the confidence to handle any challenge.

While working in a healthy professional environment in Mumbai was a learning experience for Nachiket, the Live Project was eye opening: “During my SIP I was given a chance to be a part of three Live Projects the company had undertaken. One of the projects was for an overseas client and it was a huge learning experience. And thus, KIAMS had helped him understand industry requirements and the institute groomed him to be ready for the challenges of the SIP.


Shivangi“Summer internships offer management students primary learning about the corporate work culture. You learn how to behave in a work environment and interact with professionals, which is something you just can’t learn through books and classroom,” says Shivangini who has come back with more knowledge and richer in experience after her internship with Bharat Cooking Coal Limited, a Subsidiary of Coal India.

KIAMS tries to offer its students a diverse learning experience and it involves exposure to varied industry sectors. Shivangini’s SIP with the company was in the same vain and offered her vital experience, which she reflects on. “I worked in three different departments; Funds Dept, Sales and Accounts Dept and Cost and Budget Dept. I worked as a Management intern and did a project on Working Capital Management of BCCL,” she says.

According to Shivangini, this hands-on training during the SIP is what moulds students like her into future professionals. Her own project taught her a lot about Current Asset & Current Liabilities, concepts that she had only heard of in the classroom. “This practical training is vital in understanding the concepts we have learned,” she says. “Moreover, during the internship, I learned how to perform under pressure and it improved my decision-making abilities.”

These are some of the skills that Shivangini was keen on learning to boost her professional credentials, which is why she joined KIAMS in the first place. With her experience at the institute so far, she believes it has been the best decision she could have taken. “I wanted to enhance my management skills and career prospects,” she tells us. “I think KIAMS has helped work towards it and ensured that I fit in as a management professional in a corporate environment.”

Shivangini also talks about learning a great deal not only from her faculty members but seniors at the institute, who she believes have been incredibly helpful. “Every interaction at the institute has helped me broaden my horizons,” she explains. “I have learned so many things, right from managing financial databases of companies to holding my own in a corporate environment. Overall I have become more confident with the experience.”

And now with her SIP experience in an interesting and diverse field, Shivangini is ready to take her knowledge into her future career. Ask her what she would like to ensure in her first work place, and she says without batting an eyelid, “I hope for a good work culture, which will help me showcase my skills. I will be looking at the job profile that I am offered. My SIP has taught me how to tackle real life situations at work place.” There is a confident tone heard when Shivangini speaks – this is due to the world-class education she received at KIAMS, as well as the tremendous learning experience through her SIP.

DSC_0210It was her interest in the business side of things that brought Shweta Shivhare to KIAMS to pursue the much talked about PGDM program. She admits that it was the reputation of the institute that helped her make the all-important decision, and feels that she has benefited immensely from the education she has received while studying at KIAMS. And things are just about to go a notch higher with her Summer Internship Program with Kirloskar Pneumatics Company Limited. SIPs are a crucial part of learning for management students and Shweta is geared up for its challenges.

She will be working as a Finance Intern with the renowned firm and will have to monitor the latest changes in tax policy, while keeping tabs on the company’s indirect tax profile. Shweta looks at her SIP as a huge opportunity to learn and discusses the importance of SIPs, saying, “It gives you a good idea about work culture in a professional organization. It is all about practical learning where you know how to apply the concepts you learned in class into practical life. It’s a great exposure to the corporate world.”

So what does Shweta expect to learn during her SIP and what are her thoughts on the work environment she will be in? “I am so excited to be working with a company like Kirloskar Pneumatics where I expect to find a progressive work environment,” she says enthusiastically. “I am looking forward to absorbing the work culture as I know it will prepare me for the professional challenges ahead. I think I am also going to relish the challenges I will face in my day-to-day work life because I look at them as opportunities to prove myself.” The reason Shweta feels up to the task ahead of her is because KIAMS has prepared her well for her SIP. In fact, she believes that every learning experience at the institute is geared towards creating industry-ready professionals. “Everything about the internship, right from the fact that it was in a place I didn’t know anyone in, was a big experience for me,” she says, with an air of optimism. “There is so much I have learned in the classroom, in addition to the practical training and different initiatives at the institute. Together, with this SIP experience I hope it will turn me into a well-rounded professional.”

AKSHAY PIC“I never focus on the journey but the destination”, says Akshay Amber with a lot of clarity. This PGDM student from KIAMS has just finished his Summer Internship with Big Bazaar and is clearly buzzing with confidence. Big Bazaar, Patna was the destination for this English Literature graduate and he definitely left his mark during his internship.

Akshay had set himself a goal for the SIP – to get a Branding and Promotions project. And that’s just what his internship profile was, for the catchment area analysis and promotion of Big Bazaar. Buoyed by the initial excitement, he immersed himself in the internship and managed to muster a long list of achievements in a short span of time.

“I have been part of several promotional activities for Big Bazaar, from Fare Deal to Bihar Utsav Mela, and from Super Sunday (Sunday Bazaar) to Winter Haat. The Red Carpet counter and corporate invitation strategies that I suggested were implemented and that got us foot-falls during the Public Holiday Sale,” Akshay recalls proudly.

He has every reason to be proud since many of his promotional strategies were well received and even sent to the head office. Akshay clearly created ripples in the organisation and won the Certificate of Excellence for his work on Profit Club Membership as a department manager during the Public Holiday Sale. But for Akshay, the words of the HR manager will always remain special. As Akshay recounts the appreciation he received, he remembers the manager saying, “I have seen hundreds of SIP trainees over the years, but you are in the top three and have set a benchmark for trainees at Big Bazaar.”

But that’s not all; Akshay’s exemplary work during the internship also brought him some job offers, though he is awaiting official confirmation on them. And although he got a handsome stipend for the internship, he wisely adds, “The SIP is a process for learning, not earning. The stipend is a bonus but what you get to learn about the corporate environment is priceless. It is a stepping stone to success, as there’s a good chance of you getting a pre-placement offer.”

Akshay believes that his success during the SIP is due to his hard work and single-minded dedication. “I was a bit nervous initially, but with responsibility came power and confidence. I realised that no decision of yours is right till you go out there and prove it. And that’s what I set out to do with a right strategy in place.”

He might be brimming with confidence, as is seen in his words, but he also remains grounded and grateful to those who guided him through his SIP. “Mr. Samarjeet Sinha supported and encouraged me throughout my project. I am also grateful to Dr. V.S. Pai and Prof. Arvind Nath Sinha from KIAMS, who remained available to me and gave me enough time in spite of their busy schedules”, says Akshay.

He also remains well aware of the contribution the institute has made to his life so far. “I joined KIAMS because of its reputation and the competitive environment it offers. I am glad I took that decision because the institute has literally built me up from scratch,” says Akshay. And if his initial success and confidence is anything to go by, he will definitely be going places.

DSC01164When Bharat Sharma was selected for a Summer Internship at Kalyani-Lemmerz Ltd. in Pune, he knew it was going to be an acid test of the management skills acquired at KIAMS. Kalyani-Lemmerz is a JV between the Kalyani Group and Hayes Lemmerz, Germany – the world leader in wheel rim technology, supplying to automotive manufacturers like Daimler Benz, General Motors, Ford and Volvo, among others. The KLL management had outlined a very clear-cut Operations project for him – how to reduce the cycles time of the machines on the shop floor. A B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, Bharat knew well that his Engineering background was going to be of little use in the KLL manufacturing unit in Khed, Pune. The success or failure of his SIP would depend entirely on the ‘KIAMS effect’. When he embarked on his journey from Harihar to join KLL, Pune, there were many doubts in his mind, but if there was one thing he was absolutely sure about, it was that the KIAMS family would stand by him, come what may.

“The one thing that I absolutely love about KIAMS is its diversity of students and faculty. And yet, it always feels like you are part of one big family. Coming from the extremes of Noida and Jaipur, the moderate climate and greenery at KIAMS have been a welcome change. But if there is one thing that is a hallmark of my first year at KIAMS, it has to be the vast amount of experiential learning that came my way. Probably because of the formidable Kirloskar brand, KIAMS actually presents a small sample of corporate life to its students. In hindsight, all this was great preparation for the SIP at Kalyani-Lemmerz.”

Everyday for the next two months, Bharat Sharma was on the KLL shop floor at 8:30 AM Sharp, moving from one machine to the other, noting the cycle time and observing the process. At all these times, he also keeps a sharp eye out for any area where time could be reduced by applying the Operations Management concepts taught at KIAMS. There were huge challenges he faced in order to do this. He was required to conduct motion studies on machine operators, but a motion study is done on a single operator on a daily basis, while operators on the shop floor were not fixed, but worked on a contractual basis. This meant that the operator that was his subject for motion study on a given day may not have been present the day after that. The other big challenge was that quite a few of the activities that were time consuming and contributed to cycle time were safety measures for the operators. Challenging these measures without due thought could have proved hazardous.

“The Production Manager was very supportive, and guided me well at the conceptual level. The Line Supervisor was also of help at the hands-on level. But for all practical purposes, I don’t think I would’ve been able to get far without the always-at-hand support of my faculty mentor, Prof. E. Anand, and my alumni mentor, Dill Saphal. Almost on a daily basis, I would be involved in detailed discussions on the challenges I faced, and my mentors and faculty members at KIAMS would be sharing focused reading material with me, which was invaluable.”

It was an altogether different high for Bharat Sharma when, after just two months of  internship, three of his recommendations for reducing cycle time were accepted and implemented by the management on the shop floor of Kalyani-Lemmerz Ltd.  At the end of his SIP, Bharat was appreciated by the Plant Head as well as the VP, HR, for doing a “great job”.

“Right from scheduling my interview at Kalyani-Lemmerz (by Ms. Shruti Das of the Placement Cell), to getting the right mentors, KIAMS played the supporting role to perfection. It is for this reason that I would like to advise my juniors to always be in touch with their faculty guides and mentors at KIAMS as they have seen their students closely not just in the classes, but also through the SIPs . They are the best guides and advisors that they are likely to have.”

Bharat Sharma is now absolutely certain that the best attitude to carry to the corporate world is ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. He credits KIAMS with showing him that in today’s world it is no longer the fittest who will survive, but the ones who are capable of adapting to given circumstances.

Sudheer Devalla is an IT sector enthusiast. He aspires to find his way into the industry and is absolutely clear about how he is going to reach the goals he has set his sight on. He has chosen to specialise in Marketing and HR and is pursuing his PGDM at KIAMS. He understands that if he had tried to enter the IT sector after studying only engineering, he would have had to begin at ground level. However, studying Management will help him enter at the management level and will also accelerate his growth.

Internships are an integral part of the PGDM degree at KIAMS. Sudheer advises students to choose their areas of internship carefully to map to their specialisations. “I suggest that if students have clear goals in terms of sectors and functions, then it’s better to try and get Summer Internship Projects in those sectors so that they may leverage it going further.” Sudheer did his summer internship for seven weeks during April and May.  He interned with Radha-Madhav Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., a dealer for Toyota in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. He spent six weeks in marketing research and then did sales and services in the last week. As he recounts, “I had to go to the customers and take their feedback regarding their sales experience and the service experience of the company. I had a sample of 50 customers and worked gathering data from them.”

Sudheer lists punctuality as the key learning during the internship. “I learnt a lot working in the real world, but the two things that emerged as my main learning were punctuality and handling customers. Some of the customers were not very educated but they were rich, so dealing with them was a new experience for me, even more so because if they had a problem they took out their frustration on me and not on the company!”

Staying away from home is a challenge for most young adults and Sudheer is no different. “My home-town is Tanuku, 200 km from Vijaywada where I interned. The biggest challenge for me was the high temperature and lack of friends through all of the seven weeks! I stayed with some relatives for the duration but the town was absolutely new to me!” Sudheer also had to learn to navigate the town for his interactions with customers, but enjoyed the process extremely. He feels he has emerged a more informed and confident professional as a result of the internship.

Vivek Goyal belongs to the 14th batch of the Management course at KIAMS. He completed the mandatory internship part of his course at VR Software, Vadodara. A six week internship, his SIP was a project on investment. “The project I got there was the development of a cost model. I had to work on a pricing model for the software they were developing.” Vivek claims that he learnt a lot during his SIP and that was due in large part to the fact that his project was in his area of interest and specialisation. As he puts it, “I could clearly map my college learning to what I was doing at the job and that helped!”

Vivek belongs to the town of Mount Abu, a mere seven to eight hours journey from Vadodara. Moreover, he is familiar with Vadodara, so when he was offered the SIP there, he did not hesitate to take it up. He also had help from the alumni and his batch-mates, apart from the support he received from the college itself. “Staying in Vadodara wasn’t an issue at all. We got help from our college and the company as well, to manage accommodation and other things.  I was offered this internship through KIAMS. I was called for an interview to Pune and went through a selection process that I cleared.”  He thanks his institution for this opportunity as he explains that the screening process basically tests a student’s aptitude and attitude. “I mean aptitude in terms of the fact that they want to know how you can apply the skills that you have learnt in college, and whether you can relate your college teachings to real life. And if we talk about attitude, they essentially want us to be willing to work.”

Working in the real world has brought a new awareness and understanding for him. He lists his practical learnings as – prioritising work, working with sincerity and giving 100 percent to every task you undertake. Challenges are a part of all new things in life and Vivek says that his SIP was no different. “I was not aware of the company processes and that was a challenge. I also did not know a few essential things like Microsoft Access! But I learnt to cope and eventually managed my project to satisfaction.” His advice to his juniors is that they should prepare well for their internships and “study everything about the company you are going to join. The more prepared you are, the better you will fare.” He also strongly advises interns to drop their casual attitude at work. A more mature and evolved Vivek now aspires for a position in investment and consultation after passing out.


‘One look is worth a thousand reports’, is an oft quoted phrase in the Army. It is something that Siddharth Modukuri strongly associates with. A Bio-Tech Engineer, Siddharth wanted to tap into his managerial abilities, which prompted him to appear forCAT 2011 – which resulted in quite a windfall. He made it to three prominent B-schools of the country – one in Bangalore, another in Delhi and the third one was Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS). Rather than succumb to the charms of brand, hype or reputation, Siddhartha decided to find out more about the institution that would define his future for himself.

“The first thing that struck me when I visited KIAMS was the sense of space, the lush green surroundings and its amazing ambience. I spoke to some of my future seniors and faculty members, and that was it. KIAMS had won hands down on all points of comparison.”

A Hyderabadi to the core, Siddharth Modukuri is a part of Batch 14 of KIAMS, majoring in Marketing and Operations.

When it came to choosing his internship, Siddharth yet again chose the quality of the project over the brand of the company. He chose Sujana Metals – a company known for its strong foundation down south – which has a strong presence in steel, power, energy and connected sectors.

“I had the opportunity to work in steel retail selling. My project was the launch of TMT Bars in retail market. I did this internship in Hyderabad. It took me to a completely different level and was very different from what I had expected. We had to go around Hyderabad in the scorching sun, scouting for new retail shops for the TMT bars. I covered between 300 to 400 retail outlets. It was a little difficult in the beginning, because professional communications don’t work out in such markets. You have to talk the local language, at their level and on their terms; it was an absolute eye-opener. Being from Hyderabad helped me, otherwise two months is a very short time for the amount of work and learning possible in this space.”

Siddharth especially recollects how, in one go, he was able to convert 30 dealers for Sujana Metals.

“There was this big steel association at in a major city in Andhra Pradesh, and I had the opportunity to talk to the president of that association. There were 30 dealers in that association, and I was able to covert all of them to Sujana dealers in one shot. The backing of my boss, and my mentor at KIAMS, helped me live up to this challenge.”

Siddharth believes that the one big lesson that he learnt from his internship was to not get disheartened by the initial challenges. He feels that his grooming at KIAMS helped him immensely in communicating with the top management in the industry. He was reporting to the Senior General Manager and a certain level of professionalism was expected of him. Siddharth advises his juniors at KIAMS that it is the kind of project that will decide what one is going to learn… not the brand name.

For Manindar Kumar Nayak, his Summer Internship Placement (SIP) was the reason for many adventures through the state of Madhya Pradesh. Originally from Bokaro Steel City in Jharkhand, Manindar took on a summer internship through Kirloaskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) with TTK Prestige.

Manindar applied for the internship because of his interest in the FMCG sector, and his ultimate aim to work in the area of customer servicing. The research project he undertook helped him understand the kind of work that lies behind building a marketing strategy. This will help him directly with his specialisation in Marketing and Operations at KIAMS.

Manindar’s project with TTK Prestige was to conduct exploratory market research to analyse the market share, competitors, pricing, distribution, quality and perception of buying by dealers and customers. For this, he conducted face-to-face research, and interacted with dealers, distributors, sub-dealers and retailers on the various aspects listed out in the feedback forms given to him by TTK Prestige. The interactions were formal and informal, depending on the situation.

Roaming from town to town, conducting a market research project, Manindar’s accommodation varied between lodges and PGs and found himself eating at local dhabas, restaurants and food courts. The internship certainly was intensive, but so were the learnings that Manindar brought back from it. It helped him learn work ethics, industry work culture, sales and operational process. Working during the summer months, when it is marriage season in some parts of India, also forced him to sometimes pursue dealers and distributors who were unwilling to meet him due to lack of time! While the entire process of surveying was long and exhaustive, this was an unexpected situation that he had to put some effort into working around.

The internship, despite its challenges, provided a steep learning curve for Manindar. He learnt, through practical work, about customer attitudes, beliefs, demands and behaviour patterns and gained other market insights as well. He was also helped by the KIAMS faculty at all stages, especially his mentor, who guided him throughout and help increase his interest in the process of survey and analysis. This hands-on internship will go a long way in helping him secure a job within marketing and operations after he graduates.

Vikas Kharb has just returned from an exhaustive internship of two months which he undertook at Britannia Industries. He was one among 4 other interns who were from different colleges. Vikas feels that the experience and understanding of the consumer space that he has gained is simply unparalleled.

“I was lucky to do my internship in the national capital of India. It certainly does boast of a population that is most varied in its consumption patterns, as well as hails from all the parts of the country. And what helps me be further at my ease when approaching people and dealers is that Delhi also happens to be my home-town.”

Naturally inclined in that direction, Vikas chose Marketing as his specialisation and wanted to contribute to the Branding domain at Britannia. But in a company that has had retail presence all over the country for such a long time, it was imperative for him to have a deep, grass-roots understanding of the system. Talking about his role and profile at Britannia, Vikas enumerates, “I was entrusted with mapping the sales and distribution channels and digging out insights at the Britannia outlets across Delhi; that would help in increasing the numeric distribution of Britannia’s products. It was definitely a stepping stone towards the knowledge required while dealing with branding and I was thoroughly satisfied.”

Talking about his learning experiences at the all-encompassing 2-month internship at Britannia, he says, “I observed the difference between theoretical knowledge being imparted at colleges and the actual working environment in the organisation. I learned the intricacies involved in the whole process of generating sales. And most of all, the importance of getting the information that the sales force has learned from the market back to the organization.”

Talking about the challenges he faced on the field, Vikas states that the most difficult thing is to get responses from the retailers – which he personally managed to get in plenty.

Upon being asked about the most enjoyable experience he has had while working hard on his internship project, he says, “I enjoyed working with the sales team and helping create a beat plan for the uncovered outlets that I found during the project. And this was in the presence of the area sales manager, distributors and the sales officer.”

And last but not least, Vikas acknowledges that a lot of the credit for his successful internship at Britannia Industries goes to the knowledge that he gained at KIAMS. “The teachers never say no to any amount of help that we have asked for. Their undying support backed by the best in the industry-knowledge pool was inspiring and directed towards my preparation for the internship. I see a bright future ahead after I complete my education from KIAMS.”

-Vikas Kharb,

PGDM, Batch 14