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The placement season for Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) has started off on a good note, which brought good cheer for the rest of the students. So far, 31% of the students have already been placed, indicative of a strong placement season compared to the last two years. Overall this placement season is expected to bring an increased number of companies to the campus besides higher salaries for students. As a result, the enthusiasm among the students of KIAMS is palpable.

An important aspect of the placements so far is that the recruiter base has been diverse. As of now, IT, Telecom, Marketing Research, Realty, Sports, Consulting are some of the major sectors that have offered final placements to students. The process is still underway with several FMCG, Consulting, Finance, and Manufacturing companies in the pipeline. The average and highest CTC being offered to the students are also higher than last year.

Some of the big names that have recruited from KIAMS so far this season include Vernalis, Developer Group, Deloitte Consulting, Home First Finance, Neilsen, Coffee Day, Decathlon, InfoEdge and ICICI Securities. According to Ms. Shruti Das, from the Placement Cell, “The estimated number of companies visiting the campus this year is expected to go well beyond 75. In fact, we are proud to say that the company-student ratio presently is 1:5. This is an encouraging start and we are expecting things to only get better as the placement season progresses.”

Those indeed are heartening figures for KIAMS. For the 2014 – 16 Batch, KIAMS seems to be on its way to better the records set recently. In fact, given the way things have progressed during the current placement season, the reputed B-School is confident of placing the entire batch yet again. More so, with a larger recruiter base and higher salaries!


Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) students once again stand tall amongst the other leading B-schools in terms of placements.

Placements Report by KIAMS is an eagerly awaited report amongst students and B-schools. This is because KIAMS, along with a few other top B-schools like IIM Ahmedabad, SPJIMR and TAPMI, are signatories to the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). As a signatory to IPRS, KIAMS has to get its placement numbers audited by C.A PG Bhagwat, and the last two years’ reports are available on CRISIL website. Therefore, the numbers reported by KIAMS are genuine and verified by a credible agency. So, if KIAMS or IIM-A say that 98% of their graduates were placed, then the numbers can be trusted by students.

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“Placements have concluded on a strong note for KIAMS students this year,”says Dr. CN Narayana, Director, KIAMS. “We have a strong brand image of converting students into well-rounded industry-ready managers. Companies have shown immense faith in KIAMS by repeatedly visiting us, and of the 75 companies that visited us for the on-campus recruitment, 26 were repeat recruiters. This is an encouraging sign for us.”

Nearly 33% of the recruitments were for positions in the Financial domain. 12% of the class of 2015 joined Market Research Firms, while 13% were recruited by Consulting firms. Interestingly, Social Media Agencies were the new recruiters this year. The placement season this year witnessed a spike in startup recruitments, with startups like Enthusionz Services Pvt. Ltd., Jaro Education,, and Corporate Culture making their presence felt. The salaries offered were also impressive – the highest salary offered to a KIAMS PGDM passout of 2015 is 7 lakhs, while the average hovered around 4.5 Lakhs.

KIAMS Director –Dr. C.N. Narayana attributed the strong showing to the curriculum at KIAMS, which is the most industry ready curriculum amongst India’s B schools. The entire course curriculum of KIAMS has been revamped in a joint effort of the KIAMS Faculty, alumni, who have strong credentials in the corporate world, and industry partners. The curriculum is designed to suit the rapidly changing industry needs. Apart from SIP and short–term projects that give KIAMS post–grads exposure in real time,many students help faculty members of KIAMS with their research work. Electives at KIAMS are aligned to job profiles and they focus on enhancing analytics and skills. Of course, the support of the Kirloskar Group gives a special“on the job” edge, wherein students are exposed to the operations and functions of Kirloskar Group companies.

KIAMS is also introducing a Centre for Creativity and Innovation this year, which will be a first of its kind in the B-school fraternity. This will surely add to the recognition of KIAMS as a leading B school in India, and this will surely lead to more success in placements for its students.

Shajeer KIAMS“I have completed my PGDM and KIAMS has created a brilliant platform for my professional journey. So I should really be feeling over the moon, but it’s a bit gloomy and sad here because I will be saying goodbye to the campus, friends and faculty members who became my family,” says Shajeer, student of the 2015 Batch, who has been placed as a Management Trainee with CRISIL in Mumbai. He believes that his institute has paved the way for him and taught him life skills that will hold him in good stead in the future.

However, Shajeer is filled with nostalgia as he looks back on his two-year journey with the institute so far. While at the Harihar campus of the institute, Shajeer admits that every day of his academic life was filled with happy moments that he will cherish for a long time. He particularly recalls a presentation he made for his strategic marketing management class that won appreciation from his professor. According to Shajeer, moments like these instilled confidence in him and prepared him for the challenges ahead.

If you ask the Kerala boy Shajeer about the changes he has seen in himself in the last two years, he is quick to reply: “Oh, my entire world view has changed. A college of this stature gives you several opportunities to learn, gain insight and exposure. It’s definitely a student-driven college where everyone is working towards your betterment. But at the same time, you have to be on your toes and give it your best shot. It will help you manage things better and gain the skills that are imparted through novel teaching methods.”

Overall, he agrees that KIAMS has moulded him into a manager with a bright future ahead of him, and his placement as a Management Trainee with CRISIL is the first step in the right direction. Shajeer claims that he is geared up for the challenges and is ready to make his mark. “My stint at KIAMS has definitely prepared me for the job and things I will have to do there. My college offered me a solid background in equity research, which I will focus on at my work place,” says the driven and budding professional.

Although he is on the cusp of an exciting new journey, Shajeer reminisces about the fun moments at KIAMS, including those when the classmates had given each other nicknames that still stand today. He is grateful for these precious moments, along with the huge learning experience he has had. So, it’s not surprising that he asks his juniors to “make the most of every moment you get here. It’s a wonderful place, with both Harihar and Pune campuses being stunning. Utilize all the opportunities you get to your advantage.” As his placement shows, Shajeer is one to listen to, and his concluding words show that there is much to learn at KIAMS, both in and out of the classroom.

Hina AfifaHina Afifa belongs to the 16th batch of the management graduates from the Harihar campus of KIAMS. Hina has recently been placed with HDFC Asset Management and she is rightly proud sharing this accomplishment with the world: “This is the most memorable moment of my life at KIAMS, perhaps as amazing as the day I entered KIAMS, which was the first time I was away from my home.”

Every festival on the campus has left her with memories for a lifetime. Hina possesses a boisterous and happy personality that she displayed on every opportunity: “I was the most notorious student of the batch and have had fun every moment I spent on the campus”.

Leaving KIAMS is a bittersweet experience that fills her with a deep sense of nostalgia. Hina is excited about stepping out into the corporate world, and yet sad about leaving behind friends and a place that had become a second home for the last two years. The learning and academic rigor have not only groomed her for the job, but have also made her a more disciplined person. She understands that the corporate life will throw challenges at her and, due to her time at the institute feels prepared to face them all.

Hina shares that she will miss her faculty as well, especially Pai Sir and Anita Kshetri Ma’am who became an inspiration for all the young women on campus. Moving along, Hina advises her juniors to be careful while selecting their subjects and specializations. According to her, students must focus on the sector that they want to enter and then align the skills accordingly.

Employability is the top concern of a student who enrolls for a professional management course. Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) follows a robust curriculum and a strong employment process that has yielded impressive results with 15 batches that have passed out so far.

At KIAMS, Student industry orientation begins early. After the first year each student undergoes a Summer Internship Project (SIP) that gives him/her a hands-on experience of a live work environment. The end of SIP marks the commencement of the final year as well as the beginning of visits from the organizations intending to absorb young professionals. This year half the students from the PGDM class of 2015 have been already been placed. A total of 30 companies have visited the campus and have employed students in the areas of Human Resource, Marketing and Finance already and the year is yet to begin. The average CTC offered this year so far is 4.32 lakhs per annum and the highest CTC so far is 5.56 lakhs per annum.

KIAMS prepares the students throughout the year to enhance their employability. Anuja Mathur says, “Getting picked by the first company that I tried for, was a dream come true for me. Of course your skills, hard work and communication abilities are important to make the best impression during the interview. But according to me, presence of mind and confidence can help you get through the interview. KIAMS had covered this base for me over the last two years. I could see a visible difference in my personality as I had grown in confidence. Through various initiatives and presentations, KIAMS had also taught me how to put my point across in the best possible way. I think it helped me tremendously during the interview and will continue to help me during my professional career.”

Arpit Jain, who has secured a plum assignment with IKYA thinks KIAMS inculcates management competencies through projects and assignments, “It was gratifying to be placed in first attempt. I could do it because I was with KIAMS where I have grown in confidence. My two year journey has triggered a more aggressive, resilient, and tenacious personality. I was given the opportunity to be the academic representative of my batch. The responsibilities I had to undertake gave me a practical experience of different aspects of management. Thanks to my teachers and batch-mates I received a holistic learning experience at KIAMS. Critical thinking, decision making ability and the drive to take initiatives are some of the vital skills I have learned here.”

The placements have created a lot of excitement on the campus and the buzz continues to grow as the companies visit and CTC data trickles in.

To read more about placements at KIAMS and gain access to three years’ placement figures, visit:

“When you join a PGDM course, your ultimate goal is to get a good job with a handsome salary. That was my aim when I joined KIAMS. I had heard through various channels that it is one of the best management institutes in the country. Through my two years at the institute, that has been proven true – my placement is the icing on the cake.” These are the words of the exuberant Pranasha, who is bursting with pride and happiness after being placed with IKYA Human Capital Solutions Ltd.

The interview with IKYA was Pranasha’s first, and she states that she was prepared for things to go either way. That’s why when she heard the news of bagging the job, it took a while to sink in. Today, she reflects on the crucial interview process, saying, “Everything I learned during my PGDM shaped my persona and technical skills. It was tested in a matter of minutes during my interview. I had done my research about the company and that, along with my knowledge of management concepts and communication skills, saw me through.”

According to Pranasha, the summer internship program she did with Nissan-Ashok Leyland, Bengaluru has been a building block in her journey as a professional. She believes the program gives students of the institute a peep into real world corporate life, which helps them during the placement process. Talking about her own experience, she states, “I tried to understand the company’s culture and values so that I can adjust to the new corporate environment quickly. I tried to gain maximum exposure and contribute towards the growth of the company.”

The results showed, as she scored handsomely in the summer internship presentations and was the SIP topper of the batch. Pranasha was also the Class Representative of the batch, a responsibility that made her more accountable and enabled her to multitask. She thanks KIAMS for the experience by saying, “I have become an extrovert, and I am now more patient and determined to reach for and achieve my goals. The institute has taught me to be calm and composed in tough situations. These are some of the vital attributes for today’s corporate professionals.”

But as she embarks on a new journey, it’s only natural for her to look back with nostalgia. Pranasha is filled with emotions as she says, “Ours was the first student exchange batch at KIAMS, which means we had to adjust to the environment on Harihar campus from Pune campus. It has made me flexible and more adjustable, which will come handy in different job scenarios. Overall, two years with KIAMS have been a roller coaster ride. I take with me many memories of hectic schedules, late night tea and Maggie, exam fever and, above all, the friends I have made here.”

Ask Pranasha what she believes has been her biggest learning experience so far and she quips without batting an eyelid: “I have learned that you need to be a Jack of all trades and Master of one. I was a core marketing student and had a misconception that other subjects are not important. But that’s not the case at all and you have to pay attention to all the subjects.” Besides this crucial advice, Pranasha also encourages juniors to make the most of the platform KIAMS offers them. That’s something she definitely has done, and with excellent results.

RuchiTo show the importance of her time at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Ruchi Lakhote shares one of her fondest memories of her education at the institute. “I had the whole batch around me when I got the news about my placement with Airtel,” she begins. “It was the first placement of the year; hence, everyone was really excited that it had all started” Now, Ruchi is ready to embark on her professional journey, and she credits KIAMS with giving her the perfect launching pad.

Ruchi admits that she always had management aspirations – so, KIAMS was the ideal choice for her. Explaining her decision to join the B school, she says, “It was a combination of various factors like professors, placements, location, and infrastructure that helped me make up my mind. Today, I feel privileged to be a part of the KIAMS family and I believe that I made the best decision for myself.” Ruchi did indeed make the right decision, as she earned a placement as a Territory Sales Manager at one of the most well-known brands in India.

One of Ruchi’s major responsibilities on the job will be to look after the prepaid sales of the company in the Maharashtra and Goa regions. She believes she has the right aptitude for this sales position, which boosts her confidence to do well as a new professional. “I am a fresher but I feel confident about my abilities,” she says. “That was the reason I could answer all of the questions thrown at me during the placement interview. I have to thank KIAMS for this confidence because it transformed and groomed me in just two years.”

In fact, she speaks highly of the contributions KIAMS made during the placement process that gave her the confidence she needed to do well and, of course, earn the coveted job. Talking about those stressful days before the interview, Ruchi says, “KIAMS helped us gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge, which was a huge advantage. We received training for group discussions and our faculty members helped us prepare for the all-important interview. That’s why I was quite relaxed on the big day.”

Ruchi also talks about the different initiatives implemented by her institute as the reason she feels industry-ready. She emphasizes the importance of industry visits, which offered students exposure to the way the corporate world functions. A combination of these factors makes KIAMS the ideal learning institute for her. “If you are serious about learning and want to get an exposure to the corporate world through different activities like managing events, then KIAMS is the place for you,” she tells us. “In addition, students learn valuable time management skills.”

Today, as Ruchi embarks on her professional journey, she is filled with emotions bidding adieu to the place she called home for a couple of years. She admits that she will be taking a great deal of memories with her that will last a lifetime: “We got to enjoy both of the campuses; one way or another and the experience was fantastic. As a batch we went through a lot of things together from exam fever to keeping deadlines and working on projects. It brought us together and I believe I have made friends for life.” Her final words, like her time at KIAMS, were full of happy reflections and memories that will last forever.

The 2013 Placement Report of KIAMS has been released by IPRS, an initiative by IIM-A.

The hallmarks of KIAMS PGDM are Academic Excellence delivered on a bedrock of Values and Transparency. We sincerely believe Transparency equals Credibility!

In line with the same, KIAMS is a Founding Member, along with 20 other Management Schools, of the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). Initiated by IIM Ahmedabad, we found that the proposed IPRS echoed what we had always believed and practiced, without formalizing. Hence it was a seamless movement for us to be a founding member.

Briefly, the IPRS adopts a standard format for objectivity and uniformity in reporting Recruitment data. Honesty in furnishing the data can be useful for understanding and decision making for varied stakeholders – prospective students, industry, media amongst others. Auditing the report is mandatory.

As a part of the IPRS body, KIAMS does its best by reporting minimum, maximum, mean and median of the fixed base salary besides cash components for different sectors, locations and functions. Thus the final evaluation turns out to be a rather comprehensive one and a good indicator of a B School’s placement record in a particular year. The report also redefines CTC salary to Maximum Earning Potential that includes long-term and performance-linked variable pay. Thus you get figures directly related to students rather than the company. Once the placements are done, B Schools that are a part of the IPRS initiative release the audited placement report in the required format, which maintains uniformity in the reports.

The IPRS report also takes into account Summer Internship Placements and divides them into those arranged by the B Schools and students themselves. By being a part of the initiative, KIAMS has shown its willingness to maintain transparency in this important process for students’ future.

To read the 2012-2013 IPRS certified report of KIAMS, visit:

To read more about KIAMS’s placement, visit:

1891178_10203322717333434_188126129_n“I came to KIAMS because the institute gave me a true picture of the placement scenario instead of a blanket 100%”, says Titir Ghosh. She made her decision to join the institute based on her interaction with alumni and the senior batch, which was facilitated by the institute so that aspiring students could gather relevant feedback. After completing a in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering from West Bengal, Titir wanted to acquire skills that would help her project herself and function as a ‘smart professional’. KIAMS became the obvious choice once she had gone through all of her options. Her decision seems justified today with her campus placement at SBI LIFE Insurance Ltd. as a Management Trainee.

Titir attributes her success to the rigorous curriculum at KIAMS. “Regular assignments, presentations and assessments gave us the chance to rate ourselves and helped us improve,” she says. “One to one interaction with the faculty is easy since teachers and students are closely knit like a big family.” She thinks the institute helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses, which, consequently, gave her the much needed opportunity to work on them.

Titir believes in and follows the maxim, “Gather knowledge, not marks”. In the two years at KIAMS, her aim was to maintain a decent CGPA and learn everything she was interested in. She claims this helped her with the job interview. At KIAMS she has also developed a better insight into herself: “Every question that was asked to me during the interview, I connected it with my personal traits and how my traits would help enhance the task I delivered in my job role.”

Titir is well aware of the stiff competition in the emerging economy, and she feels that an exceptional academic and job performance can create job surety and security: “You either perform or perish, the fittest survives today!”, she says. Flexibility is another bit of advice that she imparts to her juniors. During her interview, the interviewer tried to stress her out by offering remote rural job locations, but she held her own confidently, accepting eagerly the chance to explore her own country. She even offered solutions, such as translation applications for language problems that she might face in these distant places.

In fact, Titir has a travelling bug and aspires to write her own travelogue some day. She has travelled a lot and also loves adventures sports: “I have experienced snorkelling, parasailing, under sea walking, and trekking in India and abroad. I just love feeling the adrenalin rush”. Next on her cards is Bungee jumping and sky diving! Titir comes across as an exciting and mature individual, and this is evident in her advice for her juniors: “Keep a stable score and enjoy these two years to the fullest; but, it is also important to choose your specialization wisely not just because your friends are opting for it. Be sure what you know exactly what you want and just go for it.”

Edit (2)Subhodeep Biswas, who has just been placed with GENPACT during campus recruitment, shares his thoughts on earning an MBA at KIAMS. “Having an MBA transforms one from a job seeker with little value in the job market to a qualified candidate for good corporate positions,” he says. “It’s because of my PGDM from KIAMS that I am occupying an important profile in one of the best known MNCs in its business.” The primary focus of his new position is data analytics and business insight in consumer packaged goods.

During his first year at KIAMS, Subhodeep was introduced to the different aspects of a business: marketing, operations, human resources and finance. He believes that this training created a sound knowledge base of how management works for a business and how businesses, whether for a small venture or a corporate giant, can stay on the cutting edge. Along with the top-level training, Subhodeep also developed a sincere desire for professional excellence in his second year: “The second year of the PGDM gave me an opportunity to further explore my interest in the nitty-gritty of marketing. It is my knowledge in marketing, in particular, that got me the job that I have today.”

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Subhodeep did his schooling at Ramakrishna Mission Shikshamandir; he also earned a B.A Hons in English literature from the University of Calcutta. He appeared for CAT, thereafter, and decided to join KIAMS based on the Kirloskar brand and the reputation of the institute itself. He feels that he got much more than he expected: “The most important thing for me was the diversity of the batch on the campus ‒ a balanced and interesting mix of students from varying fields of expertise, including medical, army, arts, pharmacy, commerce, business administration, technology, science and so on!” He also appreciates the disciplined, yet beautiful, life on the green Harihar campus and believes that he has formed some special and long-lasting bonds here.

“Keep your focus firm and know that your determination will get you whatever it is you dream to achieve”, says an obviously confident Subhodeep. He believes that this hard-earned confidence is a result of the hands on training he received at KIAMS: “I did an internship with Ultra Rich Wedding Pvt. Ltd., which introduced me to the market. I got firsthand experience of several methods of online and offline promotions. Also, the sales activities made my love for the non-sales analytical job stronger! In fact, that’s when I realized I was made for an analytical job in marketing and not core sales!” Eventually, he wants to have his own consultancy, but today Shubhodeep is thrilled to be stepping into his career!