24 (2)Dr Gopal Iyengar, Director KIAMS is headed to Dubai to deliver a Management Development Programme on Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution. It has already become a hugely anticipated event not only because of the relevance of the subject for our times but also since it comes at the back of the successful Modern Management programme he had delivered last year.

Dr Iyengar is considered to be a voice of authority in the world of management given his 15 years of Industrial experience including Saudi Bahraini Cement Co., which has given him immense insight into corporate functions in the Gulf region. He also has 15 years of experience in Management Education and his papers presented at National and International conferences have always been warmly received.

As the Director of one of the reputed management institutes in India, he’s a respected academician and his management sessions are looked forward to. Little wonder then that when he accepted the offer to conduct a session on Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution in Dubai, it raised a lot of curiosity amongst those in the know.

Kirloskar Group has a substantial presence in the Middle East and executives from the company’s esteemed dealers are expected to attend the program. Dr Iyengar himself is quite excited about meeting the participants of the MDP in Dubai. “I am excited about partnering the K-Group in its knowledge initiative for its dealers. There would be cross national and cross cultural participants from the Marketing team of the dealers. That should be interesting,” he says looking forward to the experiences at the program.

“The participants are vastly experienced and that will enrich the delivery,” adds Dr Iyengar about what promises to be an inspiring platform for exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Having delivered several MDPs in India, how different does he think this particular programme in Dubai would be? “Firstly, there would be a greater mix of Nationalities and cultures. Secondly the previous Management workshop went very well and they are all geared up for this one,” he enthuses. “Moreover multinational experiences will be brought to the table, which will add to the richness of the programme.”

The Middle East has established itself as a hub for industrial and corporate activities, which has brought the attention of the entire world. Its infrastructure is top notch and several huge projects are in the pipeline in different parts of the region. The Gulf is said to be the future and projected as the centre of growth for the next decade or so. In that context the significance of a programme on Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution cannot be overemphasized.

The two day programme delivered by Dr Iyengar is divided into different sessions that are directed towards understanding the concepts and context of conflict and then delving deeper into their classification and the impact they have. There will be sessions that will deal with approaches to resolve conflict including Negotiations as an important tool for it.

The pedagogy for the programme includes lectures, case studies, exchange of experiences, video clips, role play and discussions to have the desired impact on participants and helping them get a better grasp of the subject. There will also be a brainstorming session on a present situation that needs resolution so that participants can get a first-hand experience of putting these concepts into practise.

While Kirloskar group has a prolific presence in Dubai, the huge base KIAMS has in the region cannot be overlooked either. Many of the alumni from the institute have made their home in Dubai and their presence felt in their respective professions. Together they have carried the beliefs of the institute to the area and are its glorious ambassadors.

That’s why the first alumni meet of KIAMS in Dubai to be held during Dr Iyengar’s stay there seems long overdue. It’s something that has added a new dynamic to the trip for the institute Director, who is excited about catching up with his past students. “They have been extremely supportive of our initiatives in Dubai. I know each one of them well from their college days and am sure there will be a lot of nostalgia when we get together.”

Will he be carrying any message for his alumni? “Not really, we’ll just meet and have a blast,” he says. Seemingly all the messages and learning is reserved for participants of the MDP, who should be in for a special treat.