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5As a BBA graduate, Megha Dey could have opted for an MBA to further her career prospects. But she chose to do her PGDM because she believed that the curriculum would make her industry ready. After spending two years at KIAMS, an institute she had heard a lot about, she agrees that she made the best decision. She has now been placed in a facility management role with Quess Corp Avon, which is a subsidy of the global giant IKEA. Here she shares the journey of her transformation from a hopeful student to a confident management professional.

When asked to put her journey with KIAMS in words, Megha counts many positives. According to her things that seemed difficult and intense when doing them were also a huge learning experience in hindsight. “The rigorous presentations were definitely tough but they were totally worth it at the end of the day. I have learned so much about team effort besides gaining theoretical and practical knowledge. While the job I have bagged is the perfect entry in the corporate world for me, the knowledge I have gained during my time here will last me a lifetime,” she says.

In her new role as a professional with the company Megha will be responsible for meeting clients and discussing various facilities offered. She will also have to strive to boost the sales of the company. She is keen to prove her mettle by delivering on these tasks, just like she managed to impress during the placement interview. On what went right in the interview, she says “I had gathered fair bit of knowledge about the company, which is why I could talk about different scenarios and offer them the best solutions. I also relied on my SIP experience with Bank of Baroda (Kolkata) to come up with relevant answers during the interview.”

Megha mentions the IRP sessions at KIAMS as the main preparation for placement because not only did they improve her communication skills but they also helped her answer situational questions, which were the crux of her interview. Above all her confidence gained during the PGDM years showed clearly. That’s her advice to her juniors at the institute as well. “Be confident and everything will fall into place. Pay attention to classroom learning and projects because that will prepare you well. But also make the most of your time on the campus and with friends because it won’t come back,” she ends on an emotional note.


4Abhijit Das, student of PGDM Batch 17 at KIAMS believes that his placement as a Management Trainee with Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd (the company that runs careers360.com) is a big deal not only because of the reputation of the company but the fact that it is the perfect culmination of his academic tenure. The going has been tough for him as he lost his father during the first year of PGDM. But that only pushed him to excel in his studies and focus on the placement process. He admits that with the help of his faculty team and friends at the institute he has managed to get the final outcome he was hoping for.

Reflecting on his two years at KIAMS, he says “The placement with such a prestigious firm was the icing on the cake. My mother, who is a housewife, was extremely supportive during these two years. The placement has made our dream come true. But at the same time I feel the knowledge and confidence I have gained at the institute will help me in the long run. It certainly helped me crack the all important placement interview.” He goes on to add that all the assignments and activities he was a part of during his program helped him learn in the best possible way. That coupled with the confidence he had gained enabled him to impress his recruiters.

After completing his graduation in engineering, Abhijit was working in the construction field but soon enough realized that he needed to boost his competencies to build his career prospects. That’s why he chose to do his PGDM from KIAMS and believes that it’s a decision that has held him in good stead. “I would like to specifically mention the contribution of our faculty members in molding us as future professionals. They were always available to clear our doubts, point out mistakes and help us rectify them in a constructive manner. I believe this relationship goes beyond placements and will be with me for the rest of my life,” he states.

According to Abhijit, every day spent at the institute was a stepping stone towards his future career. The Summer Internship he did at Tata Steel helped him put the concepts he had learned into context and that’s how he made his mark during the placement interview. He is now at the cusp of an exciting journey ahead. “KIAMS has been a new life experience for me and it has prepared me for challenges in my career. Managing product life cycle, Project development and management, Planning, Scheduling, Co-ordination with different teams, Product testing, Market Research and analysis will be some of my job responsibilities and I feel up to the task,” he adds confidently.

Ask him about the aspects of his life at the institute that he is going to miss and Abhijit mentions different celebrations, the time spent with his friends and the campus itself. He holds those memories close to his heart and is going to cherish them for a long time to come. He also has valuable advice for his juniors at the institute. “You should follow your dreams and identify your area of interest. Whatever domain you choose; be it Product Management or Operations, you will find a lot of scope in it if you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Try to build on your learning and the sky is the limit,” he says all ready to spread his own wings.

After karen-saldanha-250-225x300completing her graduation in Oman, where her parents both work as corporate professionals, Karen Saldanha decided to come to India to pursue higher education. She was keen to pursue a career in management and believes that KIAMS has helped her in a big way, borne out by her placement with HDFC Bank.

Karen admits that it took her a while to get over the initial shock of being chosen as a Relationship Manager by HDFC Bank because there were several other right candidates for the job. She also thought her interview wasn’t going too well but managed to turn things around for herself. “Initially it was going all wrong and I think I gave some wrong answers. At one point they even gave me a chance to learn the correct answer for one of the questions. I came back having prepared for more than that, which might have impressed them,” she says with a smile.

She also talks about the efforts taken by her institute to prepare her for the placement process. According to Karen the courses in GD, interviews and business communications groomed students and instilled confidence in them. “Besides that the modules where we were taught what the industry expects of us were very helpful. They had included courses on Customer Insight, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour etc and they helped us tremendously,” she adds.

Karen also points out that though she had got placed in her very first attempt she chose to not accept the offer as she wanted to make a bright start to her corporate career. She expects it to happen with a big name like HDFC where her job responsibilities will include, “Meeting clients and addressing their problems, ensuring cross selling of banking products and overall maintaining good relationships with them. I did my internship with Reliance Retail, Chennai and believe that experience will come handy in my job,” she asserts.

While Karen is on cloud nine at the moment, she also feels a hint of sadness knowing that she won’t be spending time on campus with friends. She states that one major advantage of a residential PGDM program is that you make friends for life. Ask her if she has any advice for juniors and she says, “Take efforts to match industry’s needs of skills and knowledge, pay attention to classes and do your assignments diligently. The secret to my good grades is 100% attendance. You might also want to create a LinkedIn profile because networking is the key.” Speaking like a true professional, she already is.

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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies recently organized a conclave “Attitude Skills and Knowledge (ASK) and employer’s expectations on skills & employability” at its Harihar campus. The event held on the 26th of September brought together several big names from industry and academia to discuss the attributes that can make successful management professionals of tomorrow. Given the high relevance of the conclave, it was only natural that we talked to some of the students to evaluate its overall success.

Arpit Sharma, B 17 was one of them and he believed that it was a privilege to listen to names like Mr. Swami Nathan Krishnan, Vice-President and Head Marketing, Coach and Mentor – Sasken Communication Technologies, Bangalore. “Since I am passionate about my chosen specialization of Marketing , I was very excited to listen to the stalwart from the industry,” he said confidently. “It has been a valuable experience for me and I hope it will bridge the gap between where I am today and where I want to be professionally.”

This conclave is the first in the series of events KIAMS will be organizing this year, in its Silver Jubilee year. Students like Arpit remain appreciative of the fact that the B School holds seminars and conclaves regularly to offer them hands-on experience. Others like Vinay Kant Maurya, B 17 look at it as a responsibility to learn and deliver. “I won’t let these opportunities go in vain. I will do my best to make the most out of them and interact with professionals from different industries and learn from their experiences,” he says.

When asked if he had any suggestions on the subjects for future conclaves and seminars Vinay Says, “It would be great to hear from professionals in specific areas like finance, operations, and International Business. It would help us with specific exposure for our future careers.” Arpit, on the other hand, wants future seminars to delve into digital marketing, e-commerce, and rural marketing. He believes these areas are evolving and knowledge on the subjects would give them an edge. But for now, they seem thrilled by the takeaways from the recently held conclave.

It was a flurry of activities at KIAMS through the month of August and right up to Teacher’s Day celebrations that had the campus buzzing. The institute had just welcomed its new batch of students and they were in for a treat as the series of activities began on high note. For starters, there was the Fresher’s party themed “Creating a friendly relationship between seniors and juniors in a disciplined manner” that got things going on a high note.

The evening brought together the new batch of students, their seniors and faculty members who interacted as equals and shared with each other. Different activities like flying eggs, tap the balloon, musical chair, virtual volley ball broke the ice and led to fun filled moments. Everyone including the faculty members seemed to have had a nice time as Prof. D. B. Nimbalkar said, “It was great to see the infectious energy of the students, which was rubbing off on everyone.”

That same energy was on display even more during the song and dance performances that marked the evening. The students definitely had their dancing shoes on as the DJ played some of the favorite tracks. Pappu dance was clearly one of the highlights and had everyone talking about it for long. “It was an awesome party and so much fun to be a part of Pappu dance. We let our hair down and left the competition behind,” said Tarun, one of the students.

Things took on a thoughtful note on the 69th Independence Day as the students were filled with patriotic fervor. KIAMS does its best to not only create top professionals but socially responsible individuals as well. The students were reminded of their duty towards the society and country as Dr. Janaki Nair, Director, KIAMS unfurled the National Flag. Singing of the National Anthem and a parade completed the proceedings for the day.

The festivities spilled into the month of September with the Teacher’s Day celebrations where students got an opportunity to express their gratitude to their faculty members. They had organized different games that brought the fun side out of the faculty team. Performances of Prof. Gopal Iyengar and Nikhil Ingle, student Batch 18 were highlights of the event that ended with cutting of the cake and presenting of a handmade card to the faculty team.

1Getting into a reputed B School in many ways is a life altering event for any management graduate. Hence I had huge expectations from KIAMS and I have to say they have been fulfilled to a large extent. I also realize from the way things are going that by the time I complete the program I would have achieved everything I had hoped to and more.

Of course it wasn’t smooth sailing from the word go and we took some time to settle down. Days were long and filled with classes, assignments, group studies, senior-junior interactions, sports activities etc. But each one of us has managed to bring that extra burst of energy to deliver on the tasks expected of us. It has also taught us a lot about time management, which is crucial.

Another important learning for us through these assignments has been team work. Even before we got to know each other well, my batch mates and I were working on the same team in some project or another. It brought out this incredible bond amongst us, which I believe will lead to long lasting friendships in the future.

The campus with its serene surroundings is the perfect place to hang out and nurture these bonds. Our first choice of things to do would always be a trek on the small hills around the campus. We sing motivational songs, push each other to go further and higher. The experience of reaching the peak as a team is something that cannot be described in words.

While there are these fun moments, things get pretty serious in the classroom. There are various activities like live project assignments, writing project reports that teach us a lot about management concepts. We also get an insight into the corporate world and into the minds of renowned professionals through guest lectures.

One of the most important aspects of learning at KIAMS is the relationship we share with our seniors and faculty members. They are very knowledgeable and help us whenever we have any issues to deal with. I like the fact that they are easily approachable and we can talk to them as equals, which I doubt you would see at any other institute.

Everyone at KIAMS, including the non teaching staff has been welcoming. That’s the reason we have never felt that we are away from home. This has become our home away from home and I believe this association will only get stronger and richer over time. I just know that this is going to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Harihar and Pune has opened the admissions for its reputed PGDM program. Application forms for admissions to PGDM ‘15 are available online and the last date for submission of applications is 30th March, 2015.  The selection process involving interview and group work will commence between March and April, 2015.

The PGDM is a two year fully residential program held on Harihar and Pune campuses of the institute that create state of the art learning environment for the students. The program offers students an understanding of managerial skills and operations techniques while keeping them abreast with the latest trends in the industry.

Industry Interface sessions are also a hallmark of the learning experience at the institute as students get to learn from the best in the business. Recently, the institute had Mr. PS Krishna Prasad, Head, Luminance Knowledge Center talk to the students about Hedge funds while Mr. ShreekanthRamaswamy, Business Head, Kirloskar brothers (Thailand) Ltd shared insights into the corporate culture. KIAMS also had Mr. PrashantUpadhyaya, Asst Vice President, JM Financial Services Pvt Limited critically analyze the SIP projects of students.

The institute has always believed in transparency when it comes to placement results, which is why it became one of the founding members of the IPRS process. The Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) process is aimed at bringing about transparency, uniformity and comparability to campus recruitments.

Consistency is something KIAMS has maintained right from the first batch, which produced Priyadarshi Matruprasad, General Manager, Apollo Group of Hospitals, the institute has had a prolific track record. According to alum Mr. Gaurav Setia, Assistant Vice President and Team Leader at ICICI, “Students from the institute have an upper hand in the industry because they are put through several presentations and tasks that not only improve their problem solving skills but boost their confidence as well.”

This year, too, while graduating its 15th batch, the institute had a stellar showing during the placement season, which was revealed through plain and transparent statistics by KIAMS. Last year the institute attracted 109 companies and overall around 90% of students got placed in different industry sectors. Four students managed to bag salaries of over Rs. 6 lakhs.

Titir Ghosh, was one of them as she got placed with SBI Life Insurance Ltd. She vouches rigorous and transparent placement process as she says, “I came here because the institute gave me a true picture of the placement scenario rather than a blanket 100%. And I am absolutely thrilled about the way things have worked out for me.”

KIAMS was founded by Kirloskars, a leading industrial house in the country, and it aims to nurture Future Managers while focusing on values and business ethics. According to Dr. Gopal Iyengar, Director, KIAMS, “Our processes aim beyond delivering good education, and students are encouraged to explore the sense of responsibility to find the potential that can be converted into professional excellence. Our association with Kirloskars, facilitates an easy two-way osmosis between concept and application.”

To be eligible, an applicant has to have a Bachelors degree or equivalent (10+2+3) from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. Students in the final year of graduation can also apply. Applicants will be shortlisted based on their CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT and GMAT scores.

To access the application form for admissions 2015, you may visit: http://www.kiams.ac.in/prompt.php

To read more about KIAMS, visit: www.kiams.ac.in

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Kirloskar Institute Of advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) will be taking its initiative to build an Institute-Industry nexus further by hosting a conference on “Management Concepts in Practice” in July 2014.  The institute was started 15 years ago and has been doing exemplary work offering “Education with Values,” based on the philosophy of its parent group, Kirloskars which believes in bridging the gap between industry and academia. This has always been one of the objectives of the institute and this conference is another step towards achieving this. There is a lack of synergy between management concepts in the world of academia and actual practices, with the two being incomplete without one another.

One of the major aims of the conference is to facilitate the bridging of these two concepts and to build on both. The one-and-a-half day conference will focus on four functional areas: management; marketing, finance, human resources and operations. This workshop will be the first in a series which the institute plans to host every year.

KIAMS hopes, through this, to create a platform for some of the brightest minds in academia and industry to come together and share ideas about best practices in these four areas of management.

The conference holds a lot of promise for participants. To begin with, they can look forward to a vast knowledge base that academics bring to the table. At the same time there will be industry experts with their valuable inputs on state- of-the-art practices.

Deliberations and discussions on specific themes in one of the functional areas will be the highlight of the conference. In fact, there are several themes that have been drawn from each of these areas of interest that participants will benefit from, including:

  • ‘Approaches to Improve Supply Chain Flow’ will be the theme for Operations Management;
  • ‘Marketing Engineering: Rediscovering segment, target and positioning’ will be the theme for the  marketing-related discussions;
  • ‘Current Issues in Corporate Finance Practises: Assessment and Modelling’ will be the topic of discussion  for Finance; and
  • ‘Striving for Business Excellence Through Workforce Diversity’ will be the theme for the Human Resources management session.

These are some of the main issues many in industry and academia grapple with, often on a regular basis, and it is hoped that the workshop will shed light on these for those who are part of the management world. To make the workshop more interesting, KIAMS has invited authors who might want to send their original, unpublished work on any of the themes to be discussed at the conference. This will offer them a platform to add their valuable inputs to the larger purpose of the workshop. Guidelines and deadlines for these submissions have already been set in place, and will have to be adhered to by the authors. Given the scale of the conference, some of the biggest names from industry and academia will be involved with it.

This can be seen from the list of review committee members which includes names like Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar, Professor IIM Indore, Dr. Saral Mukherjee Associate Professor, IIM Ahmadabad, Dr. Ravi Shankar Professor, IIT Delhi, Mr.Srikant Gokhale and Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar and Vice President Sales, United Healthcare. More names will be added to the prestigious list of who’s who from academia and industry over time. This makes the conference even more attractive to those who want to gain expert insights into the major functional areas of management.

The workshop aims to find the existing best practices and knowledge for academia and industry. Another goal is for academia to offer its knowledge base to industry’s practitioners in the future. They will work together through action learning, and the outcomes will be shared in subsequent workshops. The conference therefore has a long term goal in mind, which makes this only the beginning, and a step in the right direction.

Media Contact

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Near Tata Foundry,

Village Dhamane, Taluka Maval

Pune- 410506, Maharashtra

Email: bj@kiams.ac.in

The much talked-about annual management inter collegiate event- Operacy of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) is back in its 2013 avatar. Spread over 3 days (19-21 October), it spans both locations of KIAMS – Harihar and Pune. The kal, aaj, kal mix will see executives (with 3 years experience max), current Management Students and prospective students all will mingle in a kind of melting pot from which will emerge the best as winners! Over the years, Operacy has become known as an extravaganza for students of management and the bar is expected to be raised higher this year.

This Annual Inter Collegiate Management event has a rich history of over a decade and it has transformed from a paper writing competition to a class act. Completely student driven, it is a national business festival in many ways and a marquee event in the calendar year for management students all over the country. Little wonder then that it has generated curiosity far and wide, which has only motivated the members of teams organising the event this year to put on a show to remember.

Prachi Aggarwal, an Operacy team, “Operacy simply means making things happen. And that’s what we aim to do with the organisation as well. We are giving it everything we’ve got because there’s a precedent for this event and we have to live up to the expectations.”

Students of the institute are charged up for the upcoming event because it offers them a platform to showcase their talents. At the same time, they are excited about the opportunity to interact with industry experts, who are going to make their presence felt at the event. In fact, giving students first-hand experience of the real corporate life is one of the objectives of Operacy.

Nikhita Gupta, another team member for the event, says, “This event is meant to enable you to discover yourself. It’s also an opportunity to learn from the experts in the business. And you will have a lot to look forward to on that count this year.”

There are several exciting events that have been lined up for Operacy 2013 and they are bound to hit the right note with the audience. For example, Catastrophe is a Finance competition that will test analytical abilities of participants. Inquisitor, on the other hand, is a Marketing challenge that will test the skills of participants to the limit.

Of course, the traditional Paper Writing competition, which the event started out as, has generated keen interest amongst students too. Held under the aegis of students’ managerial skills this competition has the students’ take on specific assignments on behalf of industry. They are offered much needed support by the faculty and it thus serves as a dynamic platform for students to learn and grow.

The Illuminati (Human Resource) and Vicissitude (Operations) other events that are being looked forward to. The stunning and sprawling canvas will also hold Ankuran, the inter-B-plan competition, that will offer an opportunity to budding entrepreneurs from different colleges to put forward their ideas and business plans. This competition, held by the E-Cell of KIAMS within the Operacy aegis, encourages students to dream big and become successful entrepreneurs. A unique aspect Ankuran is the introduction of the Jugaad Innovation concept.

Gayathri Suresh, another team member of the Operacy organizing committee, says, “Come, rejoice and rejuvenate’ is the mantra for our event. We want everyone to have fun, learn and feel refreshed at the end of it.” That’s what some of the corporate honchos are bound to feel as they relive their college moments during Déjà Vu,. Athelin is another competition that will be held on the campus, with the objective of helping students find out whether they are industry-ready.

All the events are distributed across both locations – Harihar and Pune – in an integrated and holistic design. With these challenging competitions, strong corporate presence, enthusiastic student organisers and prizes to be won, Operacy 2013 promises to be an event that will be remembered for a long time to come.

DSC02703The International Conference on Management and Information Systems (ICMIS-13) was recently held in Bangkok. Organised by International Forum of Management Scholars (INFOMS), the much talked-about conference had some of the most renowned and accomplished names from the world of Management presenting their research papers. Among them was a 23 year old student from Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), whose paper – written along with Prof. Bidyanand Jha from the institute – was selected to be presented at the conference.

Needless to say Ravi Rajiv, who worked for six months on the paper under the guidance of Prof. Jha “Factors affecting purchase intention on mobile shopping websites in India”, was thrilled to bits. “When Prof. Jha called me to say that our paper had been chosen for the conference, I was hugely excited. Being the co-author of a full-fledged paper that’s chosen for a prestigious conference is a big deal,” he gushes.

Ravi’s first paper has already created ripples in the field and it’s worth knowing more about it from the horse’s mouth. “The purpose of this paper was to explore a conceptual model for analysing customers’ perceptions of using mobile commerce services for online shopping. This paper provides insights into consumer behaviour, and the results have important implications for designers, managers, marketers and system providers of mobile shopping (m-shopping) web sites,” he says, stating the significance of the research for today’s times.DSC_2566

While the relevance of the paper cannot be overemphasised, it’s also interesting to note that it was Prof. Jha who was already working on it. Ravi is quick to acknowledge the fact, and expresses his gratitude to his professor. “During the third semester of my 1st year, I was working on a paper for a competition and met Prof. Jha for his inputs on it. He was already working on this paper and asked me to help him with it.”

Prof. Jha had said at the time that if the paper got selected, Ravi could present it in Bangkok along with him. And now, as those words have come true, Ravi can’t thank his professor and the institute enough for this support and the platform he’s been given. “Prof. Jha showed a lot of confidence in me and kept me motivated. His Marketing Management and Sales and Distribution courses were very educational, but the opportunity to work with him on the paper was priceless. He made the whole experience enriching and a lot of fun,” he says.

Ravi also talks about the emphasis KIAMS lays on research in its curriculum, which fosters the spirit of discovery in the best possible way. It’s this encouragement that faculty and students receive at the institute that pushes them to excel in their chosen areas of research.

DSC02780Prof. Jha, who’s pursuing his PhD, has already published 10 papers in double blind peer reviewed international journals in the field of Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Mobile Commerce & Quality Management during his association with KIAMS. He talks highly of the pro-research bent of the institute that offers him the right impetus. Ask Ravi about the most challenging aspect of the paper and he says, “Definitely the questionnaire. We worked for a week trying to frame it just right. We then passed it around through printed copies, electronically and on some websites. Thankfully, the recovery rate was 90%, which worked in our favour.”

After making an impact with his paper and presentation at the ICMIS-13, Ravi is excited about working on his next paper, ‘Channel Partnership between Wal-Mart and P&G’, which he hopes to present at ICME-2014 in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, he wants to make the most of the opportunities and support he gets at KIAMS and keep up with research.