Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) has launched its new elective course for PGDM students to boost their professional credentials further before they step out into the corporate world. Titled Customer Insighting (CI), the course uses an educational approach that combines concept, analytics and understanding in order to give students the opportunity to develop more real-world knowledge and become astute communicators of business-relevance and strategic consumer insights. CI incorporates recent trends in big data analysis.

KIAMS’s mission of “Education Through Values” is much respected in the industry. Besides academic excellence, the institute strives to offer its students a learning experience that prepares them for the challenges they will face in their professional lives. The newly tailored Customer Insighting elective continues this endeavour and is meant for students who are interested in pursuing careers in marketing, business consulting, media and advertising.

The growth and development of an organization depends on having a comprehensive view of business parameters, which is why it’s important for professionals to understand a wide-range of data and extract information from it. That’s where Analytics comes into the picture. An analytical approach can give an organization insight into opportunities that can improve sales, marketing and customer service. Through this course, PGDM students of KIAMS will be equipped to handle these important responsibilities.

Program coordinator Prof. Bidyanand Jha sheds light on this aspect of the course, stating, “It is aligned towards the use of technology for Analytics. Basically, it deals with Data Analysis and Actionable recommendations to the problems of industry. We wish to train our graduates for analytics and prepare them for corporate requirements.” Making its students industry ready has been one of the important goals and major achievements of the institute, and this course will definitely help in that regard.

During this course, students will go through a planned process of “Awareness”, “Synthesis” and “Expertise”, which will take care of levels of difficulty and precursors of the courses. Overall, it will equip students with concepts, tools and techniques that will lead them to the hearts, minds and motives of customers. As a result, these future management professionals will turn out to be assets for organizations looking to build on their customer insight. “I think this course will go a long way in making me a valuable addition to my company as I will have vital customer insight,” says student Prateek Jain who intends to make the most out of the CI elective.

This particular course is presently being offered as an elective for students, just like other courses in Marketing, HR, Operation and Finance. Carried out throughout the different terms in the program, Customer Insighting will deal with everything from Behavioural Science to Qualitative Research Methods, Industry Research to Developmental Economics, and Media Planning and Research. It is little wonder, then, that the course has already got the attention of prominent industry names. According to Prof. Bidyanand Jha, KIAMS is in touch with companies which have come forward and offered valuable inputs while designing the course. “We are in regular contact in order to work on improvements and synchronize with industry requirements,” he says. “We are also planning to initiate and get in touch with couple of Market Intelligence companies to source the resource for improvement, delivery and assessment.”

This is just the beginning for the Customer Insighting course, which might go on to become a separate PGDM program on its own in the future. But for now, it’s bound to give students of KIAMS the edge in their bid to find a foothold in the highly competitive corporate world.