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Young and dynamic business leader Mr. Akash Mavle, CEO of Prime Numerics, gave an inspiring speech on analytics to the students of KIAMS, Pune on 12th July, 2014. Mr. Mavle is an alumnus of the prestigious Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay and has more than 18 years of experience as a CEO/CIO and CTO at various organizations.

KIAMS julyKIAMS july2He started three companies in the last 13 years, and has worked with some of the most prestigious organizations in India, including, Reliance, Mafatlal Consultancy Services and RCS-KIDE India. He is credited with starting B2B marketplaces serving four Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Australia and Japan.

In his lecture, Mr. Mavle instantly connected with the students through his humour and charm. He informed students about IIT-Bombay faculty member Professor Mr. Mangesh Korgaonkar and his association with KIAMS. In the field of analytics, students got an overview of the technology, techniques, management and companies operating in the highly rewarding sector. Mr. Mavle unveiled stunning trends in healthcare, hospitality, aviation and manufacturing, and he shared important statistics that drew the attention of budding managers to this field. He offered valuable input to students on working in this challenging environment and the myriad of opportunities it provides. He recommended that young minds work to prepare firm foundations in mathematics and statistics to stay competitive.

Students had a great opportunity to gain insight into the numbers game that we call analytics. His delivery on the dynamics of big data left the listeners surprised about the extent to which analytics surrounds our lives. The various characteristics of big data are volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Mr. Mavle presented strong answers to the numerous questions asked by our budding managers.

The lecture also explored career opportunities in the field of analytics, including the positions of business analysts and program managers. This gave students the opportunities to imagine themselves in these roles. Mr. Mavle also took the students through the various domains of comprehensive business analytics and optimization. For example, the American healthcare system was used to illustrate the real-world uses of analytics in the healthcare sector. Mr. Akash Mavle believes modern management courses should stress the importance of analytics and he recommends competency centers for analytics in management schools. He suggested that students should read literature on analytics that will give them a bigger picture. One of the books he suggested is Competing on Analytics, which could help students gain an understanding of various certifications that are in demand in the analytics sector.

The lecture raised our students’ interest in the world of analytics; a field that Mr. Mavle believes will touch every sector in the years to come. The analytics market is fast-growing and expected to exceed the $200 billion mark. In such a challenging scenario managers need to stay analytically competitive to make a mark in their environment. Using analytics in decision-making will help students and professionals sharpen their business skills and ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of business trends.


IMG263Abhishek Mehrotra, a small town boy from Kanpur, is on cloud nine after bagging a placement with CRISIL at a package of 4.20 lakh INR. Abhishek had made the long journey from his home town to the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) to further his career ambitions, and the student of the batch 2014 seems to already be on the right track after the placement with the renowned global analytical company.

Excited about his future in a professional role, the young student says, “CRISIL is a global analytical company that provides Ratings, Research and Risk & Policy Advisory services. My role in the company will be that of Research Analyst. I believe the knowledge I have acquired through my PGDM programme at KIAMS will help me give my best to the job.”

It was Abhishek’s desire to get a cutting edge advantage in today’s competitive professional market. That’s the reason the engineering graduate, who had worked with a Nissan Motor dealership as a Customer Relationship Manager for a year, came to KIAMS in the first place. “I enrolled with KIAMS because of the brand value that is associated with the Kirloskar group. I was also excited to know that KIAMS runs MDP programmes to train managers of the Kirloskar group. It made me confident that the education I would receive here would be at par with industry standards,” he explains.

However, Abhishek harboured a few doubts about the location of the campus situated in Harihar. “I was a bit sceptical, but then I read that it had been around since 1990. I am glad I made the decision to come here because it’s a picturesque, small town that has all the amenities suitable for student life – and the people are quite friendly,” he says. The campus environment was the icing on the cake for Abhishek. “The campus is more like a resort with a fantastic atmosphere, good hostel rooms and lecture halls, and a well-equipped library. KIAMS has done everything possible to create a brilliant learning environment for students,” he says enthusiastically.

But a plush campus with all the amenities alone doesn’t make for a B-school that offers the best to its students. According to Abhishek, KIAMS lays a lot of emphasis on teaching methods, guidance and assignments that catered to the students’ future professional needs. “It might get hectic, with students having to juggle several responsibilities and manage their time, but it also prepares us for the professional life ahead. Through assignments, presentations and case studies we are constantly being made industry-ready,” he adds.

As the placement season got underway, students at the institute also received special support to be able to put their best foot forward at the crucial interviews. Talking about the process leading up to the interview that he aced, Abhishek says, “Firstly, the curriculum is so well designed that I was able to answer all the questions in the interview.  Grooming sessions, the industry readiness programme, the professional personality programme, etc., held in college also proved to be helpful in knowing where I stand and how I could improve myself.”

It was this overall learning at the institute that helped Abhishek through the aptitude round and two interviews that were involved in CRISIL’s placement process. And now that he has taken the first step on the professional ladder, he aims high for the future. “CRISIL ranks number one in India among the companies providing Credit Rating and Research services. It’s such a great brand and will offer me an opportunity to work with the best talents in the industry. It will help me achieve greater heights in the future,” he concludes.