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4Abhijit Das, student of PGDM Batch 17 at KIAMS believes that his placement as a Management Trainee with Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd (the company that runs careers360.com) is a big deal not only because of the reputation of the company but the fact that it is the perfect culmination of his academic tenure. The going has been tough for him as he lost his father during the first year of PGDM. But that only pushed him to excel in his studies and focus on the placement process. He admits that with the help of his faculty team and friends at the institute he has managed to get the final outcome he was hoping for.

Reflecting on his two years at KIAMS, he says “The placement with such a prestigious firm was the icing on the cake. My mother, who is a housewife, was extremely supportive during these two years. The placement has made our dream come true. But at the same time I feel the knowledge and confidence I have gained at the institute will help me in the long run. It certainly helped me crack the all important placement interview.” He goes on to add that all the assignments and activities he was a part of during his program helped him learn in the best possible way. That coupled with the confidence he had gained enabled him to impress his recruiters.

After completing his graduation in engineering, Abhijit was working in the construction field but soon enough realized that he needed to boost his competencies to build his career prospects. That’s why he chose to do his PGDM from KIAMS and believes that it’s a decision that has held him in good stead. “I would like to specifically mention the contribution of our faculty members in molding us as future professionals. They were always available to clear our doubts, point out mistakes and help us rectify them in a constructive manner. I believe this relationship goes beyond placements and will be with me for the rest of my life,” he states.

According to Abhijit, every day spent at the institute was a stepping stone towards his future career. The Summer Internship he did at Tata Steel helped him put the concepts he had learned into context and that’s how he made his mark during the placement interview. He is now at the cusp of an exciting journey ahead. “KIAMS has been a new life experience for me and it has prepared me for challenges in my career. Managing product life cycle, Project development and management, Planning, Scheduling, Co-ordination with different teams, Product testing, Market Research and analysis will be some of my job responsibilities and I feel up to the task,” he adds confidently.

Ask him about the aspects of his life at the institute that he is going to miss and Abhijit mentions different celebrations, the time spent with his friends and the campus itself. He holds those memories close to his heart and is going to cherish them for a long time to come. He also has valuable advice for his juniors at the institute. “You should follow your dreams and identify your area of interest. Whatever domain you choose; be it Product Management or Operations, you will find a lot of scope in it if you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Try to build on your learning and the sky is the limit,” he says all ready to spread his own wings.


Avisek Sarkar believes in following his instincts and mak3ing smart decisions at the right time. That’s why the engineering graduate who was interested in technology decided to switch to management. He says that he wanted to give his career the best platform, which is why he opted for the PGDM with KIAMS. He now stresses that he has managed to combine his technical abilities from engineering studies with analytical, logical thinking from his management program. Perhaps that is what impressed his new employer; Oracle Financial Services Software.

The excitement of being placed with a global powerhouse like Oracle is written large over Avisek’s face. He also realizes that his corporate journey has only begun and he will have to prove his mettle. “The role I have been offered is in financial analytical application development. As a member of the software engineering division, I will have to do detailed design based on high level design specifications. I will also have to assist in system planning, scheduling and implementation, testing bugs, building enhancements etc. I feel prepared for these challenges thanks to my learning at KIAMS,” he says.

Bagging campus placement with a corporate biggie like Oracle is no mean feat. There is a great deal of preparation that goes into making one’s mark in the interview. Avisek sheds light on the process as he says, “One thing that went in my favour was the fact that I had domain knowledge. I also believe you need to be calm and composed during the interview to be able to make the best impression.KIAMS not only helped me build a solid foundation of knowledge but through different initiatives like IRP sessions ensured that I had overcome my fear of public speaking. It reflected in the interview and helped me a lot.”

Avisek also asserts that his learning at the B School was intense with long hours on a daily basis. But his faculty members made things easier by keeping things relatable. His SIP with Novotel Kolkata also enabled him to get valuable practical exposure that he counts on as he prepares for his corporate sojourn. “My time with KIAMS has been a memorable journey altogether. Even the tight class schedules, late night group studies, presentations were fun and lively for me. I am going to miss the hostel life, time spent on the campus and just hanging out with my friends whenever I want,” he says emotionally.

His advice for juniors who might be interested in a job profile like his – “It’s a Financial Analyst profile and if that’s something you are interested in as well then you need to have a strong base in finance and economics. Practical exposure besides academics is also important. But above all be confident and stay true to yourself. You will achieve your goals if you believe in yourself and put in the efforts.” That’s something he himself has done, and is now reaping the benefits for it.

After karen-saldanha-250-225x300completing her graduation in Oman, where her parents both work as corporate professionals, Karen Saldanha decided to come to India to pursue higher education. She was keen to pursue a career in management and believes that KIAMS has helped her in a big way, borne out by her placement with HDFC Bank.

Karen admits that it took her a while to get over the initial shock of being chosen as a Relationship Manager by HDFC Bank because there were several other right candidates for the job. She also thought her interview wasn’t going too well but managed to turn things around for herself. “Initially it was going all wrong and I think I gave some wrong answers. At one point they even gave me a chance to learn the correct answer for one of the questions. I came back having prepared for more than that, which might have impressed them,” she says with a smile.

She also talks about the efforts taken by her institute to prepare her for the placement process. According to Karen the courses in GD, interviews and business communications groomed students and instilled confidence in them. “Besides that the modules where we were taught what the industry expects of us were very helpful. They had included courses on Customer Insight, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour etc and they helped us tremendously,” she adds.

Karen also points out that though she had got placed in her very first attempt she chose to not accept the offer as she wanted to make a bright start to her corporate career. She expects it to happen with a big name like HDFC where her job responsibilities will include, “Meeting clients and addressing their problems, ensuring cross selling of banking products and overall maintaining good relationships with them. I did my internship with Reliance Retail, Chennai and believe that experience will come handy in my job,” she asserts.

While Karen is on cloud nine at the moment, she also feels a hint of sadness knowing that she won’t be spending time on campus with friends. She states that one major advantage of a residential PGDM program is that you make friends for life. Ask her if she has any advice for juniors and she says, “Take efforts to match industry’s needs of skills and knowledge, pay attention to classes and do your assignments diligently. The secret to my good grades is 100% attendance. You might also want to create a LinkedIn profile because networking is the key.” Speaking like a true professional, she already is.

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25th November 2015 also happened to be the 25th Foundation Day of KIAMS and practically everyone involved with the institute came together to celebrate it with aplomb. It was on this day in 1990 that Sri S.L Kirloskar laid the foundation for the institute that came into being with the goal to provide outstanding education; academic, social and extracurricular, and to create opportunities for all students to excel. Over the years it has managed to do just that and a whole lot more, which is visible in the achievements of its alumni, who remain the institute’s glorious ambassadors.

So it was also the day to look back on the sterling achievements of KIAMS and anticipate all that it has in store for students of today and tomorrow. The campus, venue for the revelries had taken on a festive look and the excitement was palpable all around. The day was made more special by the presence of Mr. Raghunath Medge, President of the Dabbawala Association Mumbai. It was also a big day for PGDM 1 toppers; Shruti Hariharan, who stood first, and Karen Saldhana and Surabhi Rathore, who ranked second. They were big winners at the prize distribution ceremony along with summer internship achievers, Rana Amar Singh (1st prize) and Nikhil Stephen Daniel (2nd prize).

Shruti also had the privilege of leading the gathering for the auspicious Invocation that started the proceedings for the day on a thoughtful note. The traditional lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries present in the gathering followed. There were big names from the industry and academia present for the occasion. The Chief Guest, Mr. Medge was then introduced by Ms. Gayathri Sunil Kumar, who talked about the dabbawallas in Mumbai, described as the Phenomenon by New York Times. Mr. Medge heads six sigma organization and it was interesting to note the work he has done over the years.

The Dabbawalla association has 5000 employees that deliver over a lakh tiffins in a day, and has statistically been shown to make one mistake in six million deliveries. While the students were informed about the history of the association, Mr. Medge talked about inflection point that organized business construction comes with perseverance. According to him, “A mix of hard work, dedication and militant commitment made the dabbawalla association a renowned, six – sigma organization, as described Forbes magazine.” His inspiring words were followed by a pat on the back for the meritorious students who were rewarded for their efforts during the prize distribution ceremony. But it was a day when everyone went back home with crucial takeaways and a of course a smile on their faces, after being a part of the special day for KIAMS.

IMG-20151130-WA0009Coming from the North East, the journey to Harihar was a long one for me. It gave me a lot of time to think about how things were going to be here and whether I would be able to manage on my own. I was quite nervous, to be honest, and came to the campus with a lot of anticipation. It has been five months since then and I can comfortably say that I have found my second home.

I have stayed in hostels during earlier academic years, but this was the first time I was such a distance away from home and my comfort zone. Thankfully, I have adjusted here quite well and found my own comfort level with the surroundings and with the people. The campus itself is quite stunning, and I can also have my personal space and go out for long walks if I want to.

I feel overwhelmed with the kind of love and support I have received from my classmates, as well as my seniors. The faculty team is friendly and very encouraging, while Director Sir is my mentor. It’s because of their contributions that I feel there is a huge positive change in my personality. I will forever be grateful to all of them for their help on this journey.

I have to admit that since I am from an Economics Hons background, studying fourteen management subjects from the word ‘go’ was a bit tricky for me initially. Classes, assignments, etc. – it all got a bit hectic. But, as time passes, we are adjusting to the work schedule and the routine we have managed to build for ourselves.

The good thing is that it’s not just about studies at the present moment – we get to enjoy some lighter moments as well. The Independence Day celebrations with some of the alumni were interesting, while the Vasundhara Film Festival was an eye-opening experience. We got to interact with many professionals and that was a tremendous learning experience in itself.

Within a period of five months, I have started looking forward to my classes, assignments and presentations. Of course, the pressure does get to us from time to time and we look for ways to get rid of the stress. Thankfully for that we have the Triangle, Rotunda, the auditorium, swimming pool and the gym, which have made KIAMS, Harihar the best home I could have had for my studies.

Marketing and Finance students of KIAMS recently had an opportunity to attend a presentation by Mr. Prashant Upadhyaya, Asst Vice President at JM Financial Services Pvt Limited. Held in the LH1 hall on 27th of July, the talk turned out to be quite an experience for the large gathering of students who attended. While Mr. Upadhyaya gave students advice on the Summer Internship Project (SIP) presentations that he had listened to over the previous two days, he had a lot of insight on other topics in store for them as well.

Mr. Upadhyaya has over two decades of experience in the industry and he has continually grown in stature to become well-known name in his field. After starting his career as an Officer as ICDS Limited in 1994, he has come a long way to his current position. He has been working with JM Financial Services Pvt Limited for a decade now and his hard work and dedication has led to a position where he is responsible for the B2B and B2C segment.

KIAMS brings external industry experts every year to review its students’ Summer Internship Project papers and give their valuable inputs. The session started at 9 p.m. with Mr. Upadhyaya offering valuable feedback to students about their SIP presentations. He also talked about the project analysis they had prepared, which was of great help to students. It was late in the day when the proceedings began but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the gathering or the guest speaker, who then took them through a wide range of ways to succeed in one’s chosen career.

B School students have several important decisions to make at the end of their programs and the placement season is a crucial one. All management aspirants want to start their careers on a bright note and they took Mr. Upadhyaya’s advice to heart as he offered important suggestions about placements. He talked to the gathering about the kind of companies one should opt for, and he also offered advice on the perennial question of choosing between the package and job profile.

Having been a part of the corporate world for a long time now, Mr. Upadhyaya knows what the industry looks for from young management professionals. His words on the matter were particularly useful for students: “If you specialize in Marketing, it doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to other areas. You also need to know about HR, Operations, Finance, etc. to be able to do your job better.”

Mr. Upadhyaya also urged students not to run after money, especially in the initial stages when they should focus on their core area. Talking about trying to maintain that balance, he said, “It is okay to get paid less initially if you want to get into your core area. Once you become an expert in the field, then you can automatically start commanding a price for that kind of expertise.”

Students were also keen to know more about different aspects of the work environment and culture in big corporate companies and Mr. Upadhyaya offered poignant insight. “Don’t get disappointed by thinking that the company is not recognizing your efforts,” he said. “No company keeps employees who are not performing. If you still find a place for yourself in the company it simply means that you are doing better and your efforts will pay off, one day or another.” This was a great way to end the talk on a positive note.

It’s that time of the year when students from some of India’s reputable B Schools head for their Summer Internship Placements to gain valuable real world experience. So far, the season has gone rather well for KIAMS ‒ some of the top names in the corporate world came calling this year, with many recruiting students for SIPs. In all, 66 – 119 first-year students were recruited for placements and, in addition to gaining precious experience, some of them will be earning handsome stipends as well.

SIPs are a way for B Schools to offer students insight into how organizations actually function so that they can be prepared for their professional journeys ahead. And KIAMS, with its standing in the academic world, has managed to draw the attention of some of the biggest recruiters in the country for this year’s SIPs. Altogether, 60 recruiters visited the campus this year ‒ in addition to companies that have attended in the past, there were 9 – 30 new companies that made their way to the event.

One of the highlights of the SIPs this year was the fact that the Financial sector was the biggest recruiter for students from KIAMS. Reputed names like JM Financial, Hedge Equities, Federal Bank, State Bank of India and Anand Rathi Securities recruited a large number of students from the pool this year. From Social Media to FMCG, Retail to Sports, IT to Manufacturing, there were several other industry sectors that came to KIAMS for recruitments this year. Companies like Nissan Ashok Leyland, Decathlon Sports India Pvt. Ltd., AMUL, Big Bazaar, Kalpataru Ltd. etc. have hired fresh management students for their summer stints. The two-month internship program will also see students travelling to and working from different parts of the country, which in itself offers an exciting learning experience. The highest number of recruiters this year came from the city of Bangalore.

While all the students will be richer by experience once they have completed their SIPs, 26 of them have won paid internships, thereby bringing them the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. It’s definitely something that will bring a smile to their faces. There are several others who earned paid internships in different industry sectors, making this SIP season a very successful one for KIAMS.

Edit (2)Subhodeep Biswas, who has just been placed with GENPACT during campus recruitment, shares his thoughts on earning an MBA at KIAMS. “Having an MBA transforms one from a job seeker with little value in the job market to a qualified candidate for good corporate positions,” he says. “It’s because of my PGDM from KIAMS that I am occupying an important profile in one of the best known MNCs in its business.” The primary focus of his new position is data analytics and business insight in consumer packaged goods.

During his first year at KIAMS, Subhodeep was introduced to the different aspects of a business: marketing, operations, human resources and finance. He believes that this training created a sound knowledge base of how management works for a business and how businesses, whether for a small venture or a corporate giant, can stay on the cutting edge. Along with the top-level training, Subhodeep also developed a sincere desire for professional excellence in his second year: “The second year of the PGDM gave me an opportunity to further explore my interest in the nitty-gritty of marketing. It is my knowledge in marketing, in particular, that got me the job that I have today.”

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Subhodeep did his schooling at Ramakrishna Mission Shikshamandir; he also earned a B.A Hons in English literature from the University of Calcutta. He appeared for CAT, thereafter, and decided to join KIAMS based on the Kirloskar brand and the reputation of the institute itself. He feels that he got much more than he expected: “The most important thing for me was the diversity of the batch on the campus ‒ a balanced and interesting mix of students from varying fields of expertise, including medical, army, arts, pharmacy, commerce, business administration, technology, science and so on!” He also appreciates the disciplined, yet beautiful, life on the green Harihar campus and believes that he has formed some special and long-lasting bonds here.

“Keep your focus firm and know that your determination will get you whatever it is you dream to achieve”, says an obviously confident Subhodeep. He believes that this hard-earned confidence is a result of the hands on training he received at KIAMS: “I did an internship with Ultra Rich Wedding Pvt. Ltd., which introduced me to the market. I got firsthand experience of several methods of online and offline promotions. Also, the sales activities made my love for the non-sales analytical job stronger! In fact, that’s when I realized I was made for an analytical job in marketing and not core sales!” Eventually, he wants to have his own consultancy, but today Shubhodeep is thrilled to be stepping into his career!

Kirloskar Institute o f Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) has seen stupendous success in the first phase of its placement process with 64% of the Class of 2014 already being placed with some of the top recruiters in the country. There has been a lot to talk about for the institute, as the maximum package offered to a student so far is Rs. 6.5 lakhs per annum. But that’s not all; the average salary package is a substantial Rs. 4.3 lakhs per annum as well.

The institute that was set up in 1991 with the idea of creating a world class centre for excellence in management education, research, training and consultancy, has gained reputation for its consistent showing during the all-important placement seasons.

This year, KIAMS has already drawn the attention of top name companies from different industry sectors including Banking, Financial Services, FMCG, Real Estate, KPO, IT, Telecom, Retail, Consultancy, Market Research, Sports and others. As a result this phase of placement that brought to the campus 60 recruiters in all, offered brilliant opportunities to students with varied interests and aspirations for their future.

Prof. Shruti Das, Placement Head, KIAMS says, “Not only are we happy with the number of recruiters that came to our institute but we are glad to see such a varied spectrum of employers. We’d like to maintain such versatility in terms of employers for the benefit of our students. We are hopeful that the results will be even better when the second phase of placement is complete.”

Of course, the institute has all the reasons to be hopeful after managing to sway 32 new companies its way during the first phase of placements alone. Some of the top recruiters for the institute this year include CRISIL, PWC, BNY Mellon, SBI Life Insurance, Airtel, Coffee Day Beverages, Bridgestone, GENPACT, Odessa Technologies, Bajaj Capital, L&T Infotech, Idea Cellular, McNroe Consumer Products, ITC Hotels and Decathlon.

While in discussion with student Nishanth Joseph, Batch 2014, who recently got placed with Idea Cellular, he states- “KIAMS gave me deeper understanding of various concepts in marketing and prepared me for the corporate world. It made me more adaptable and flexible, and shaped my skills and personality, which led me to this job at IDEA Cellular.” It is on similar note, that Garima Kakkar, Batch- 2014, who is all set to join IKYA Human Capital Solutions Limited, mentioned- “It was only five years ago that I was living a completely sheltered life in a small hill town. Only when I moved away from home and eventually came to KIAMS that I started finding my feet and gaining in confidence. Now I feel all set to dip myself into the corporate rigmarole.”

1939604_675227132541823_2025468672_n (1)KIAMS recently hosted its much anticipated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event, Social Pragati 2014, on its campus amidst much fanfare. Held on 16th Feb, the event brought together young kids from 7 schools who were engaged in activities that made for a fun-filled day. The students of KIAMS were very excited about playing their part in organizing the event and ensuring that the kids not only had a great time, but also learned a lot. And in that sense, the event exceeded everyone’s expectations.

KIAMS is one of the notable B Schools in the country that emphasizes social responsibility amongst the future managers it moulds. A CSR activity like this is held to help students look beyond business practices and profitability, and to be aware of the needs of the communities around them, as well as the larger society. And there was a lot to learn for the students—they put a lot of effort into organizing different activities, and they made sure that each activity achieved their goals of bringing awareness to social responsibility.

One of the students from the organizing committee mentioned, “It was great to be a part of the activities for the day and try and bring a smile to young ones’ faces. We have to think about the society we live in and its needs, especially of the kids, who are our future. I think this program made us realize what we can do to actually make a difference to their lives.”

Social Pragati 2014 was divided into three main categories: culture, fine arts and sports. Group and solo singing and dancing, fancy dress competition, skit and storytelling were some highlights of the cultural event. The kids gave their best on the sporting field as well, as they participated in the sack race, three-legged race, spoon race, and 100m race, just to name a few. The audience cheered on in applause for the zeal shown by the young ones.

The kids also showed off their skills in the fine arts section that had a wide range of competitions, such as a rangoli competition, best out of waste, mehendi, and even embroidery and drawing competitions. It not only brought out their creative sides but reminded them of the importance of using waste to good effect. As the activities came to an end, the winners were awarded their prizes at the valedictory ceremony. Needless to say, a good time was had by all at an event where everybody left home as a winner.