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Avisek Sarkar believes in following his instincts and mak3ing smart decisions at the right time. That’s why the engineering graduate who was interested in technology decided to switch to management. He says that he wanted to give his career the best platform, which is why he opted for the PGDM with KIAMS. He now stresses that he has managed to combine his technical abilities from engineering studies with analytical, logical thinking from his management program. Perhaps that is what impressed his new employer; Oracle Financial Services Software.

The excitement of being placed with a global powerhouse like Oracle is written large over Avisek’s face. He also realizes that his corporate journey has only begun and he will have to prove his mettle. “The role I have been offered is in financial analytical application development. As a member of the software engineering division, I will have to do detailed design based on high level design specifications. I will also have to assist in system planning, scheduling and implementation, testing bugs, building enhancements etc. I feel prepared for these challenges thanks to my learning at KIAMS,” he says.

Bagging campus placement with a corporate biggie like Oracle is no mean feat. There is a great deal of preparation that goes into making one’s mark in the interview. Avisek sheds light on the process as he says, “One thing that went in my favour was the fact that I had domain knowledge. I also believe you need to be calm and composed during the interview to be able to make the best impression.KIAMS not only helped me build a solid foundation of knowledge but through different initiatives like IRP sessions ensured that I had overcome my fear of public speaking. It reflected in the interview and helped me a lot.”

Avisek also asserts that his learning at the B School was intense with long hours on a daily basis. But his faculty members made things easier by keeping things relatable. His SIP with Novotel Kolkata also enabled him to get valuable practical exposure that he counts on as he prepares for his corporate sojourn. “My time with KIAMS has been a memorable journey altogether. Even the tight class schedules, late night group studies, presentations were fun and lively for me. I am going to miss the hostel life, time spent on the campus and just hanging out with my friends whenever I want,” he says emotionally.

His advice for juniors who might be interested in a job profile like his – “It’s a Financial Analyst profile and if that’s something you are interested in as well then you need to have a strong base in finance and economics. Practical exposure besides academics is also important. But above all be confident and stay true to yourself. You will achieve your goals if you believe in yourself and put in the efforts.” That’s something he himself has done, and is now reaping the benefits for it.

After karen-saldanha-250-225x300completing her graduation in Oman, where her parents both work as corporate professionals, Karen Saldanha decided to come to India to pursue higher education. She was keen to pursue a career in management and believes that KIAMS has helped her in a big way, borne out by her placement with HDFC Bank.

Karen admits that it took her a while to get over the initial shock of being chosen as a Relationship Manager by HDFC Bank because there were several other right candidates for the job. She also thought her interview wasn’t going too well but managed to turn things around for herself. “Initially it was going all wrong and I think I gave some wrong answers. At one point they even gave me a chance to learn the correct answer for one of the questions. I came back having prepared for more than that, which might have impressed them,” she says with a smile.

She also talks about the efforts taken by her institute to prepare her for the placement process. According to Karen the courses in GD, interviews and business communications groomed students and instilled confidence in them. “Besides that the modules where we were taught what the industry expects of us were very helpful. They had included courses on Customer Insight, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour etc and they helped us tremendously,” she adds.

Karen also points out that though she had got placed in her very first attempt she chose to not accept the offer as she wanted to make a bright start to her corporate career. She expects it to happen with a big name like HDFC where her job responsibilities will include, “Meeting clients and addressing their problems, ensuring cross selling of banking products and overall maintaining good relationships with them. I did my internship with Reliance Retail, Chennai and believe that experience will come handy in my job,” she asserts.

While Karen is on cloud nine at the moment, she also feels a hint of sadness knowing that she won’t be spending time on campus with friends. She states that one major advantage of a residential PGDM program is that you make friends for life. Ask her if she has any advice for juniors and she says, “Take efforts to match industry’s needs of skills and knowledge, pay attention to classes and do your assignments diligently. The secret to my good grades is 100% attendance. You might also want to create a LinkedIn profile because networking is the key.” Speaking like a true professional, she already is.

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TIME: 10.55 AM

PLACE: Harihar Campus

 On the 25thof November 2015, KIAMS Celebrated its 25thFoundation Day.

The gala event was held in the auditorium with many dignitaries attending. Mr. Jagdish Bapat, vice-president HRM from Grasim Industries Ltd., and also an alumnus of TISS, Mumbai, graced the event as the chief guest. Professor Dr. C.N. NARAYAN, Director of KIAMS, Dr. Anil Kumar Garg, R.l. Nandewar (Director Bapuji B-school), and Ram lingam M.D of N.S Industries,were the guests of honors. Among the faculty members who attended were Prof. Gita Madhuri and Prof. V.S Pai. All of the esteemed guests made the program a successful one. The program started with a prayer song devoted to Lord Ganesha sung by 1st year students. Thus, the best academic performers of 2014-2016 were felicitated and awarded. In addition, the summer internship toppers of 2014-2016 were also applauded for their accolades. Yuvaraj Sir (Accountant Assistant and Admissions), whohas been associated with KIAMS for 20 years, was also recognized for his work for and dedication to the institute. Mr. Venkatesh was also recognized for being with KIAMS since 2005, and associated with Kirloskar since 1993.

The Chief Guest Mr. Jagdish Bapat, tried to motivate students to work hard toward ensuring success in their future endeavours. He also shared a lot of information about the corporate world and the changes he sees ahead. He focuses on how students can navigate these changes as they work toward their professional goals. Dr. C.N. Narayan (Director, KIAMS) remarked that The 25th Foundation Day was a momentous occasion for KIAMS. Walking down memory lane, he discussed the illustrious journey of the institute, with a focus on the life of S.l. Kirloskar. He also motivated students on how to progress in their careers and how to remain successful by sharing the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda.

After this moving talk, the gala event ended. The close of the event was followedby a wonderful lunch, which gave the attendees a chance to mingle and discuss many different ideas related to KIAMS and the corporate world.By

                                                                                                             Swastika kundu

                                                                                    (MRC, CAMPUS JOURNALIST)

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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies recently held a conclave focused on taking the Management Education experience to the next level for the benefit of its students. “Attitude Skills and Knowledge (ASK) and employer’s expectations on skills and employability” was the theme of the conclave that was organized on Harihar campus on the 26th of September. Since it is the Silver Jubilee Year for the institute, several initiatives will be organized throughout the year. The conclave, conceptualized by the Director of the institute and a result of his discussions with faculty members, kicked off the Silver Jubilee year events on a high note.

According to Dr. Narayana, “A Conclave is not like a guest lecture; you have to make sure it is a value addition to the student community, faculty and all participants. And the key to the success of a conclave like this is getting the best people on board.” With his own years of corporate and academic experience, he managed to do that by bringing together eminent personalities like Dr. Mathew J Manimala, Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Chairperson, OB & HR area, IIMB, Mr. Swami Nathan Krishnan, Vice President and Head – Marketing, Coach and Mentor – Sasken Communication Technologies, and Mr. Shankar G. Rao, Chief Information Officer, BOSCH, Bengalur in the midst. Along with Dr. D. N. Murthy, Area Chair and Professor – Marketing, KIAMS, the Director helped students stay abreast with the latest in the corporate world, while making them realize what corporations and businesses expect out of them.

The interactive panel discussion, which was ably moderated by Dr. Narayana, was the highlight of the event as he managed to keep things engaging and relevant for students in the gathering.  During the discussion, Mr. Srinivas made an interesting point about SMART objectives for employment. According to him, “SMART includes S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic, and T for Time-bound. Your soft skills are imperative and should lead your resume. Communication skills, honesty, integrity, flexibility persuasion skills and being a team player are some of the other abilities you need to possess to make an impression.”

The conclave also saw Mr. Rao make a presentation on ‘Next Generation IT in Manufacturing’. It was an eye-opening experience for students as it made them aware of the impact of IT today and in times to come. He drove home the point saying, “The world is changing at a very fast pace with everyone working with mobile devices. It’s imperative that you keep up with the changes around you.” Mr. Krishnan also made a presentation on “Employability or Employment” where he stressed on the importance of ‘x-factors’ when he said, “You have to develop your own ‘x-factor’ to stand out and boost your prospects.”

The audience already stimulated by the discussion was further impressed with Dr. Manimala who focused on the key aspects of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge and revealed how important these three pillars are for any management graduate. The conclave, which according to Dr. Narayana was conceived to keep management students in tune with management and corporate practices globally and in India, had lived up to its goals. This further boosted the Director’s resolve as he reflected, “We have realized that when you talk about changes in management education, being connected with the industry is of utmost importance. We will also go through our own transformation process to keep up with market changes.”

The conclave left students yearning for more and Dr. Narayana did not disappoint with his planned pipeline, “I hope to hold at least three conclaves in this academic year. They will deal with different topics like perhaps Marketing Research, Operations or Finance for that matter. We want to take things to a higher level and set our own benchmark so that we progress effectively.” The students at KIAMS have much to look forward to.

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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies recently organized a conclave “Attitude Skills and Knowledge (ASK) and employer’s expectations on skills & employability” at its Harihar campus. The event held on the 26th of September brought together several big names from industry and academia to discuss the attributes that can make successful management professionals of tomorrow. Given the high relevance of the conclave, it was only natural that we talked to some of the students to evaluate its overall success.

Arpit Sharma, B 17 was one of them and he believed that it was a privilege to listen to names like Mr. Swami Nathan Krishnan, Vice-President and Head Marketing, Coach and Mentor – Sasken Communication Technologies, Bangalore. “Since I am passionate about my chosen specialization of Marketing , I was very excited to listen to the stalwart from the industry,” he said confidently. “It has been a valuable experience for me and I hope it will bridge the gap between where I am today and where I want to be professionally.”

This conclave is the first in the series of events KIAMS will be organizing this year, in its Silver Jubilee year. Students like Arpit remain appreciative of the fact that the B School holds seminars and conclaves regularly to offer them hands-on experience. Others like Vinay Kant Maurya, B 17 look at it as a responsibility to learn and deliver. “I won’t let these opportunities go in vain. I will do my best to make the most out of them and interact with professionals from different industries and learn from their experiences,” he says.

When asked if he had any suggestions on the subjects for future conclaves and seminars Vinay Says, “It would be great to hear from professionals in specific areas like finance, operations, and International Business. It would help us with specific exposure for our future careers.” Arpit, on the other hand, wants future seminars to delve into digital marketing, e-commerce, and rural marketing. He believes these areas are evolving and knowledge on the subjects would give them an edge. But for now, they seem thrilled by the takeaways from the recently held conclave.

2Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, celebrating its Silver Jubilee year in Management education will be hosting a conclave on “Attitude Skills and Knowledge (ASK) and “employer’s expectations on skills & Employability” on the 26th of September. The event to be held at the lush Harihar campus of the institute will be the first in a series of panel discussions and interactive sessions the B School will be hosting to mark its 25th year in management studies. It will bring together several big names from the industry and academia, who will share their experiences with the students and inspire them to scale greater heights of success.

KIAMS understands that the competition in the job market is intense and students need to be at the best of what they do. The series of sessions, including the upcoming one, is being held to offer students insights that will give them the competitive edge. Importantly they have an opportunity to learn from experiences of experts like Dr. Mathew J Manimala, Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Chairperson, OB & HR area, IIMB, Mr. Swami Nathan Krishnan, Vice President and Head – Marketing, Coach and Mentor – Sasken Communication Technologies and Mr. Shankar G. Rao, Chief Information Officer, BOSCH, Bengaluru.

They will be joined by Mr. Bharath Srinivas, renowned trainer and author of the book “The graduate’s employability manual”, Dr. D. N. Murthy, Area Chair and Professor – Marketing, KIAMS and Dr. C. N. Narayana, Principal Director, KIAMS, who will help students understand what’s expected of them as future professionals. In fact, one of the major objectives of the session is to make students aware of the latest happenings, trends in Marketing and HR in the corporate world. It will also be a unique platform for future managers and entrepreneurs to interact with the best in the business.

KIAMS has always aimed to create well groomed management professionals who are ready for the challenges of the industry. The conclave will let students know about the ground realities in organizations and offer them employability mantras, which they can use to their advantage. Experts from the industry and academia will also give students a perspective on Performance oriented culture, which focuses on timely delivery and Corporate Culture Shift, which is important for their adaptability as professionals. Thus the conclave has a lot in store for participants, and promises to the perfect start for events to follow in the B School’s 25th year.

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) organized a guest lecture and Interactive session for students of PGDM with Mr. PS Krishna Prasad, Head, Luminance Knowledge Center. Held in Lecture Hall 5 on 13th of September, 2014, at 2 pm, the topic titled ‘Hedge Fund History – A Perspective’ was divided into two sessions – the first session dealt with concepts of hedge funds and the next one gave an overview of opportunities in the field.

Professor Geetha Madhuri began the session by introducing the speaker to the audience. Mr. Prasad took over the dais and urged the students to interact, rather than simply listen, in order to gain a better understanding of the topics discussed. He began by introducing the history and background of hedge funds, explaining that they were an investment vehicle that pools capital from investors and invests in securities and other instruments. He then explained the difference between Hedge funds and Mutual funds: “Hedge and Mutual funds are both pooled investments; however, Hedge funds are from qualified investors and are less regulated, while Mutual funds have large and diversified investors and are highly regulated”. He also explained the difference between Hedge funds and Private Equity.

Talking about the investors he said, “There are two categories of Hedge Fund investors – Institutional and Individual.” He then touched upon the norms and guidelines for both categories of investors. The investments usually come from Foundations, Corporate pension funds and Public & State funds, he said. Explaining the structure of a Hedge Fund, he said, “Hedge funds have three principal units – the investors, investment management Co., and the hedge fund itself, which is either a LLP or a Co.” He then launched into the advantages of hedge funds, including their limited liability designation; he also discussed their flow through tax obligations. Various investment styles were also discussed along with the types of fees and stakeholders. Mr. Prasad ended the first session outlining the challenges associated with Hedge funds and the developing trends forecasted up until the year 2018.

The second session was about career opportunities in finance sector. He responded to the students’ queries and spoke to them about various roles like support (accounting), markets, operations (accounting/data crunching), analysis, strategy (visioning, conceptualization and planning), management, and other services like rating services. The students interacted with the speaker to understand the industry expectations and gaps in their learning. At the end of the talk, the session was closed with a sincere vote of thanks to the speaker, Mr. Prasad.

The 2013 Placement Report of KIAMS has been released by IPRS, an initiative by IIM-A.

The hallmarks of KIAMS PGDM are Academic Excellence delivered on a bedrock of Values and Transparency. We sincerely believe Transparency equals Credibility!

In line with the same, KIAMS is a Founding Member, along with 20 other Management Schools, of the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). Initiated by IIM Ahmedabad, we found that the proposed IPRS echoed what we had always believed and practiced, without formalizing. Hence it was a seamless movement for us to be a founding member.

Briefly, the IPRS adopts a standard format for objectivity and uniformity in reporting Recruitment data. Honesty in furnishing the data can be useful for understanding and decision making for varied stakeholders – prospective students, industry, media amongst others. Auditing the report is mandatory.

As a part of the IPRS body, KIAMS does its best by reporting minimum, maximum, mean and median of the fixed base salary besides cash components for different sectors, locations and functions. Thus the final evaluation turns out to be a rather comprehensive one and a good indicator of a B School’s placement record in a particular year. The report also redefines CTC salary to Maximum Earning Potential that includes long-term and performance-linked variable pay. Thus you get figures directly related to students rather than the company. Once the placements are done, B Schools that are a part of the IPRS initiative release the audited placement report in the required format, which maintains uniformity in the reports.

The IPRS report also takes into account Summer Internship Placements and divides them into those arranged by the B Schools and students themselves. By being a part of the initiative, KIAMS has shown its willingness to maintain transparency in this important process for students’ future.

To read the 2012-2013 IPRS certified report of KIAMS, visit:   http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/iprs/download.php


To read more about KIAMS’s placement, visit:


SomsubhraSomsubhra Chaterjee grew up in the small district of Bankura in West Bengal, but he always wanted to go places and make a name for himself. That’s the reason the engineering graduate who had a working stint with Wipro Technologies, decided to pursue his PGDM program with KIAMS.

Discussing the “life altering” decision of joining KIAMS, Somsubhra says, “I’d heard about the brand from relatives and knew it was flourishing. It made me realize that we would get the best support and amenities at the institute. When I came here I found out that the campus is ideally located and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the perfect environment for students to learn and have a great time, too. Of course, I partied during my program but I was also focussed on my studies.”

But from now on it’s going to be all work for Somsubhra, who will be working in corporate sales with his new employer. Although he was interested in HR when he started out with his management program, today he is convinced that he’s cut out for sales. In fact, that’s the feedback he got from his faculty during a mock interview session. That’s when he decided to focus on sales and started working on his communication skills, which helped him get through the selection process.

During all-important interview, Somsubhra gave his best and made sure he wasn’t going to let go of the opportunity. “I did everything I was asked in the interview,” Somsubhra explains. “Right from explaining STP of weather as a product to selling a celesta coffee vending machine to the HR, I was prepared for everything they put me through. And I knew every word on my resume, which is important because they can ask you anything what is on that piece of paper.”

His confidence during the interview was boosted by the preparations he had been through thanks to the comprehensive placement program created by KIAMS. He also mentions the contribution of his faculty and friends who supported him while he prepared for the interview. And now that Somsubhra has gained a foothold with a reputable company, he would like to understand the working methodology of a large organization so that he can boost his future career prospects.

However, he also understands that he will be faced with challenges along the way. How does he plan to cope with them? “I will draw on my experiences during my internship with Fi-Tek, LLC Kolkata,” he says. “My stint at the market research firm gave me firsthand knowledge of working in a team and putting my point across with differing views all around. It also helped me with my presentation skills, which will come handy in my new job.”

Somsubhra doesn’t consider himself to be a long term planner, but now that he has entered the corporate world, he would like to grow with his present company. And, he is hopeful for better things along the way because he is gaining experience in the exciting world of sales, which, according to him, is important for every marketing person. “A lot can happen over coffee,” goes the tagline of the chain he’d be working for. And a lot can certainly happen for him, too.