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shruti-250“By nature, I was never the studious kind but KIAMS imbibed a thirst for knowledge in me. After I came here I only wanted to learn and grow as a person, a professional. There have been many fantastic experiences on this journey and it has groomed me into a well rounded professional,” says Shruti Hariharan, student of PGDM Batch 17 who has been placed with Vodlo India Pvt Ltd as a HR Generalist. Here’s the story of her transformation from a not so studious Science graduate to a management professional with a promising future ahead of her.

We start with what she considers probably the biggest day of her life when she bagged a placement with the company and role of her choice. “I had cleared the first round for two companies but was really hoping that I get placed with Vodlo. They had asked me to come back the next day and I thought it would be for the next round but I got an offer! I looked at the offer letter about a hundred times before the sense of achievement set in,” she says.

Shruti had worked for a start-up company for 15 months before she decided that she would like to make a career in Human Resources. She had heard good things about KIAMS from seniors, which made her decision easier. Now her dream has come true and she looks forward to the challenges ahead. “I will be responsible for HR policy, design & implementation, appraisal, employee management & engagement, reward management besides recruitment and selection,” she states.

On what went well during the interview, she mentions that her knowledge of the field helped her immensely. Shruti says she wasn’t bluffing during the interview and talking from the experiences her institute had given her, which filled her with confidence. “I wasn’t nervous or ambiguous at all. I dug deep into my experience including that of my SIP with JM financial, Bangalore, which had given me an insight into work culture,” she explains.

According to Shruti, the mock interview sessions held by the institute also helped her prepare for the big day. She also gives credit to her faculty who she calls her mentors, motivators, advisers, critics and friends at the same time. “I am going to miss relying on their experience and knowledge whenever I needed them. But I feel these relationships will last in the future as well. So will the friendships that I have built in the last two years. I am going to miss the campus, the buzz and all the celebrations, which made it a family like environment,” she adds emotionally.

For her juniors who might be apprehensive about a career in HR, Shruti has sound advice. “I agree that there are many preconceived notions about HR but many of them are misconceptions. You might think that getting a job in the field is difficult but if you are passionate about HR and want to make a career in it then nobody can stop you. Don’t think narrowly about the job or salary package. Look at the bigger picture; where you want to be, what you want to do and things will fall into place,” she concludes. And haven’t they fallen into place rather well for her.

After karen-saldanha-250-225x300completing her graduation in Oman, where her parents both work as corporate professionals, Karen Saldanha decided to come to India to pursue higher education. She was keen to pursue a career in management and believes that KIAMS has helped her in a big way, borne out by her placement with HDFC Bank.

Karen admits that it took her a while to get over the initial shock of being chosen as a Relationship Manager by HDFC Bank because there were several other right candidates for the job. She also thought her interview wasn’t going too well but managed to turn things around for herself. “Initially it was going all wrong and I think I gave some wrong answers. At one point they even gave me a chance to learn the correct answer for one of the questions. I came back having prepared for more than that, which might have impressed them,” she says with a smile.

She also talks about the efforts taken by her institute to prepare her for the placement process. According to Karen the courses in GD, interviews and business communications groomed students and instilled confidence in them. “Besides that the modules where we were taught what the industry expects of us were very helpful. They had included courses on Customer Insight, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour etc and they helped us tremendously,” she adds.

Karen also points out that though she had got placed in her very first attempt she chose to not accept the offer as she wanted to make a bright start to her corporate career. She expects it to happen with a big name like HDFC where her job responsibilities will include, “Meeting clients and addressing their problems, ensuring cross selling of banking products and overall maintaining good relationships with them. I did my internship with Reliance Retail, Chennai and believe that experience will come handy in my job,” she asserts.

While Karen is on cloud nine at the moment, she also feels a hint of sadness knowing that she won’t be spending time on campus with friends. She states that one major advantage of a residential PGDM program is that you make friends for life. Ask her if she has any advice for juniors and she says, “Take efforts to match industry’s needs of skills and knowledge, pay attention to classes and do your assignments diligently. The secret to my good grades is 100% attendance. You might also want to create a LinkedIn profile because networking is the key.” Speaking like a true professional, she already is.

1891178_10203322717333434_188126129_n“I came to KIAMS because the institute gave me a true picture of the placement scenario instead of a blanket 100%”, says Titir Ghosh. She made her decision to join the institute based on her interaction with alumni and the senior batch, which was facilitated by the institute so that aspiring students could gather relevant feedback. After completing a B.tech in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering from West Bengal, Titir wanted to acquire skills that would help her project herself and function as a ‘smart professional’. KIAMS became the obvious choice once she had gone through all of her options. Her decision seems justified today with her campus placement at SBI LIFE Insurance Ltd. as a Management Trainee.

Titir attributes her success to the rigorous curriculum at KIAMS. “Regular assignments, presentations and assessments gave us the chance to rate ourselves and helped us improve,” she says. “One to one interaction with the faculty is easy since teachers and students are closely knit like a big family.” She thinks the institute helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses, which, consequently, gave her the much needed opportunity to work on them.

Titir believes in and follows the maxim, “Gather knowledge, not marks”. In the two years at KIAMS, her aim was to maintain a decent CGPA and learn everything she was interested in. She claims this helped her with the job interview. At KIAMS she has also developed a better insight into herself: “Every question that was asked to me during the interview, I connected it with my personal traits and how my traits would help enhance the task I delivered in my job role.”

Titir is well aware of the stiff competition in the emerging economy, and she feels that an exceptional academic and job performance can create job surety and security: “You either perform or perish, the fittest survives today!”, she says. Flexibility is another bit of advice that she imparts to her juniors. During her interview, the interviewer tried to stress her out by offering remote rural job locations, but she held her own confidently, accepting eagerly the chance to explore her own country. She even offered solutions, such as translation applications for language problems that she might face in these distant places.

In fact, Titir has a travelling bug and aspires to write her own travelogue some day. She has travelled a lot and also loves adventures sports: “I have experienced snorkelling, parasailing, under sea walking, and trekking in India and abroad. I just love feeling the adrenalin rush”. Next on her cards is Bungee jumping and sky diving! Titir comes across as an exciting and mature individual, and this is evident in her advice for her juniors: “Keep a stable score and enjoy these two years to the fullest; but, it is also important to choose your specialization wisely not just because your friends are opting for it. Be sure what you know exactly what you want and just go for it.”