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There are few decisions in your life that can alter its course completely. For all management hopefuls it’s the one where you choose the B School. If you have made up your mind to pursue your management goals then you have given your entrance exams your best shot. However in spite of doing well in the entrance tests, it has been seen that many aspirants falter because they pick the wrong management institute. If you want to avoid that mistake then here are a few things you have to bear in mind.

A B School creates a solid platform for you irrespective of your individual aspirations. You can go on to have successful corporate careers, choose to become entrepreneurs or thought leaders in your respective fields. But it all begins with the management institute you pick. Here are a few steps you can follow to choose The Right MBA College.

  • First step in the right direction for you is doing your research about its reputation. That’s something you can either do online or by speaking to your seniors. B School rankings from renowned publications also give you a good idea.
  • There are many B Schools all over the country that are backed by industrial houses that have made their mark over the years. Their support is valuable to the B School and your learning, not only when it comes to infrastructure but expert guidance as well.
  • College brochures, websites will also give you a fair idea about the learning environment you will have at a campus. B Schools set in serene surroundings have the luxury of space, which works to your advantage. You will also learn in gorgeous environs that are quite relaxing.
  • It’s not necessary that you have your specialization in mind when you pick the B School but having a rough idea can help you identify the program you want to pursue. Look for B Schools that offer these programs and whether they are comprehensive enough.
  • There are many aspirants who like to take things in their own hands and visit the campuses of management institutes they have zeroed in on. It’s a good strategy because you know more about the infrastructure and amenities you will be working with.
  • It’s also important to look at the faculty team at the institute because they are the ones who will help you learn management concepts and put them into practice. A seasoned faculty team with industry experience adds a lot of value to your learning.
  • Another important aspect of learning at top B Schools is the industry exposure you get. Try and find out what are the initiatives taken by an institute to encourage industry interaction, live projects, summer internship placements etc.
  • The placement record of the institute is another crucial factor that has to be taken into account. Pay due attention to colleges that are honest and transparent about their placement reports, the companies that visit the campus etc.

These steps will lead you towards the Right MBA College for you. KIAMS – India’s top ranked MBA college in Pune and Karnataka. Backed by Kirloskar group, KIAMS opened PGDM colleges in India’s top places like Pune, Maharashtra & Harihar, Karnataka.


“Engineering gave me the analytical bent,” said Prof. Manickavasagam Sivagnanasundaram, professor of Marketing at the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. “The practical exposure that I gained during my practice as an engineer helped me to grasp the concepts of management in a better way,” he said.


It’s this blending of practical experience with academic learning that has boosted KIAMS ranking among top MBA schools to a level it truly deserves.

Prof. Manickavasagam began his academic career by earning his BE in civil engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, and, after several years in engineering, went on to earn an MBA in marketing from that same university, followed by a PhD in marketing from the National Institute of Technology at Trichy.

With a firm understanding of both industry and academia, he wanted to share his knowledge with future generations and joined the teaching staff at KIAMS.

The move has been interesting and challenging, said Prof. Manickavasagam.

At KIAMS, he said enthusiastically: “We have students from all over India having different cultural backgrounds. Identifying a common platform for discussions and examples is interesting and challenging. The students at KIAMS demand more practical inputs than theoretical knowledge. The students create an environment which is conducive to intellectual stimulation and results in two-way learning.”

Faced with publishing papers in journalistic reviews and international publications, addressing conferences and teaching, it seems an academic must wear many different hats. But Prof. Manickavasagam said: “Though it appears to be different fields, they are actually intertwined.

“The teacher needs to get to know the ground reality by carrying out research,” he said, and that research has to be forwarded to fellow teachers and industry.

“The conferences offer the platform for deliberating the research ideas with fellow teachers,” said Prof. Manickavasagam, noting publishing in journals puts the research out to an even wider audience.

Aiming to boost the KIAMS marketing department’s standing over other B-Schools, he said: “Industry exposure gives much visibility to any department of a B-School” and so more consultancy assignments are planned.

“Above all, the student participation in various management forums and events will enhance the visibility manifold,” said Prof. Manickavasagam, “but for that, the students need to be trained and encouraged to participate in such events. We are in the process of doing so.”

When asked about how he feels India compares with the rest of the world in regard to E-services, he said India is a pioneer in adopting electronic voting machines and noted: “E-CHOUPAL is another success story,” and “E-governance is getting momentum now.”

While Internet banking and mobile banking have so far had a lukewarm reception, Prof. Manickavasagam predicted: “Innovative approaches limiting the risk exposure of the consumer will increase the usage.”

As final words of wisdom to students at KIAMS, he advised: “In today’s competitive environment one has to run faster to stay in the same place. Knowledge and exposure will give you the energy to run faster. Keep your eyes and ears open for acquiring knowledge and be always prepared to carry out experiments that give you the exposure.”