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Avisek Sarkar believes in following his instincts and mak3ing smart decisions at the right time. That’s why the engineering graduate who was interested in technology decided to switch to management. He says that he wanted to give his career the best platform, which is why he opted for the PGDM with KIAMS. He now stresses that he has managed to combine his technical abilities from engineering studies with analytical, logical thinking from his management program. Perhaps that is what impressed his new employer; Oracle Financial Services Software.

The excitement of being placed with a global powerhouse like Oracle is written large over Avisek’s face. He also realizes that his corporate journey has only begun and he will have to prove his mettle. “The role I have been offered is in financial analytical application development. As a member of the software engineering division, I will have to do detailed design based on high level design specifications. I will also have to assist in system planning, scheduling and implementation, testing bugs, building enhancements etc. I feel prepared for these challenges thanks to my learning at KIAMS,” he says.

Bagging campus placement with a corporate biggie like Oracle is no mean feat. There is a great deal of preparation that goes into making one’s mark in the interview. Avisek sheds light on the process as he says, “One thing that went in my favour was the fact that I had domain knowledge. I also believe you need to be calm and composed during the interview to be able to make the best impression.KIAMS not only helped me build a solid foundation of knowledge but through different initiatives like IRP sessions ensured that I had overcome my fear of public speaking. It reflected in the interview and helped me a lot.”

Avisek also asserts that his learning at the B School was intense with long hours on a daily basis. But his faculty members made things easier by keeping things relatable. His SIP with Novotel Kolkata also enabled him to get valuable practical exposure that he counts on as he prepares for his corporate sojourn. “My time with KIAMS has been a memorable journey altogether. Even the tight class schedules, late night group studies, presentations were fun and lively for me. I am going to miss the hostel life, time spent on the campus and just hanging out with my friends whenever I want,” he says emotionally.

His advice for juniors who might be interested in a job profile like his – “It’s a Financial Analyst profile and if that’s something you are interested in as well then you need to have a strong base in finance and economics. Practical exposure besides academics is also important. But above all be confident and stay true to yourself. You will achieve your goals if you believe in yourself and put in the efforts.” That’s something he himself has done, and is now reaping the benefits for it.


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The placement season for Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) has started off on a good note, which brought good cheer for the rest of the students. So far, 31% of the students have already been placed, indicative of a strong placement season compared to the last two years. Overall this placement season is expected to bring an increased number of companies to the campus besides higher salaries for students. As a result, the enthusiasm among the students of KIAMS is palpable.

An important aspect of the placements so far is that the recruiter base has been diverse. As of now, IT, Telecom, Marketing Research, Realty, Sports, Consulting are some of the major sectors that have offered final placements to students. The process is still underway with several FMCG, Consulting, Finance, and Manufacturing companies in the pipeline. The average and highest CTC being offered to the students are also higher than last year.

Some of the big names that have recruited from KIAMS so far this season include Vernalis, Developer Group, Deloitte Consulting, Home First Finance, Neilsen, Coffee Day, Decathlon, InfoEdge and ICICI Securities. According to Ms. Shruti Das, from the Placement Cell, “The estimated number of companies visiting the campus this year is expected to go well beyond 75. In fact, we are proud to say that the company-student ratio presently is 1:5. This is an encouraging start and we are expecting things to only get better as the placement season progresses.”

Those indeed are heartening figures for KIAMS. For the 2014 – 16 Batch, KIAMS seems to be on its way to better the records set recently. In fact, given the way things have progressed during the current placement season, the reputed B-School is confident of placing the entire batch yet again. More so, with a larger recruiter base and higher salaries!

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) students once again stand tall amongst the other leading B-schools in terms of placements.

Placements Report by KIAMS is an eagerly awaited report amongst students and B-schools. This is because KIAMS, along with a few other top B-schools like IIM Ahmedabad, SPJIMR and TAPMI, are signatories to the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS). As a signatory to IPRS, KIAMS has to get its placement numbers audited by C.A PG Bhagwat, and the last two years’ reports are available on CRISIL website. Therefore, the numbers reported by KIAMS are genuine and verified by a credible agency. So, if KIAMS or IIM-A say that 98% of their graduates were placed, then the numbers can be trusted by students.

KIAMS Pie chart

“Placements have concluded on a strong note for KIAMS students this year,”says Dr. CN Narayana, Director, KIAMS. “We have a strong brand image of converting students into well-rounded industry-ready managers. Companies have shown immense faith in KIAMS by repeatedly visiting us, and of the 75 companies that visited us for the on-campus recruitment, 26 were repeat recruiters. This is an encouraging sign for us.”

Nearly 33% of the recruitments were for positions in the Financial domain. 12% of the class of 2015 joined Market Research Firms, while 13% were recruited by Consulting firms. Interestingly, Social Media Agencies were the new recruiters this year. The placement season this year witnessed a spike in startup recruitments, with startups like Enthusionz Services Pvt. Ltd., Jaro Education, faircent.com, and Corporate Culture making their presence felt. The salaries offered were also impressive – the highest salary offered to a KIAMS PGDM passout of 2015 is 7 lakhs, while the average hovered around 4.5 Lakhs.

KIAMS Director –Dr. C.N. Narayana attributed the strong showing to the curriculum at KIAMS, which is the most industry ready curriculum amongst India’s B schools. The entire course curriculum of KIAMS has been revamped in a joint effort of the KIAMS Faculty, alumni, who have strong credentials in the corporate world, and industry partners. The curriculum is designed to suit the rapidly changing industry needs. Apart from SIP and short–term projects that give KIAMS post–grads exposure in real time,many students help faculty members of KIAMS with their research work. Electives at KIAMS are aligned to job profiles and they focus on enhancing analytics and skills. Of course, the support of the Kirloskar Group gives a special“on the job” edge, wherein students are exposed to the operations and functions of Kirloskar Group companies.

KIAMS is also introducing a Centre for Creativity and Innovation this year, which will be a first of its kind in the B-school fraternity. This will surely add to the recognition of KIAMS as a leading B school in India, and this will surely lead to more success in placements for its students.

It’s been nearly eight years since Prashanti Akepati passed-out of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. Since then, there have been quite a few alumni gatherings, but she’s never gone back to KIAMS.

“Somehow, I feel that KIAMS belongs to the current batch of students. I spent two wonderful years in that campus. The day I appeared for my last exam at KIAMS, my purpose of being there was fulfilled.” 

As a Senior Manager (Operations) with the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Department at Bajaj Allianz, Prashanti co-ordinates with the user departments and IT and helps make the communication process smooth, so that the system is developed as per the user requirement in the shortest possible time. Prashanti starts her day with a review of the tasks-to-do, followed by assignment of work to her team, coordinating with different departments, discussions regarding implementation of new processes, and finally, taking stock of the targets achieved and the ones that are to be achieved.

“I love being behind the scene… an anonymous force which has a huge impact on all users, pan-India. All changes in the system process go through the UAT, making us central to the smooth running of the system.”  She points out that a reputed B-school like Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies is a great launch-pad that pushes you to a higher rung in the career ladder.

“It was at KIAMS that I learnt the art of listening. Very often you will see two people saying the same things, but not agreeing with one another. One has to listen, to be able to deliver what is needed. The most important thing that KIAMS taught me was the ability to learn… and unlearn. The day we think that we know more than others, is the day when our growth ceases in that environment. One has to be open to learning every day to be able to perceive opportunities and grow further.” Intake at Bajaj Allianz for a B-school grad is as a management trainee (MT), but within a year a MT is promoted to Assistant Manager. That’s when the real climb begins.

“Acceptance among peers is hard for MT’s, as they are seen as a privileged lot who are given fancy salaries and titles, without having proven their worth. The peer pressure that a management graduate goes through in the 1st year is immense. I have seen around 4 to 5 batches; every batch faces the same attitudinal issues. Quite a few leave after the first year – year and a half. It is not the solution. I want current batches at KIAMS to be prepared for such conditions.” However, what an ordinary executive learns in 3 years, an average management trainee packs in one year, thanks to B-schools like KIAMS. MT’s have to work twice as hard and smart, perform under pressure, take quick decisions and learn on their feet – stuff we were put through, at KIAMS.

The trick, says Prashanti, is to understand the organizational perspective. After all, graduates from KIAMS are expected to fill in the shoes of the mid-management. “Passing-out of KIAMS with a good designation and package is just the beginning. With it comes the responsibility and accountability of taking decisions, abiding by the decisions taken, managing the team, and upholding the values of your organization. KIAMS teaches you to be a jack of all trades, but outside, you’ve got to be the master of atleast one. In real life work environment, one is valued for one’s knowledge of the field.”

Prashanti thanks Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies for her confidence and independence, and letting her know the importance of ‘employability’. “Nobody is indispensable. Constantly evaluate your contributions to the organization, and whether they are valued or not. Don’t be complacent; you never know when an organization would like to dispense with you.”

Prashanti Akepati
Senior Manager, Operations
Bajaj Allianz Pvt Co. Ltd. 

Drishya, a management graduate from KIAMS, recently was selected for the position of Account Manager at Mafoi. She got this opportunity through campus placement. “Though I was not very keen on giving interviews to the recruiters who came down for campus placements, my family and friends thought I should give it a shot and I actually made it,” said Drishya.

Asked about her professional journey so far, Drishya said she joined Infosys after her graduation. Working at Infosys gave her good experience, but she soon realized in order to grow professionally she would have to get more education and eventually decided to join a management program at KIAMS.

“Joining KIAMS was a wise decision. I have learned a lot during my two-year stay at the campus,” said Drishya. She said it has been a great experience studying at KIAMS. Drishya spoke at length about how they worked in teams which gave them good exposure to team dynamics. She praised the KIAMS faculty for being supportive and co-operative. “KIAMS teachers are wonderful,” she said.

Asked about her interview rounds and experience with the interview panel at Mafoi, she said students first appeared in a group discussion round and their performance in this round determined who was selected for interviews. In the interview, she was asked questions related to her work experience at Infosys and her experience at KIAMS. Drishya said: “They asked about my experience at Infosys and the add-ons that I got from KIAMS. They basically wanted to understand if I met their expectations”.

Drishya is really thankful to the faculty members and her seniors at KIAMS who helped her learn and grow as an individual and made her confident enough to face the challenges that may arise in her professional career. She said at KIAMS she learned how to strike a balance between her personal and professional life.

Drishya will be joining Mafoi Management Consultants Ltd., Chennai, on April 2 and is really looking forward to assuming the role given to her.

Team Memebers of the Finance Club

 First Row (L-R) Abhijit Chowdhary, Sakshi Malik, Sumit
                         Mittal, Sandhya Pai, Neha Mehta

Second Row (L-R) Prashanth Dar, Srikant Boddu, Arjun GM,Sohom Roy, Amit Gajera, Antriksh Khandelwal, Ashish Gutgutia, Gopal Agarwal, Prinsu Jain, Maheepal Kalal, Vinod Daryani, Umesh Soni, Ashwini Kumar, Amit Jain, Ankur Arora, Harish, Shyam Sundar, Gaurav Chaudhary

Third Row (L-R) Sakshi Malik, Vithika Gupta, Roma Kumari, Nidhi, Pooja Tharad, Manisha Bansal, Kamini Sharma, Divya Sharma, Rajni, Pratibha Saxena, Anupama Pandey, Vijeta Deuskar, Debapriya Waddar, Sethulaxmi Gopalan, Kriti Wadhwa, Kusha Bagga.


Exploring, understanding and teaching the intricacies of the financial world
are the aims of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies’ Finance Club.

The club’s vision is to make finance easy for those who think it is difficult as well as promoting financial theory and practicing it so it becomes a part of one’s life. It aims to give students a chance to improve their understanding of the intricacies of the world of finance, foster an environment where they can learn, share, participate, organize and network with industry and KIAMS alumni, thereby helping them achieve their career goals.

Toward those ends, the Finance Club organized QUID PRO QUO in Operacy, the management fest organized by KIAMS. It holds fortnightly meetings to discuss current events in the sector and related theories and terminologies and is organizing a mutual fund game on an intra-college level. The club also organizes documentary screenings relating current events to course content along with guest lectures, case study discussions, finance quizzes and other games related to finance.

Running such a club is not an easy task. One of the toughest challenges it faces is the busy schedule of students. With courses running full-swing, projects, assignments, tests and quizzes, it is still important to keep activities of the club happening at a steady pace and make sure there is healthy participation.

The activities of the club have therefore been organized so sessions are not only a great learning experience, but also a stress-buster. After a week of courses which have been seriously demanding, the club ensures it has a documentary viewing, or some finance-related game, to keep up the enthusiasm, have some fun and learn at the same time.

As most students are not conversant with the basic terms used in finance, the club plans to organize quizzes on these terms and sessions to make it easier for people to work on Excel. The club hopes to attract more industry participants to share their views and experiences. Other plans call for starting a monthly newsletter for the institute and organizing visits to leading financial institutions so students can have first- hand experience of their operations.

While it’s a student club, the student coordinators don’t hesitate to pay tribute to the role faculty has played in helping with activities, saying faculty has provided a lot of guidance, support and assistance. The faculty has always been forthcoming and with their rich experience in both academics and industry have helped immensely in developing interesting as well asinsightful approaches toward complex finance topics, said the coordinators, noting in particular the efforts of Prof. T. Vishwanathan and Prof. Atul Kulkarni (visiting faculty).

Rather that have a president or one leader, the club is headed by four coordinators: Anish Wadhwa, Laxmi Gupta, Md. Taslim Arif and Sakshi Vatsa. There are around 30 members, but club meetings and events are open
for all to attend.

Many miles separate their campuses, but Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies students are united in their teamwork.

The KIAMS campus at Harihar was joined by a second one at Pune in 2010 and this year sees the first integrated batch of grads from both locations.

As Director, Dr. Gopal Iyengar, said in a recent edition of The Chanakya, KIAMS is one institute with two totally integrated locations. It’s integrated at the administration level by such things as admissions, faculty, assessment and placement.

But at the student level, uniting the two campuses are such groups as: the placement team, alumni team, The Chanakya (institute magazine) team and  corporate relations team.

“What does this imply for industry,” asked Dr. Iyengar. “In addition to viewing an integrated batch with all the essential KIAMS values, this batch has implemented team working across physically separated locations. This is one of the essential requirements in industry and I am proud to say this batch will effortlessly meet that requirement.

“This batch has added a new dimension to the considerable KIAMS value,” he said, “They have gone out and engaged industry and society in an extra-curricular mode. Initiative and creativity has been a hallmark of this batch.”

And teamwork has also been a hallmark, as Dr. Iyengar pointed out in several examples.

“The institute has undertaken a massive exercise of competency mapping for Kirloskar Brothers involving 1,300 employees across 250 positions,” he said, noting a team of seven students took it on during summer training and carried it through into the term in addition to their academic workload.

Another student found new insights into logistics during her summer placement. “She has moved it to an intervention project for a team of five students, again parallel with term academics.”

In another instance, a group of three students interested in the telecom industry, “approached a leading player, convinced them to commission a research in a rural area, and are now well on the way.”

Noting the close ties KIAMS has with industry, Dr. Iyengar said: “The continued support of industry for our students is a testimony to the relevance of our education and values we impart to our students. The immense goodwill and backing in industry is a major driver of our endeavours of academic excellence that leads to industry-ready professionals-in-the-making.”

KIAMS Campus Placement, 2011

With a history of successful placements for majority of its students, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies is firmly on the employer radar. Large corporate houses from across the globe are employing students from the KIAMS graduate batch of 2009-2011.

Several major corporate houses and prominent recruiters offered healthy pay packets to the KIAMS MBA graduates. Some names are ICICI Bank, GT Nexus, Symphony Marketing, Price Waterhouse, SBI Life Insurance, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, HCL, Ashok Leyland, etc. These placements saw an impressive distribution of profiles and industry segments amongst the students who have been recruited by these organizations.

“I got a couple of options but I decided to join Info Edge India (Naukri.com)! The two years at KIAMS made me strong enough to take on any role in Marketing. Besides the great learning environment of KIAMS, wonderful faculty, prayers of my parents and my passion for Marketing is helping me to do well in my field,” says Basharat, a graduate in Biotechnology, almost saying his vote of thanks. His big smile shows his happiness at securing the job of his choice.

Today, Basharat swears by one lesson he learnt at KIAMS. “It was from Prof. S. Anantram. He said to me, “Basharat go for the Win and Win just for the sake of Winning, don’t Win for any reward or return, Win for the taste of winning.” And I just remembered this while giving my job interview. It made a big difference. These few words motivated me to give the interview my best!”

Rama Prabhu is quite happy with his job profile at Hindustan Unilever in its supply chain. “In spite of being a non-engineer I eyed for a career in supply chain. I feel I was fully prepared to take up this career, in terms of knowledge and skills because I was focused with my choice of Industries and the profile I wanted,” he says. A very studious person, Rama Prabhu is a career-focused youngster. He believes in going beyond the expected. Besides the regular curriculum, Rama put in a lot of extra efforts on his own. “The syllabus of this course is the gist of learning and research which people in the corporate world get after years of experience. The KIAMS course is worth to be studied to get an edge over others,” he elaborates.

Amongst the students of the 2009-2011 batch of PGDM who made their way into the corporate world, many of them managed to bag quite impressive annual salary packages. The highest salary offered was Rs. 8.12 lakhs per annum. Salaries averaged out at Rs. 4.55 lakhs per annum.

In terms of job location, the highest polarity of these jobs was at India’s unofficial financial capital, Mumbai. It was seconded by Bangalore and followed by several other industrial hubs of India.

The largest recruiting sector remained Banking and Finance, followed by sectors such as IT, Engineering & Automobile, Consultancy Services, Retail, Real Estate and Market Research. Other sectors that offered a fair share of opportunities to the PGDM students at KIAMS were, Consumer durables, FMCG, Insurance, Telecom, Travel etc.

While successful placement records of KIAMS give its placement department a reason to be proud, it has also become a driving factor for the newer MBA aspirants to choose KIAMS. A prosperous career after a good education is one of the primary motivations for students and KIAMS continues to remain a favourite choice for deserving MBA aspirants.

The Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies has been long known for its relentless focus on unique industry-oriented methods of educating young professionals. Quite clearly, the outcome of all the hard work of its faculty, the extensively researched curriculum and excellence of its delivery is reflected in the successful placements of a majority of its students. For an establishment that has earned its reputation as one of the premier B-schools of our country, great placement records testify the KIAMS tradition of excellence. A hallmark that has set this institute apart since its inception nearly two decades ago.