Pragati is the annual event organized by Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS). This year the event was held on the 15th of February. Pragati has evolved and taken many forms over the years. It began as a rural marketing fair and has transformed into a social outreach event. This year, Pragati was organized as a sports and cultural event for schools in the vicinity of KIAMS.

Students from fourth to tenth grade participated in various activities organized by management students. Events like Pragati help students learn organizing and management skills, with a focus on planning and executing. Each event was planned thoroughly, and details like rules, responsibility matrix etc., were built into process documents perfecto ensure a smooth execution. The organizing committee of students had several teams, including Cultural, Sports, HR, Crisis Management, Prize Distribution, Certificates, and Media. Each team was responsible for a section of the event; overall, the credit for the event’s success goes to the entire organizing committee.

pragati15aThe day began at 9:15 am in the morning with several sporting events, including relay races, sprints, sack races, and badminton. The final sporting event rounds and the fancy dress competition were completed on schedule just before lunch.

The afternoon session began with a singing and rangoli competition. Between 2 and 4, cultural competitions were organized. For the primary section, there was a fancy dress and a dance competition; for the secondary classes, there were song and dance competitions. The students gave breathtaking performances, which the judges all praised. The results were announced at the valedictory ceremony held from 4pm to 5 pm.

Pragati 2015 was a resounding success, and both the young students and KIAMS students not only enjoyed the day but also learned a lot. The most important learning experience, according to Kirti, was “the coordination amidst KIAMS students who prepared for Pragati for months and, in the end, delivered to expectations”.