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IMG-20151130-WA0009Coming from the North East, the journey to Harihar was a long one for me. It gave me a lot of time to think about how things were going to be here and whether I would be able to manage on my own. I was quite nervous, to be honest, and came to the campus with a lot of anticipation. It has been five months since then and I can comfortably say that I have found my second home.

I have stayed in hostels during earlier academic years, but this was the first time I was such a distance away from home and my comfort zone. Thankfully, I have adjusted here quite well and found my own comfort level with the surroundings and with the people. The campus itself is quite stunning, and I can also have my personal space and go out for long walks if I want to.

I feel overwhelmed with the kind of love and support I have received from my classmates, as well as my seniors. The faculty team is friendly and very encouraging, while Director Sir is my mentor. It’s because of their contributions that I feel there is a huge positive change in my personality. I will forever be grateful to all of them for their help on this journey.

I have to admit that since I am from an Economics Hons background, studying fourteen management subjects from the word ‘go’ was a bit tricky for me initially. Classes, assignments, etc. – it all got a bit hectic. But, as time passes, we are adjusting to the work schedule and the routine we have managed to build for ourselves.

The good thing is that it’s not just about studies at the present moment – we get to enjoy some lighter moments as well. The Independence Day celebrations with some of the alumni were interesting, while the Vasundhara Film Festival was an eye-opening experience. We got to interact with many professionals and that was a tremendous learning experience in itself.

Within a period of five months, I have started looking forward to my classes, assignments and presentations. Of course, the pressure does get to us from time to time and we look for ways to get rid of the stress. Thankfully for that we have the Triangle, Rotunda, the auditorium, swimming pool and the gym, which have made KIAMS, Harihar the best home I could have had for my studies.


ronik lahaI heard a lot about the PGDM program at KIAMS, and studying at a premier institute with a multinational brand name like Kirloskar was a big draw for me. I knew it would help me to a great extent in my future career prospects and I see a change in me already. I think the program is polishing my skills and letting me shine as an individual and future professional.

I came to KIAMS with a lot of expectations and I can see they are being fulfilled in the best possible way. The faculty members are experienced and they are always available to help students out. We get to learn a lot from industry visits and other practical assignments, which have become a hallmark of studying at the institute.

The first thing that impressed me about the institute was the state–of-the-art facilities it has. From the well-equipped library to the recreational facilities, like the sports venues and swimming pool, everything is just spot on here. Every time we want to unwind after a long day, we can make the most out of the facilities to relax.

The campus atmosphere on the whole is absolutely great. There are students from all over the country and many different backgrounds are represented. It has been an enriching experience because of that, since I get to know about various cultures from our glorious country. I think I will be able to make friends for life here at the institute.

I have been here for three months and there have been several activities that have left their mark on me. The Freshers’ party was a lot of fun, but I would particularly like to mention the outbound training program that was held on campus. The program helped us know a lot about each other, our existing skills and true potential.

The highlight of that program for me was the fact that through physical activities we learned a lot about management techniques. There were inspirational lessons, which I will cherish for a long time. We also had opportunities to interact and learn from the alumni of the institute, and they told us how to prepare for interviews and how to communicate with managers, both of which will help us greatly in our future endeavours.

It has been an interesting journey for me, largely due to the fact that I came here after gaining more than a year’s work experience with a renowned group like ITC. I am also a professional guitarist, and I strum my guitar when I want to spread joy around or just want to relax. But right now, I am focused on the future and making the most out of everything the institute can offer me.

IMG_3510 (1)It has been a fantastic learning experience so far at KIAMS and I am already seeing significant personal improvement. The learning experience began from Day 1 of the Inauguration where we were told that we could reach our goals if we played our parts with all honesty and sincerity. It instantly instilled a sense of responsibility amongst us.

We were also introduced to the MRC Club, which has become an integral part of our lives. It enables us to showcase our writing, photography and other skills, and it brings out different facets of our personalities. The MRC Club is an important element in the overall grooming of  students, and everyday there is something new that we learn through it.

I will always remember my second day at KIAMS because we had to participate in a fun game that stressed the importance of teamwork. It also offered us insight into the functioning of corporate organizations, which is important knowledge that we have been building on since. But, most importantly, it helped students break the ice and build a bond of friendships.

When you start with a full time PGDM program at a B School, there are a lot of adjustments to be made. Living with strangers on campus can be tricky; but through such fun activities and, of course, various assignments, we have managed to develop trust amongst us. We are motivated to work together for two years and reach our individual and collective goals.

Here I have to mention the contribution of our faculty members and seniors, who are pushing us to do better and achieve our goals. They are always accessible and share their knowledge with us. Listening to our seniors discuss their SIP presentations was inspiring, as we wanted to be in their shoes and prove ourselves.

KIAMS also does its best to offer students an understanding of how corporations function. We have learned so much from guest lectures, delivered by a “who’s who” from the industry. There have been seminars and an MBTI session that has given us a fair understanding of what  industry expects out of us and how intense the competition is.

We also had the first taste of the competitive spirit within the batch during the Representatives positions selection process. Everyone participated with vigour in the group discussions, and the presentations taught us how to present ourselves in the best possible manner. Various class representatives have been selected and they are all keen to deliver on their promises.

Therefore, you can say that KIAMS has given us a laboratory experience for what we will experience as we enter the corporate arena. It has developed our reasoning and analytical skills, which will come handy when we step out in the world as professionals. I am looking forward to further experiences with the institute, which will truly test our mettle and our knowledge.

1Getting into a reputed B School in many ways is a life altering event for any management graduate. Hence I had huge expectations from KIAMS and I have to say they have been fulfilled to a large extent. I also realize from the way things are going that by the time I complete the program I would have achieved everything I had hoped to and more.

Of course it wasn’t smooth sailing from the word go and we took some time to settle down. Days were long and filled with classes, assignments, group studies, senior-junior interactions, sports activities etc. But each one of us has managed to bring that extra burst of energy to deliver on the tasks expected of us. It has also taught us a lot about time management, which is crucial.

Another important learning for us through these assignments has been team work. Even before we got to know each other well, my batch mates and I were working on the same team in some project or another. It brought out this incredible bond amongst us, which I believe will lead to long lasting friendships in the future.

The campus with its serene surroundings is the perfect place to hang out and nurture these bonds. Our first choice of things to do would always be a trek on the small hills around the campus. We sing motivational songs, push each other to go further and higher. The experience of reaching the peak as a team is something that cannot be described in words.

While there are these fun moments, things get pretty serious in the classroom. There are various activities like live project assignments, writing project reports that teach us a lot about management concepts. We also get an insight into the corporate world and into the minds of renowned professionals through guest lectures.

One of the most important aspects of learning at KIAMS is the relationship we share with our seniors and faculty members. They are very knowledgeable and help us whenever we have any issues to deal with. I like the fact that they are easily approachable and we can talk to them as equals, which I doubt you would see at any other institute.

Everyone at KIAMS, including the non teaching staff has been welcoming. That’s the reason we have never felt that we are away from home. This has become our home away from home and I believe this association will only get stronger and richer over time. I just know that this is going to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Hina AfifaHina Afifa belongs to the 16th batch of the management graduates from the Harihar campus of KIAMS. Hina has recently been placed with HDFC Asset Management and she is rightly proud sharing this accomplishment with the world: “This is the most memorable moment of my life at KIAMS, perhaps as amazing as the day I entered KIAMS, which was the first time I was away from my home.”

Every festival on the campus has left her with memories for a lifetime. Hina possesses a boisterous and happy personality that she displayed on every opportunity: “I was the most notorious student of the batch and have had fun every moment I spent on the campus”.

Leaving KIAMS is a bittersweet experience that fills her with a deep sense of nostalgia. Hina is excited about stepping out into the corporate world, and yet sad about leaving behind friends and a place that had become a second home for the last two years. The learning and academic rigor have not only groomed her for the job, but have also made her a more disciplined person. She understands that the corporate life will throw challenges at her and, due to her time at the institute feels prepared to face them all.

Hina shares that she will miss her faculty as well, especially Pai Sir and Anita Kshetri Ma’am who became an inspiration for all the young women on campus. Moving along, Hina advises her juniors to be careful while selecting their subjects and specializations. According to her, students must focus on the sector that they want to enter and then align the skills accordingly.

1891178_10203322717333434_188126129_n“I came to KIAMS because the institute gave me a true picture of the placement scenario instead of a blanket 100%”, says Titir Ghosh. She made her decision to join the institute based on her interaction with alumni and the senior batch, which was facilitated by the institute so that aspiring students could gather relevant feedback. After completing a in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering from West Bengal, Titir wanted to acquire skills that would help her project herself and function as a ‘smart professional’. KIAMS became the obvious choice once she had gone through all of her options. Her decision seems justified today with her campus placement at SBI LIFE Insurance Ltd. as a Management Trainee.

Titir attributes her success to the rigorous curriculum at KIAMS. “Regular assignments, presentations and assessments gave us the chance to rate ourselves and helped us improve,” she says. “One to one interaction with the faculty is easy since teachers and students are closely knit like a big family.” She thinks the institute helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses, which, consequently, gave her the much needed opportunity to work on them.

Titir believes in and follows the maxim, “Gather knowledge, not marks”. In the two years at KIAMS, her aim was to maintain a decent CGPA and learn everything she was interested in. She claims this helped her with the job interview. At KIAMS she has also developed a better insight into herself: “Every question that was asked to me during the interview, I connected it with my personal traits and how my traits would help enhance the task I delivered in my job role.”

Titir is well aware of the stiff competition in the emerging economy, and she feels that an exceptional academic and job performance can create job surety and security: “You either perform or perish, the fittest survives today!”, she says. Flexibility is another bit of advice that she imparts to her juniors. During her interview, the interviewer tried to stress her out by offering remote rural job locations, but she held her own confidently, accepting eagerly the chance to explore her own country. She even offered solutions, such as translation applications for language problems that she might face in these distant places.

In fact, Titir has a travelling bug and aspires to write her own travelogue some day. She has travelled a lot and also loves adventures sports: “I have experienced snorkelling, parasailing, under sea walking, and trekking in India and abroad. I just love feeling the adrenalin rush”. Next on her cards is Bungee jumping and sky diving! Titir comes across as an exciting and mature individual, and this is evident in her advice for her juniors: “Keep a stable score and enjoy these two years to the fullest; but, it is also important to choose your specialization wisely not just because your friends are opting for it. Be sure what you know exactly what you want and just go for it.”

AKSHAY PIC“I never focus on the journey but the destination”, says Akshay Amber with a lot of clarity. This PGDM student from KIAMS has just finished his Summer Internship with Big Bazaar and is clearly buzzing with confidence. Big Bazaar, Patna was the destination for this English Literature graduate and he definitely left his mark during his internship.

Akshay had set himself a goal for the SIP – to get a Branding and Promotions project. And that’s just what his internship profile was, for the catchment area analysis and promotion of Big Bazaar. Buoyed by the initial excitement, he immersed himself in the internship and managed to muster a long list of achievements in a short span of time.

“I have been part of several promotional activities for Big Bazaar, from Fare Deal to Bihar Utsav Mela, and from Super Sunday (Sunday Bazaar) to Winter Haat. The Red Carpet counter and corporate invitation strategies that I suggested were implemented and that got us foot-falls during the Public Holiday Sale,” Akshay recalls proudly.

He has every reason to be proud since many of his promotional strategies were well received and even sent to the head office. Akshay clearly created ripples in the organisation and won the Certificate of Excellence for his work on Profit Club Membership as a department manager during the Public Holiday Sale. But for Akshay, the words of the HR manager will always remain special. As Akshay recounts the appreciation he received, he remembers the manager saying, “I have seen hundreds of SIP trainees over the years, but you are in the top three and have set a benchmark for trainees at Big Bazaar.”

But that’s not all; Akshay’s exemplary work during the internship also brought him some job offers, though he is awaiting official confirmation on them. And although he got a handsome stipend for the internship, he wisely adds, “The SIP is a process for learning, not earning. The stipend is a bonus but what you get to learn about the corporate environment is priceless. It is a stepping stone to success, as there’s a good chance of you getting a pre-placement offer.”

Akshay believes that his success during the SIP is due to his hard work and single-minded dedication. “I was a bit nervous initially, but with responsibility came power and confidence. I realised that no decision of yours is right till you go out there and prove it. And that’s what I set out to do with a right strategy in place.”

He might be brimming with confidence, as is seen in his words, but he also remains grounded and grateful to those who guided him through his SIP. “Mr. Samarjeet Sinha supported and encouraged me throughout my project. I am also grateful to Dr. V.S. Pai and Prof. Arvind Nath Sinha from KIAMS, who remained available to me and gave me enough time in spite of their busy schedules”, says Akshay.

He also remains well aware of the contribution the institute has made to his life so far. “I joined KIAMS because of its reputation and the competitive environment it offers. I am glad I took that decision because the institute has literally built me up from scratch,” says Akshay. And if his initial success and confidence is anything to go by, he will definitely be going places.

DSC01164When Bharat Sharma was selected for a Summer Internship at Kalyani-Lemmerz Ltd. in Pune, he knew it was going to be an acid test of the management skills acquired at KIAMS. Kalyani-Lemmerz is a JV between the Kalyani Group and Hayes Lemmerz, Germany – the world leader in wheel rim technology, supplying to automotive manufacturers like Daimler Benz, General Motors, Ford and Volvo, among others. The KLL management had outlined a very clear-cut Operations project for him – how to reduce the cycles time of the machines on the shop floor. A B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, Bharat knew well that his Engineering background was going to be of little use in the KLL manufacturing unit in Khed, Pune. The success or failure of his SIP would depend entirely on the ‘KIAMS effect’. When he embarked on his journey from Harihar to join KLL, Pune, there were many doubts in his mind, but if there was one thing he was absolutely sure about, it was that the KIAMS family would stand by him, come what may.

“The one thing that I absolutely love about KIAMS is its diversity of students and faculty. And yet, it always feels like you are part of one big family. Coming from the extremes of Noida and Jaipur, the moderate climate and greenery at KIAMS have been a welcome change. But if there is one thing that is a hallmark of my first year at KIAMS, it has to be the vast amount of experiential learning that came my way. Probably because of the formidable Kirloskar brand, KIAMS actually presents a small sample of corporate life to its students. In hindsight, all this was great preparation for the SIP at Kalyani-Lemmerz.”

Everyday for the next two months, Bharat Sharma was on the KLL shop floor at 8:30 AM Sharp, moving from one machine to the other, noting the cycle time and observing the process. At all these times, he also keeps a sharp eye out for any area where time could be reduced by applying the Operations Management concepts taught at KIAMS. There were huge challenges he faced in order to do this. He was required to conduct motion studies on machine operators, but a motion study is done on a single operator on a daily basis, while operators on the shop floor were not fixed, but worked on a contractual basis. This meant that the operator that was his subject for motion study on a given day may not have been present the day after that. The other big challenge was that quite a few of the activities that were time consuming and contributed to cycle time were safety measures for the operators. Challenging these measures without due thought could have proved hazardous.

“The Production Manager was very supportive, and guided me well at the conceptual level. The Line Supervisor was also of help at the hands-on level. But for all practical purposes, I don’t think I would’ve been able to get far without the always-at-hand support of my faculty mentor, Prof. E. Anand, and my alumni mentor, Dill Saphal. Almost on a daily basis, I would be involved in detailed discussions on the challenges I faced, and my mentors and faculty members at KIAMS would be sharing focused reading material with me, which was invaluable.”

It was an altogether different high for Bharat Sharma when, after just two months of  internship, three of his recommendations for reducing cycle time were accepted and implemented by the management on the shop floor of Kalyani-Lemmerz Ltd.  At the end of his SIP, Bharat was appreciated by the Plant Head as well as the VP, HR, for doing a “great job”.

“Right from scheduling my interview at Kalyani-Lemmerz (by Ms. Shruti Das of the Placement Cell), to getting the right mentors, KIAMS played the supporting role to perfection. It is for this reason that I would like to advise my juniors to always be in touch with their faculty guides and mentors at KIAMS as they have seen their students closely not just in the classes, but also through the SIPs . They are the best guides and advisors that they are likely to have.”

Bharat Sharma is now absolutely certain that the best attitude to carry to the corporate world is ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. He credits KIAMS with showing him that in today’s world it is no longer the fittest who will survive, but the ones who are capable of adapting to given circumstances.

s.s. rajputWhat does it take to be a leader?
This was a question that Saurav Singh would ask himself very often, prior to his summer internship. But not anymore.

At the tail end of his first year at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, the buzz around the campus was all about a prominent company from Ahmedabad, Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd.Wedding Management, while a thriving industry in the West, is a sector that is now seeing growth in double figures across India. For Saurav, the promise of being able to tap into the markets before the mid-year marriage season was reason enough to apply. He had to undergo a telephonic interview round, on the basis of which 50 students from the best B-schools across the country were selected; Saurav was one of them.

Ultra Rich Weddings targets the niche segment for the entire process of marriages – right from match-making, to wedding planning and honeymoon packages.My summer internship project was targeted on ‘Analysis of sales and promotional activities in Lucknow’.  My first target was to generate revenue for the company through registrations, which includes both B2B sales and B2C sales. My second target was to increase the brand awareness of the company through social media networking sites, showcase our offerings to potential customers and penetrate markets by adopting a well-crafted marketing strategy, thus increasing our network base.”

It was a target that Saurav would not just meet, but actually exceed by a mile.  By the end of his two months of internship, Mr. Saurabh Goswami – the Director of Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd. – wrote a personal letter of recommendation to KIAMS, declaring Saurav Singh to be “quite simply, the most remarkable, energetic young leader”. As a part of B2B sales, Saurav was able to establish contact with an astounding 55 Company Heads, ranging from businesses like bridal wear, to caterers, decorators, travel partners, hotels, jewelers, etc. Saurav Singh was, infact, responsible for the maximum number of tie-ups for the company by any intern in 2013. He did not limit the promotion to conventional channels like distribution of pamphlets, but brought his immense knowledge of Social Media –greatly enhanced at KIAMS – to promotional activities on Facebook and Twitter. He used tools of viral marketing extensively and shared links with friends and relatives.

“The MD of the company, Mr. Saurabh Goswami, not only helped all of us but guided us with his experience. I remember that in the first few days of our internship, he told us that the company was his “small baby”. The effort he put was greatly motivating for me as well. He would always encourage me to perform better and this was one of reasons why I achieved the highest sales figuresin the company.”

Saurav believes that leading a race packed with select competitors from top B-schools like Symbiosis Pune, IMT Nagpur, K.J.Somaiya Mumbai, Goa institute of Management and ICFAI Business School did not happen on its own. Every one of the 50 interns spread across the country – Saurav was in Lucknow – was monitored from the Head Office in Ahmadabad.Every day, the interns were required to fill out details of the vendors visited and tie-ups concluded through a TDSS system.Interns were awarded daily points for quantifiable efforts.

“The summer internship was a perfect opportunity for me to explore my potential and gain valuable experience. I took this opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the classroom. KIAMS has taught me many great lessons about life and also professionalism. In the corporate world we need to be ready to face many new challenges with smiles on our faces. From the first trimester to today, I have met many people with different traits, personalities and temperament. The all have enabled me to enhance my communication skills, adaptability and also my managerial skills.”

The recommendation letter from Mr. Saurabh Goswami goes on to conclude, “Saurav Singh has outperformed the competition that was among the Best B-School interns.” However, Saurav feels that the gain was his as he was allowed hands-on real-world experience which enabled him to deliver on his potential and make key contacts for the future.

“The chance to make a real contribution to Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd. was real, right from Day 1.It was daily learning for me from my mentor, coordinator and the people I met. For me, success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. From the very beginning at KIAMS, I’ve been in the presence of some wonderful faculty members with mammoth experience of the corporate world.”

Riding high on this midway success, Saurav Singh is now targeting a job in a leading corporate house on completion of his PGDM from KIAMS. He feels that after this SIP experience, he is ready to take on the challenges of a hi-tech environment and rise to the very top. After all, not many can claim to be bonafide “future leaders”, while still students!

294298_248994195152998_100001272584331_780954_709961831_nFor the majority in any B-school, the entire package boils down to just one word – Placements. It is no mystery of nature that ‘On-campus Placements’ is the most challenging and nerve-wracking part of being in a B-school. Imagine, therefore, being placed in August, even before the beginning of the Placement season in November? Imagine being handed over the Offer Letter, without even beginning to feel the anxiety of placements? Imagine 8 months of blissful coexistence in the lap of nature at the sprawling KIAMS campus, instead of 8 months of fretting and agonizing over the search of an adequate job?

If you can imagine all of this, you can imagine being Sakshi Vatsa.

Plainly put, Sakshi Vatsa is ‘first among equals’ for the 14th batch at KIAMS. While her colleagues may, in the times to come, claim great feats in the corporate world, this achievement will find a unique place in the history of her batch and KIAMS.

“Not just the Placements, my entire academic experience in KIAMS has been pretty good,” remarks the Finance and Marketing student of KIAMS. “In KIAMS, the assignments that are given to us are not just theoretical in nature, but involvethe application of these concepts in a practical environment. This helped me in a big way during my interviews for Odessa Technologies. Most of the questions in my interview were conceptual, concerning little things that could easily have been forgotten or ignored had we not learnt their practical application.”

Sakshi had been placed with Odessa Technologies – a US origin multinational – as a Functional Analyst with a pay package of Rs. 5 lakh per annum. The last couple of months have helped her gather all the necessary knowhow on her job profile.

“Odessa is into customised business solutions for Finance companies. Functional Analysts deal mainly with clients and their business processes. I am sure the training period should suffice. The biggest advantage for me is that I am pretty well versed with the concepts required. I’m counting on my friends in Bangalore to help me settle down fast.”

Born and raised in Patna, Sakshi was clear that she would be pursuing MBA for her Masters, the very day she took up B.Com. This helped her carry out an exhaustive study of major B-schools in India.

“I first heard of KIAMS from a friend of mine who was graduating with me. Her sister had passed out from KIAMS and spoke very highly of it. When I asked my mentor about KIAMS, he gave me a big thumbs up without batting an eyelid.”

For Sakshi, 2 years at KIAMS is pretty much a roller coaster ride, with two distinct phases – Pre SIP phase and Post SIP phase.

“The Pre-SIP phase – roughly the first year – is absolutely fun-filled; with lots of time with friends, discussions, fests, events, submission of assignments, exams.Post-SIP, I could make out the seriousness in every single batch-mate of mine at KIAMS. It was almost like at the snap of a finger, everything had changed.People had become more focused on their careers, as the SIP made them realise the need of alignment. The Placements pressure too starts building up.”

Sakshi has a pretty simple strategy with regards to her shortly ensuing corporate career – work hard, take responsibilities, adapt fast, be ready to switch roles, learn quickly on the job, and think on your feet. She is positive that if she sticks to these basics she’ll very quickly get where she wants to. With a strong inclination towards taxation, Sakshi has set a target profile of a taxation analyst 5 years down the line.


“All in good time,” concludes Sakshi with a disarming smile. “As of now, I’d like to bask in the joys of friendship in my last few days at KIAMS.”

                                                                                                                                Sakshi Vatsa,

                                                                                                                                Batch 14, KIAMS

                                                                                                                                Placed with Odessa Technologies