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Pune. 13 April 2016.

KIAMS bagged dual honours at the recently held ‘Golden Globe Tigers Education Leadership Awards’ in Malaysia.

KIAMS won the ‘Knowledge Management Leadership Award’ for 2016 while Dr. CN Narayana, Principal Director KIAMS won the ‘Outstanding Asian Faculty of HRM Award’ for 2016.

2016 has been an eventful year with Dr. CN Narayana winning awards at the International Education Leadership Awards 2016 by International Association of Researchers and Academicians (‘Indo Global Exemplary Educationist Award’ and ‘Best Director Award for B-schools’) and KIAMS bagging the ‘Top Institute Award’ by Competition Success Review magazine.

Reacting to the awards, Dr. Narayana said “I am indebted to all my students and well-wishers including my faculty, staff of KIAMS, for making me worthy of my 2nd international award and a dozen total awards till date for academics, research and leadership contribution to management education”.

This is the second international award KIAMS has won under knowledge management – the earlier one being in Dubai and these awards are a reflection of the efforts put in my management under the leadership of Dr. Narayana, who has joined a little over a year ago. KIAMS is scaling new heights and continues to aspire for even greater success in future.

About the awards

The Golden Globe Tigers Awards aim to recognise “TIGERS” in Marketing, Branding CSR & Social Innovation, Education& Academics across leadership levels in individual and organisation that aim at believing that excellence is infinite and perfection has no limit and targets are milestones not an end of the journey.

The Golden Globe Tigers Awards is multifunctional, multidisciplinary and industry focussed.

About Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Group Of Companies, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India, has been growing and enriching lives for more than a century now. KIAMS was conceived as a training institute and knowledge hub in 1991. It was envisioned as a learning centre where Kirloskar Group Managers shared their expertise, experience and kept up with the latest concepts and movements in Management.

In 1995, the training institute was opened to managers all over the country.


5As a BBA graduate, Megha Dey could have opted for an MBA to further her career prospects. But she chose to do her PGDM because she believed that the curriculum would make her industry ready. After spending two years at KIAMS, an institute she had heard a lot about, she agrees that she made the best decision. She has now been placed in a facility management role with Quess Corp Avon, which is a subsidy of the global giant IKEA. Here she shares the journey of her transformation from a hopeful student to a confident management professional.

When asked to put her journey with KIAMS in words, Megha counts many positives. According to her things that seemed difficult and intense when doing them were also a huge learning experience in hindsight. “The rigorous presentations were definitely tough but they were totally worth it at the end of the day. I have learned so much about team effort besides gaining theoretical and practical knowledge. While the job I have bagged is the perfect entry in the corporate world for me, the knowledge I have gained during my time here will last me a lifetime,” she says.

In her new role as a professional with the company Megha will be responsible for meeting clients and discussing various facilities offered. She will also have to strive to boost the sales of the company. She is keen to prove her mettle by delivering on these tasks, just like she managed to impress during the placement interview. On what went right in the interview, she says “I had gathered fair bit of knowledge about the company, which is why I could talk about different scenarios and offer them the best solutions. I also relied on my SIP experience with Bank of Baroda (Kolkata) to come up with relevant answers during the interview.”

Megha mentions the IRP sessions at KIAMS as the main preparation for placement because not only did they improve her communication skills but they also helped her answer situational questions, which were the crux of her interview. Above all her confidence gained during the PGDM years showed clearly. That’s her advice to her juniors at the institute as well. “Be confident and everything will fall into place. Pay attention to classroom learning and projects because that will prepare you well. But also make the most of your time on the campus and with friends because it won’t come back,” she ends on an emotional note.

4Abhijit Das, student of PGDM Batch 17 at KIAMS believes that his placement as a Management Trainee with Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd (the company that runs careers360.com) is a big deal not only because of the reputation of the company but the fact that it is the perfect culmination of his academic tenure. The going has been tough for him as he lost his father during the first year of PGDM. But that only pushed him to excel in his studies and focus on the placement process. He admits that with the help of his faculty team and friends at the institute he has managed to get the final outcome he was hoping for.

Reflecting on his two years at KIAMS, he says “The placement with such a prestigious firm was the icing on the cake. My mother, who is a housewife, was extremely supportive during these two years. The placement has made our dream come true. But at the same time I feel the knowledge and confidence I have gained at the institute will help me in the long run. It certainly helped me crack the all important placement interview.” He goes on to add that all the assignments and activities he was a part of during his program helped him learn in the best possible way. That coupled with the confidence he had gained enabled him to impress his recruiters.

After completing his graduation in engineering, Abhijit was working in the construction field but soon enough realized that he needed to boost his competencies to build his career prospects. That’s why he chose to do his PGDM from KIAMS and believes that it’s a decision that has held him in good stead. “I would like to specifically mention the contribution of our faculty members in molding us as future professionals. They were always available to clear our doubts, point out mistakes and help us rectify them in a constructive manner. I believe this relationship goes beyond placements and will be with me for the rest of my life,” he states.

According to Abhijit, every day spent at the institute was a stepping stone towards his future career. The Summer Internship he did at Tata Steel helped him put the concepts he had learned into context and that’s how he made his mark during the placement interview. He is now at the cusp of an exciting journey ahead. “KIAMS has been a new life experience for me and it has prepared me for challenges in my career. Managing product life cycle, Project development and management, Planning, Scheduling, Co-ordination with different teams, Product testing, Market Research and analysis will be some of my job responsibilities and I feel up to the task,” he adds confidently.

Ask him about the aspects of his life at the institute that he is going to miss and Abhijit mentions different celebrations, the time spent with his friends and the campus itself. He holds those memories close to his heart and is going to cherish them for a long time to come. He also has valuable advice for his juniors at the institute. “You should follow your dreams and identify your area of interest. Whatever domain you choose; be it Product Management or Operations, you will find a lot of scope in it if you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Try to build on your learning and the sky is the limit,” he says all ready to spread his own wings.

After karen-saldanha-250-225x300completing her graduation in Oman, where her parents both work as corporate professionals, Karen Saldanha decided to come to India to pursue higher education. She was keen to pursue a career in management and believes that KIAMS has helped her in a big way, borne out by her placement with HDFC Bank.

Karen admits that it took her a while to get over the initial shock of being chosen as a Relationship Manager by HDFC Bank because there were several other right candidates for the job. She also thought her interview wasn’t going too well but managed to turn things around for herself. “Initially it was going all wrong and I think I gave some wrong answers. At one point they even gave me a chance to learn the correct answer for one of the questions. I came back having prepared for more than that, which might have impressed them,” she says with a smile.

She also talks about the efforts taken by her institute to prepare her for the placement process. According to Karen the courses in GD, interviews and business communications groomed students and instilled confidence in them. “Besides that the modules where we were taught what the industry expects of us were very helpful. They had included courses on Customer Insight, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour etc and they helped us tremendously,” she adds.

Karen also points out that though she had got placed in her very first attempt she chose to not accept the offer as she wanted to make a bright start to her corporate career. She expects it to happen with a big name like HDFC where her job responsibilities will include, “Meeting clients and addressing their problems, ensuring cross selling of banking products and overall maintaining good relationships with them. I did my internship with Reliance Retail, Chennai and believe that experience will come handy in my job,” she asserts.

While Karen is on cloud nine at the moment, she also feels a hint of sadness knowing that she won’t be spending time on campus with friends. She states that one major advantage of a residential PGDM program is that you make friends for life. Ask her if she has any advice for juniors and she says, “Take efforts to match industry’s needs of skills and knowledge, pay attention to classes and do your assignments diligently. The secret to my good grades is 100% attendance. You might also want to create a LinkedIn profile because networking is the key.” Speaking like a true professional, she already is.

2Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, celebrating its Silver Jubilee year in Management education will be hosting a conclave on “Attitude Skills and Knowledge (ASK) and “employer’s expectations on skills & Employability” on the 26th of September. The event to be held at the lush Harihar campus of the institute will be the first in a series of panel discussions and interactive sessions the B School will be hosting to mark its 25th year in management studies. It will bring together several big names from the industry and academia, who will share their experiences with the students and inspire them to scale greater heights of success.

KIAMS understands that the competition in the job market is intense and students need to be at the best of what they do. The series of sessions, including the upcoming one, is being held to offer students insights that will give them the competitive edge. Importantly they have an opportunity to learn from experiences of experts like Dr. Mathew J Manimala, Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Chairperson, OB & HR area, IIMB, Mr. Swami Nathan Krishnan, Vice President and Head – Marketing, Coach and Mentor – Sasken Communication Technologies and Mr. Shankar G. Rao, Chief Information Officer, BOSCH, Bengaluru.

They will be joined by Mr. Bharath Srinivas, renowned trainer and author of the book “The graduate’s employability manual”, Dr. D. N. Murthy, Area Chair and Professor – Marketing, KIAMS and Dr. C. N. Narayana, Principal Director, KIAMS, who will help students understand what’s expected of them as future professionals. In fact, one of the major objectives of the session is to make students aware of the latest happenings, trends in Marketing and HR in the corporate world. It will also be a unique platform for future managers and entrepreneurs to interact with the best in the business.

KIAMS has always aimed to create well groomed management professionals who are ready for the challenges of the industry. The conclave will let students know about the ground realities in organizations and offer them employability mantras, which they can use to their advantage. Experts from the industry and academia will also give students a perspective on Performance oriented culture, which focuses on timely delivery and Corporate Culture Shift, which is important for their adaptability as professionals. Thus the conclave has a lot in store for participants, and promises to the perfect start for events to follow in the B School’s 25th year.

Not very often do management students get an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get their hands on a Consulting Project that gives them a vital learning experience. Nachiket Devasthaley from KIAMS, Pune has managed just that during his Summer Internship (SIP) with Frost and Sullivan, Mumbai. It was the first taste of corporate life for the young management hopeful who admits that he has come back richer in experience having worked on a crucial Live Project.

DSC_0001 (2)Talking about SIPs, they offer management students an insight into the working environment of an organization. Moreover, they present them an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field. Nachiket feels grateful that he learned from seasoned professionals who were experts in their field: “The team took care of all the research related to the automobile industry. Everyone was quite supportive and I got to learn from them every step of the way.

Talking about his SIP and the responsibilities he had to handle, Nachiket says, “It’s an industry research and consulting firm. I was associated with the automotive and transport department of the firm. My job as an intern was to collect data through primary and secondary sources and to record and tabulate the data for further analysis.” He admits that things were quite challenging since he had to be at his best at all times; but, the training he received at KIAMS held him in good stead and gave him the confidence to handle any challenge.

While working in a healthy professional environment in Mumbai was a learning experience for Nachiket, the Live Project was eye opening: “During my SIP I was given a chance to be a part of three Live Projects the company had undertaken. One of the projects was for an overseas client and it was a huge learning experience. And thus, KIAMS had helped him understand industry requirements and the institute groomed him to be ready for the challenges of the SIP.

Shivangi“Summer internships offer management students primary learning about the corporate work culture. You learn how to behave in a work environment and interact with professionals, which is something you just can’t learn through books and classroom,” says Shivangini who has come back with more knowledge and richer in experience after her internship with Bharat Cooking Coal Limited, a Subsidiary of Coal India.

KIAMS tries to offer its students a diverse learning experience and it involves exposure to varied industry sectors. Shivangini’s SIP with the company was in the same vain and offered her vital experience, which she reflects on. “I worked in three different departments; Funds Dept, Sales and Accounts Dept and Cost and Budget Dept. I worked as a Management intern and did a project on Working Capital Management of BCCL,” she says.

According to Shivangini, this hands-on training during the SIP is what moulds students like her into future professionals. Her own project taught her a lot about Current Asset & Current Liabilities, concepts that she had only heard of in the classroom. “This practical training is vital in understanding the concepts we have learned,” she says. “Moreover, during the internship, I learned how to perform under pressure and it improved my decision-making abilities.”

These are some of the skills that Shivangini was keen on learning to boost her professional credentials, which is why she joined KIAMS in the first place. With her experience at the institute so far, she believes it has been the best decision she could have taken. “I wanted to enhance my management skills and career prospects,” she tells us. “I think KIAMS has helped work towards it and ensured that I fit in as a management professional in a corporate environment.”

Shivangini also talks about learning a great deal not only from her faculty members but seniors at the institute, who she believes have been incredibly helpful. “Every interaction at the institute has helped me broaden my horizons,” she explains. “I have learned so many things, right from managing financial databases of companies to holding my own in a corporate environment. Overall I have become more confident with the experience.”

And now with her SIP experience in an interesting and diverse field, Shivangini is ready to take her knowledge into her future career. Ask her what she would like to ensure in her first work place, and she says without batting an eyelid, “I hope for a good work culture, which will help me showcase my skills. I will be looking at the job profile that I am offered. My SIP has taught me how to tackle real life situations at work place.” There is a confident tone heard when Shivangini speaks – this is due to the world-class education she received at KIAMS, as well as the tremendous learning experience through her SIP.

It’s that time of the year when students from some of India’s reputable B Schools head for their Summer Internship Placements to gain valuable real world experience. So far, the season has gone rather well for KIAMS ‒ some of the top names in the corporate world came calling this year, with many recruiting students for SIPs. In all, 66 – 119 first-year students were recruited for placements and, in addition to gaining precious experience, some of them will be earning handsome stipends as well.

SIPs are a way for B Schools to offer students insight into how organizations actually function so that they can be prepared for their professional journeys ahead. And KIAMS, with its standing in the academic world, has managed to draw the attention of some of the biggest recruiters in the country for this year’s SIPs. Altogether, 60 recruiters visited the campus this year ‒ in addition to companies that have attended in the past, there were 9 – 30 new companies that made their way to the event.

One of the highlights of the SIPs this year was the fact that the Financial sector was the biggest recruiter for students from KIAMS. Reputed names like JM Financial, Hedge Equities, Federal Bank, State Bank of India and Anand Rathi Securities recruited a large number of students from the pool this year. From Social Media to FMCG, Retail to Sports, IT to Manufacturing, there were several other industry sectors that came to KIAMS for recruitments this year. Companies like Nissan Ashok Leyland, Decathlon Sports India Pvt. Ltd., AMUL, Big Bazaar, Kalpataru Ltd. etc. have hired fresh management students for their summer stints. The two-month internship program will also see students travelling to and working from different parts of the country, which in itself offers an exciting learning experience. The highest number of recruiters this year came from the city of Bangalore.

While all the students will be richer by experience once they have completed their SIPs, 26 of them have won paid internships, thereby bringing them the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. It’s definitely something that will bring a smile to their faces. There are several others who earned paid internships in different industry sectors, making this SIP season a very successful one for KIAMS.

Sudheer Devalla is an IT sector enthusiast. He aspires to find his way into the industry and is absolutely clear about how he is going to reach the goals he has set his sight on. He has chosen to specialise in Marketing and HR and is pursuing his PGDM at KIAMS. He understands that if he had tried to enter the IT sector after studying only engineering, he would have had to begin at ground level. However, studying Management will help him enter at the management level and will also accelerate his growth.

Internships are an integral part of the PGDM degree at KIAMS. Sudheer advises students to choose their areas of internship carefully to map to their specialisations. “I suggest that if students have clear goals in terms of sectors and functions, then it’s better to try and get Summer Internship Projects in those sectors so that they may leverage it going further.” Sudheer did his summer internship for seven weeks during April and May.  He interned with Radha-Madhav Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., a dealer for Toyota in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. He spent six weeks in marketing research and then did sales and services in the last week. As he recounts, “I had to go to the customers and take their feedback regarding their sales experience and the service experience of the company. I had a sample of 50 customers and worked gathering data from them.”

Sudheer lists punctuality as the key learning during the internship. “I learnt a lot working in the real world, but the two things that emerged as my main learning were punctuality and handling customers. Some of the customers were not very educated but they were rich, so dealing with them was a new experience for me, even more so because if they had a problem they took out their frustration on me and not on the company!”

Staying away from home is a challenge for most young adults and Sudheer is no different. “My home-town is Tanuku, 200 km from Vijaywada where I interned. The biggest challenge for me was the high temperature and lack of friends through all of the seven weeks! I stayed with some relatives for the duration but the town was absolutely new to me!” Sudheer also had to learn to navigate the town for his interactions with customers, but enjoyed the process extremely. He feels he has emerged a more informed and confident professional as a result of the internship.

Vivek Goyal belongs to the 14th batch of the Management course at KIAMS. He completed the mandatory internship part of his course at VR Software, Vadodara. A six week internship, his SIP was a project on investment. “The project I got there was the development of a cost model. I had to work on a pricing model for the software they were developing.” Vivek claims that he learnt a lot during his SIP and that was due in large part to the fact that his project was in his area of interest and specialisation. As he puts it, “I could clearly map my college learning to what I was doing at the job and that helped!”

Vivek belongs to the town of Mount Abu, a mere seven to eight hours journey from Vadodara. Moreover, he is familiar with Vadodara, so when he was offered the SIP there, he did not hesitate to take it up. He also had help from the alumni and his batch-mates, apart from the support he received from the college itself. “Staying in Vadodara wasn’t an issue at all. We got help from our college and the company as well, to manage accommodation and other things.  I was offered this internship through KIAMS. I was called for an interview to Pune and went through a selection process that I cleared.”  He thanks his institution for this opportunity as he explains that the screening process basically tests a student’s aptitude and attitude. “I mean aptitude in terms of the fact that they want to know how you can apply the skills that you have learnt in college, and whether you can relate your college teachings to real life. And if we talk about attitude, they essentially want us to be willing to work.”

Working in the real world has brought a new awareness and understanding for him. He lists his practical learnings as – prioritising work, working with sincerity and giving 100 percent to every task you undertake. Challenges are a part of all new things in life and Vivek says that his SIP was no different. “I was not aware of the company processes and that was a challenge. I also did not know a few essential things like Microsoft Access! But I learnt to cope and eventually managed my project to satisfaction.” His advice to his juniors is that they should prepare well for their internships and “study everything about the company you are going to join. The more prepared you are, the better you will fare.” He also strongly advises interns to drop their casual attitude at work. A more mature and evolved Vivek now aspires for a position in investment and consultation after passing out.