Hina AfifaHina Afifa belongs to the 16th batch of the management graduates from the Harihar campus of KIAMS. Hina has recently been placed with HDFC Asset Management and she is rightly proud sharing this accomplishment with the world: “This is the most memorable moment of my life at KIAMS, perhaps as amazing as the day I entered KIAMS, which was the first time I was away from my home.”

Every festival on the campus has left her with memories for a lifetime. Hina possesses a boisterous and happy personality that she displayed on every opportunity: “I was the most notorious student of the batch and have had fun every moment I spent on the campus”.

Leaving KIAMS is a bittersweet experience that fills her with a deep sense of nostalgia. Hina is excited about stepping out into the corporate world, and yet sad about leaving behind friends and a place that had become a second home for the last two years. The learning and academic rigor have not only groomed her for the job, but have also made her a more disciplined person. She understands that the corporate life will throw challenges at her and, due to her time at the institute feels prepared to face them all.

Hina shares that she will miss her faculty as well, especially Pai Sir and Anita Kshetri Ma’am who became an inspiration for all the young women on campus. Moving along, Hina advises her juniors to be careful while selecting their subjects and specializations. According to her, students must focus on the sector that they want to enter and then align the skills accordingly.